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Blogs vs. Other Creative Works

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I had an interesting conversation this morning. I work as a web designer for Research Center at a University. They are very, VERY, talented when it comes to media, animation, editing, writing, film, etc. Blogging, on the other hand, doesn’t come as naturally. I’m awed and intrigued at the fundamental differences in the way a blogger thinks verses an artist.

For me a blog, or any web site for that matter, is a living breathing piece of work. It’s growing. It’s evolving. It’s never “finished”. Never perfect. It just lives. You choose to either nurture it and allow it to grow or abandon it and let it die.

However, movies, animations, art work, etc, are generally not seen until they are completed. The creator spends countless hours perfecting the piece of work until it is, in essence, perfect.

This is such a foreign concept to me and one of the reasons I have a problem working in other forms of media. I’ve been toying with the idea of publishing a cook book for years based on my on GreenLiteBites but I can’t seem to get passed the finality of it. In my mind nothing is every finished and therefore never ready for print.

Am I crazy here? What are your thoughts on this? Do you see each post you publish as a finished piece of writing or is it just another addition to a larger piece of work that you are building in real time? Or am I over thinking this entire concept. Something I tend to do a lot. :)

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    October 23, 2009

    Hey Roni – I agree with you on the blogging issue. I am fairly new at blogging; however I feel my blog is is a living growing part of me. As I am evolving, so is my blog. When I stop growing and learning will be when I die.

    As far as the cookbook goes, as people are buying it, using the recipes, sharing them with others, is it not still growing? Just in a different way.

    Jim Doran

    October 23, 2009

    I’m a blogger AND an artist.

    My blog is the primary vehicle for which I deliver art. It’s like a publishing company/gallery/record label. And my process is a lot like that of open source software development in which there’s a rapid cycle of code/release/peer review – repeat. The releasing to the public part is very important. I work up ideas quickly and publish them, and my 2-5 regular readers give me feedback. ;)

    Blogging can take a little getting used to – it can be like slipping into a cool tub. It takes a little while to warm up and find one’s voice/focus/purpose. Once this happens, a blog IS like a living, breathing entity that grows like a garden. And, most importantly, it can support other forms of creative expression.


    October 24, 2009

    P.S. You should totally do the book.

    Dedree Drees

    November 6, 2009

    Ideas seem to develop and change too fast to ever finish the dissertation. My original thesis proposal has been scooped and outmoded a hundred times over in a couple of years. So a blog seems to be as good as it is going to get. I would need solid, full time, work time to get the dissertation a local habitation and a name and I don’t have it. I barely have time to add to the blog and to Flickr. When I do retire I want to make images above writing, but the two may combine.

    Chris Brown

    January 26, 2010

    Definitely do the Green-Lite-Bites book. But make it an ebook PDF that is searchable. And update-able. And link-able. You could do a dessert book to start, and then do more books of the other categories.

    There has got to be a site that with the click of a button/upload makes it easy to print on demand so if someone wants a paperback style, they can order it, pay for printing and shipping etc and you don’t have deal with the inventory issues.

    To answer your question more directly, some of my blog posts seem like they could be short book chapters. But others have so many links in them that support the side thoughts, that the essence of the meaning would be lost. Others are timely… not timeless. So they wouldn’t make good book material.

    On the other hand, your Green-Lite-Bite recipes would be great with the photo, recipe, comments and # info.
    Just my opinion,