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We’re Alive! I Swear!

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Oh My.. I SO wish this was a regular old post. You know, like, hey… this is what happened today. Here’s what I’m eating. What I’m feeling. Yada yada. But alas we are STILL MOVING!

This really is the longest move in the history of moves. And believe me, I should know. I moved at least 20 times over the course of my life. Never again though. I swear, they are going to have to roll my cold, dead, 90 year old body out of this place. Cause I ain’t moving ever again!

Thankfully my in-laws came down to help. It’s because of them the POD is e-m-p-t-y and I am ECSTATIC!!

Here’s the situation right now…

At this point I’m not sure if it looks better then it actually is or looks worse! The Good news is the child at least has a place to sleep. Here’s his new bed and the husband and I’s room as of yesterday. It’s gotten slightly better since then. lol

On the eating front… yea… you don’t want to know. Really, you don’t. Let’s just say we have taken quite a fast food tour. I have NEVER eaten out as much as I have this last week and that includes the 2 months living in the temp apartment. I am craving a home cooked meal like you wouldn’t BELIEVE!


Part of me feels like a kid that got caught smoking. You know the old story where his parents would make him smoke a pack one after another so he’d never smoke again. Well after this I swear I’m not eating out for months. And it’s not about weight loss or getting fat. I just feel bleh, bloated and sluggish all the time. It’s funny becuase this is exactly how I used to eat in college. No wonder why I always felt "fat".

Tomorrow I hope to get to the grocery store and stock up on fresh food. That is IF we have any cash after this money pit. lol That’s one of my favorite movies and it’s exactly how I felt yesterday. There were people all over the house. One person painting. Another carrying boxes. Another hanging a chair rail. There’s just all this activity all the time yet it feels like we are never getting anything done.

However, it does already feel like home. I am so fortunate and so thankful I was able to move to my dream house. It’s perfect. The location is perfect. Yesterday I walked to pick my son up from preschool. We strolled home singing baby bumble bee and exploring pine needles. Today we will take a break and walk to the park. Everything is so close now. The library. The grocery store. Even my gym. Speaking of…. my marathon training has severely suffered. I hope to run tomorrow morning. We’ll see. I’m just not going to worry about it.

Ok. I think I took a sufficient enough break. :) I gotta get to work!

P.S. My inbox is a mess. For all who have shot me a message via facebook or twitter. Thank you! and I may post a pic or two today and tomorrow. Click here to see the few I shot the last couple of days.

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    Jordana Suchodolski

    September 19, 2009

    I think it looks great!!! Loving the color in thye guest room and sun rooms!

    Marisa (Trim The Fat)

    September 19, 2009

    It takes time to settle in; I know it’s stressful! After moving into the home we built, I said the same “never moving again” thing! It’ll all come together soon enough! Hang in there!!


    September 19, 2009

    looks great! You will get to that better place soon…!


    September 19, 2009

    Love the windows & color in the great is will get done,,enjoy the insanity! HAHA


    September 19, 2009

    Looks like a beautiful house!! Hope things settle down for you soon :)


    September 19, 2009

    Things will settle down soon. Sounds like you new house will be perfect. Thanks for sharing the pictures. If I could send you a box of healthy food and snacks I would. You’ll get right back on track with eating and exercising. Enjoy your new home!


    September 19, 2009

    PS I am totally jealous of your double oven!


    September 19, 2009

    Your home looks and sounds beautiful! And if you can make it through the chaos of a move complete with painting and appliance purchases, you can make it through anything. You’re just christening the place! :) Congrats on your beautiful home!


    September 19, 2009

    Glad for the post! Moving is one of those things that is fun, but not fun. I applaud you for getting the painting done NOW rather than moving in and then doing it. That’s what we need. Needless to say, we closed on October 14, 2008 and the walls STILL aren’t painted. lmao.

    Cynthia (It All Changes)

    September 19, 2009

    I feel your pain on moving and never wanting to do it again. Alas I have to do it every few years for job. I’ve learned to become uber efficient in packing and unpacking. It took me 6 months to unpack here but that included having major back surgery.

    I giggled at your comparison to the kid getting caught smoking. I totally felt like that this week when we had to eat out all week for business trip. I was not enjoying it because we didn’t have time to sit down and ieat so it was all on the run. I did my best to make decent choices but it still sat like a pit in my stomach from all the airport and airline food yesterday. So i’m just lounging in sweats on the couch making a healthy grocery list to go shopping with Hunni.

    It will be over and the “money pit” will turn into home sweet home. BTW I love that movie too :-)


    September 19, 2009

    Glad to see you are still here! I have missed you, but I understand you are going through a colassal event! Good luck and glad to have you back.

    Jennifer (Running With Cake)

    September 19, 2009

    What a beautiful house! Gorgeous windows! Glad to hearing your move went well so far.


    September 19, 2009

    Wow Roni, simply beautiful!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your paint color choices! My fave is the color in the family room. What color is it?


    September 19, 2009

    I LOOOOOOVE your blog! It’s so inspirational!

    Congrats on your new home, it’s lovely :)


    September 19, 2009

    Beautiful home Roni!!! So happy for you –try to enjoy it, it looks like your little guy is having a blast!
    Talk soon,

    Jennifer Grimes

    September 20, 2009

    Love the look of the top picture (dining room)….congrats on the move. I have to agree…after building a house as well and moving in…I will never move again. Enjoy all the room and the very nice kitchen! Can’t wait for the new videos from the new kitchen!

    Jennifer Grimes

    September 20, 2009

    That is great everything is so close to your new home. Will the little guys new school also be close when he is in 1st grade?….nice having a grocery store close as well.


    September 20, 2009

    i love the color in your family room!! Looking great!! can not wait for the first video post in your kitchen – i am eagerly anticipating it!


    September 20, 2009

    Your new home looks great! LOVE that orange color – it’s so pretty! I think you need to do a little video for us giving us a tour when you are all settled in :) I think having to eat all that fast food will just make it all that much easier for you to get back on track now. You’ve had it -you know how it tastes, makes you feel, (and of course COSTS! :) ) so now you can go back to what you know is better and enjoy it! :)

    Diane Fit to the Finish

    September 20, 2009

    I’ve moved a bunch too, and there is nothing as satisfying as finally being settled in the new house! Every time we move we SWEAR it’s the last time, but generally 3 – 5 years later, here we go again!


    Anne Marie @ Her New Weigh

    September 21, 2009

    Your new home looks awesome, Roni!!! I’m so happy for you!!