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I recorded this last night but I had some trouble getting it uploaded. :( Hope to get back into the video/podcast groove. HOPE!

Topics included in this video…

  • Finding Workout Music
  • Stuck in a Plateau
  • Knee pain while running
  • Overtraining

Podcast Version (Audio Only)

Links mentioned in the video…

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  • All Women Stalk

    I really have to watch this video when I’m not in such a rush. Have some baked goodies to deliver in a little while. I find the topics relevant in my own endeavor for a healthy life.


  • Mary

    I LOVE the marathon bibs on the bulletin board behind you! You really inspire, Roni!

  • love2eatinpa

    hey roni,
    this is the first video of you i’ve seen! you are so cute and so personable! i’m a runner too and loved seeing all your racing bibs on the bulletin board. that is such a great idea, i may just steal it from you as mine are all just tucked away in a box.
    love your blog! thanks for being you!

  • McLauren84

    Loved it! I’m so glad you’re feeling so motivated–I was smiling hearing you speak so happily about your own life. I love it when people embrace all the goodness and joy in their own lives. You seem to have such a wonderful family.

    P.S.–I was one of the people disappointed there wasn’t another question; I always want more. :)

  • Deanna – The Unnatural Mother

    too cute! Loved the post!

  • Ray Harvey

    There’s also a fast version of “Mad World”:

    It might take a little getting used to if you’re used to the slow version from Donnie Darko, but I think it’s equally satisfying.

  • Ray Harvey

    Let me try that link again:

  • roni

    Ray I LOVE IT! Had no idea Tears for Fears originally did that song! Learn something new every day! :)

  • Anne Marie @ New Weigh of Life

    Awesome video post, Roni! You always have such great advice!

  • Mara @ What’s for Dinner?

    I want to reach through the computer and hug you :)

  • MM

    Hi there!
    I was just wondering if you saw the documentary “food inc” yet? It traumatized me and I lost 5 pounds! lol! You should definetely watch it – I learned so much about food and how it gets to our plates….

  • Emily

    Hi, Roni! I was the 1st Emily you mentioned with a question. Last night, I listened to the podcast of my question, and today, I watched the whole video – all of which I thought was very informative and helpful.

    In August, I fell off of the running bandwagon (which now – when I read stuff that I wrote about running 4 miles “with ease” I’m all – you idiot, you can hardly run one mile now – why did you quit?!) Regardless – I spent insane amounts of time trying to find music that was upbeat or “good for running” and never really thought about just picking stuff that I *like*. I mean – the point of the music is to keep you going, so if you’re listening to synthesized Brittney Spears and you don’t dig it – you’re gonna stop. Duh. But if it’s something you love – it seems to me that more than likely, you’ll keep going because you’re enjoying it.

    This was definitely one of those, “Well duh, Emily…” moments for me. Pick something you like. Easy enough. :o) Thank you so much!

  • roni

    MM – It’s on my netflix queue!


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