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We woke up in awe. Irish wasn’t too impressed but the little guy and I sure where. . .

After making some Almond milk and cookies (which are now all gone) it was time to get outside and start the shoveling.

The snow was still coming down pretty hard and it was already noon.

The Little guys was LOVING it.

We were making some progress. :)

I was responsible for the sidewalks.

Then I helped clear the plateau out of the driveway. :)

Seriously. It was A LOT of snow!

After we were done, it was time to play.

I got a little stuck. (Yes that’s my entire leg in the snow.) lol

Little guy felt awfully big on top of the snow mound.

And so did mom. :)

The sun finally came out and it was simply BEAUTILFUL!

Little guy was light enough to crawl on top.

Dad wasn’t so lucky.

We aren’t in a hilly area but we still got to go "sledding." :)

We ended our romp in the snow by diving off the back door. Hey, when will get this opportunity again?

It was a great.. GREAT.. day and this pictures says it all.

After we came in and warmed up I made some stuffed peppers for dinner that I can NOT wait to tell you about on GreenLiteBites. I just don’t have the energy in me to do it right now. I wonder why? ;~P

  • Reinaldo

    Such a beatiful saturday!!!

  • the other amanda

    How fun! The LIttle guy looks like a kid in a candy store!

  • Krista S.

    Oh my gosh! I love it!

  • Benjamin Teal

    It is clear that you guys had a blast… yet, I must say that the Caribbean Amphibian blood in me has to say I am glad it wasn’t me! :-) Is it bad that the only white powder I want to see bumps up next to the calm, blue Caribbean Sea?

  • B

    Great day and looks like a lot of fun.


  • Natalia

    Let me start off this comment by saying I MISS SNOW!!! Great pictures, glad to see you enjoying it! :)

  • Ariana

    Wow, that’s a lot of snow – and the pictures are sooo beautiful!

  • liz

    wow, that’s a ton of snow! looks like a great day :)

  • Jenn @ Watch My Butt Shrink!

    Looks like you guys had a great time!!!

  • Tonyne @ The Unlikely Success Story

    Fantastic pictures! It looks like a perfect family Saturday!

  • Cynthia (It All Changes)

    Snow days with kids are great. They make the chore of cleaning up the mess so much more fun.

  • Lauren @ Eater not a runner

    That is a LOT of snow. Your pictures are awesome by the way!

  • Johnna

    I agree. I live in Columbia & the sun at the end was the best part! Thanks for sharing. Your pics are great!!

  • Katie

    OMG diving off the back door looks like a blast!

  • love2eatinpa

    great pix! so fun!!!

  • dietgirl

    now that is proper SNOW! love it :)

  • Bobbie

    I love your site. Your so inspiring! I’d love to add you to my blogroll. Let me know if thats okay. thanks!

  • Brandi

    This is my jealous face of all the fun you had :)

    Glad you made the best out of the crazy weather!!

  • Shannon

    Those are some fantastic photos!! Hope you’re staying safe & don’t have to travel much today! It’s still a mess out there- yuck!

  • All Women Stalker

    I’d love to experience that much snow for the view and the fun things you can do. Unfortunately for me, all I have is sun.

  • Jim Doran from

    This is awesome…I love the jump!


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