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My Crazy Half Marathon Training Schedule

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Did I tell you guys I’ve been getting up at 5AM and going to the gym before work. Ok, well if you didn’t know, I’ve been getting up and going to the gym before work. Yeah… I barely believe it myself. Here’s the story…

There’s a small group that meets 4 days a week to weight train at 5:30 and I decided to join in.  I’m on week two and I have to admit I’m getting used to it. More then used to it, I’m starting to like it. I’ve been getting to work earlier, missing traffic, getting home earlier and loving how I feel.  When I weight train I feel confident, happier and this sounds weird but, well adjusted. I don’t know if that makes sense but I feel like I deal with life better. Like I have more patience or something. I don’t know if it’s a by product of the workouts themselves or simply because I’m doing something just for me with no distractions. It’s probably a combination of both.

Anyway, my goal is to go 3 days a week to the weight training sessions but I also have to start training for the Pittsburgh half marathon I signed up for! I refuse to let my running goals deteriorate just because I was snowed out for the month of February. Yesterday I went for my first run since the snow and it felt great. Hard, but great.

So with my full time job, the weight training sessions (I don’t want to give them up) and my Saturday boot camp class somehow I’m gonna have to squish in some running sessions for the half. My goal is to run 2 days a week slowly upping my distances. I wouldn’t recommend this technique to other runners and I’m not claiming it’s even a “good” training schedule. I’m just trying to be realistic with my time and I know my strength and limitations. I’m also not trying to complete the half in any specific time. I mean I would love to average 10 minute miles but if I don’t, who cares. I just want to enjoy the event and be prepared for the distance the best I can. That’s what it’s all about for me.

So here’s my next two months up until the half-marathon. I’m gonna keep it the best I can without pressuring myself. It’s all I can do. :)

1 Mo weight training
2 Tu weight training
3 We 2 miles
4 Th weight training
5 Fr off
6 Sa Bloggy Bootcamp – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
7 Su 5 miles
8 Mo weight training
9 Tu weight training
10 We 2.5 miles
11 Th weight training
12 Fr off
13 Sa Boot camp class
14 Su 6 miles
15 Mo weight training
16 Tu weight training
17 We 3 miles
18 Th weight training
19 Fr conference stuff
21 Su conference stuff
22 Mo weight training
23 Tu weight training
24 We 3.5 miles
25 Th weight training
26 Fr off
27 Sa Boot camp class
28 Su 7 miles
29 Mo weight training
30 Tu weight training
31 We 4 miles
1 Th weight training
2 Fr weight training
3 Sa Boot camp class
4 Su 8 miles
5 Mo weight training
6 Tu weight training
7 We 4.5 miles
8 Th weight training
9 Fr off
10 Sa Boot camp class

Friends Shower/Bachelorette Party in Atlantic City

11 Su 9 miles – Depends on how hungover I am ;)
12 Mo weight training
13 Tu weight training
14 We 5 miles
15 Th weight training
16 Fr off
17 Sa Global Health & Innovation 2010 Conference

Hope to get a run in – Not pressuring myself though

18 Su
19 Mo may still be traveling.
20 Tu weight training
21 We 4 miles
22 Th weight training
23 Fr off
24 Sa Boot camp class
25 Su 10 miles
26 Mo weight training
27 Tu weight training
28 We 3 miles
29 Th weight training
30 Fr off
1 Sa off
2 Su Half Marathon 13.1

ok, I need to go and get some sleep! 5AM comes REAL quick!

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    March 1, 2010

    Oh Roni…you can do it. One way or another, you will be running that half mararthon. You are good at accomplishing stuff you put your mind to. I am not worried. Plus you have all of us to bug you when you “slack off” ;-)


    March 2, 2010

    Wow! I’m amazed at your stamina, on top of full time work and a family no less. It’s good to know it’s possible. I wish you luck.


    March 2, 2010

    Thanks for sharing your schedule! I’m training for a half marathon in May too – May 9th in Santa Barbara. Before a month ago, I’d never run at all – at least not more than a mile. I started a boot camp in January, & for part of it, we all did a 4 mile run at the end of January. I totally cried (like a Biggest Loser contestant) after the run, b/c I was just impressed that I was able to RUN (& not walk!) for that long.

    Since then I’ve done another 4 mile race, & I’ve been running (slowly – but running) with some other ladies too – tonight we did 6 miles for the first time!

    I never thought of myself as a runner before, & I think I’m slowly starting to like the idea :)


    March 2, 2010

    That’s awesome Shelly. I’ve cried a couple of times after races too. From one “non-runner runner” to another, I know exactly what you mean. :)


    March 2, 2010

    oooh you DO KNOW I am from the BURGH!!!

    Now you have me thinking…

    (did you see my saturday post? lordy this fitting in training and LIFE is rough huh?)


    March 2, 2010

    I’m so proud of you! I’m up at the gym early in the morning as well, it works really well for me too, since I have two kiddlings and teach pole fitness some evenings. I’m doing weight training too and it does wonders for the body! So glad you’re working towards your goals! <3


    March 2, 2010

    wow, you sure have a lot on your plate! but if anyone can get it all done, it’s you.


    March 2, 2010

    Honestly, all I can say is that you completely amaze me!


    March 2, 2010

    Wow, that I think I lost a few pounds just looking at that schedule! You are a very driven person, I’m glad I found your blog!


    March 2, 2010

    this is so inspiring, I’m also going to set my own workouts for the next 2 months. I’m runnining in my first 10K May 1st. I’m running here and there but not as much as I should. I will set myself goals as well. Thank you for the inspiration!


    March 2, 2010

    I love how realistic your schedule is by tentatively building in a hangover!

    I was just saying to my sister that I can’t believe how much time we have devoted to training for this 1/2 marathon!!! I think it’s a great schedule, you mentally know you can do it because you’ve done a full and half in the past, now it’s just conditioning the body – and I have so seen a difference w/ weight training – you GOT this!

    9 miles after a night of drinking… Good Luck! Seriously though, good luck.


    March 2, 2010

    I might be crazy but I actually look forward to my 5am workout. I get up every morning at 4:40 and am working out by 5 for an hour. I mostly do jump roping and some abs and legs. In the evening I workout for another hour doing more weight training or light cardio. I will also be doing my first half marathon this coming June. So I will need to start training by April for sure. I know I will need to adjust my workout routine a bit and your schedule has given me some ideas. I really looking forward to my run! Good luck with all your training.

    Yum Yucky

    March 2, 2010

    a crazy yet, impressive schedule! and don’t Yikes the Fitbloggin. No Yike-ing allowed. :P

    You’ll be great! Not the same training works for everyone and you will be SUPER strong with all that weight training!


    March 2, 2010

    I’ve pretty much made up my own 8k training schedule because I kept getting injured and having to re-work the schedule I made on Runner’s World.

    shandy (@webgals)

    March 2, 2010

    I’ve been getting up at 4:30 to workout with a group too…and it has affected me the same way (and I was surprised…tired, but surprised). Mine hasn’t been for a half marathon, but I do hope to start training for a run again next week….

    Nellie Bragg

    March 5, 2010

    This has nothing to do with your training schedule and all about learning a new technique for hard-boiled eggs! At my age (nearly 70), who would have thought I could learn something new?:-) I used the technique on your video today, and I am a believer! The eggs peeled without a fight, and they were cooked to our satisfaction! Thanks, Roni!

    Good luck with the training Roni!