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Integrated Social Media Campaigns – My Take

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I was recently interviewed by @aklcreative for a paper on Integrated Social Media Campaigns. I thought I’d share it here..

1. Which social media platforms do you use for Skinny Minny Media?
I have built most sites in the SkinnyMinnyMedia family on WordPress. I also use NING for niche based social communities like I’m also very active on Twitter and Facebook.
2. How is social media important for your Skinny Minny Media brand?
Social media is my sole channel for marketing. Being a small company I can’t afford traditional media channels to spread word about my brand.
3. What is most helpful for you about integrating social media so heavily into your business model? (i.e. expedited delivery of information, customer relations/feedback from your audience, etc.)
Definitely expedited delivery of information. I post new content on any one of my blogs and I get to immediately "release" it to thousands of twitter and facebook followers.
4. Many big companies are afraid to delve into the world of social media. What advice would you give them to encourage them to embrace it? Or, would you urge them or stay away?’
It depends on the company and their goals. However, I would argue that some presence is inevitable. Social media is the next progression on the technology front for businesses. It wasn’t that long ago that companies were debating whether or not they should have a company website. Now it’s a no brainier. Most, if not every company, has a web presence at a minimum and I’ll bet on them having some sort of presence in social media before too long.
5. What kind of content does your audience respond to most (i.e. recipes you post, questions you ask, advice from you, pictures you post, etc.)?
Without a doubt posts that have multiple forms of media get the most reaction, ie video, pictures, etc. I find that when I’m sharing a bit of myself and offering a solution to a problem many people may have, I get the most response. It comes down to useful content for the reader.
6. There are a lot of etiquette do’s and don’ts depending on which social media platform we’re talking about. Is there anything you always do or don’t do whether it be on your blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, etc.?
On my blog I try to set the tone of my posts and my voice. I do not tolerate negative comments and if I get one I immediately respond to it publicly. I consider my blog my home. And just as I wouldn’t allow someone to walk into my living room and be disrespectful I won’t tolerate it on my blog either.
On twitter I’m a fan of the RT (retweet) I try to always give credit where credit is do. When someone posts something I catch that I think my readers would also appreciate I always retweet it.
My golden rule… I try REAL hard to never let a question go unanswered whether it be in blog comments, on Facebook or twitter.

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    Dedree Drees

    November 6, 2009

    Dear Roni
    More and more to my Illustration II students, I am stressing the need to create their own niche markets and demand. I am going to show them this article. You still have some immediate recogntion in this group.