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Thursday Thoughts

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Roni's Thursday Thoughts

Craziness pure craziness. That is pretty much the only way I can describe my life right now. I’m going to leave it at that and get to these thoughts. Even with the craziness I have some links to share!

  • The first link comes via Crystal. She sent me this awesome article about ‘Phantom fat’ and I can say from experience, I totally agree with everything in this article! Three years later and I still catch a glimpse of "old Roni." I used to describe it as waking up a different race. That may be a bit extreme but there were times I felt I lost a big part of my identity along with the weight.
  • Banish trigger foods for successful weight loss – Ummmm for me, apparently it’s Baked Dorritos and Ice cream. Both of which will NOT be on my next shopping list.
  • You know how strongly I feel about blogging and the BlogToLose community, right? You also know how much I love the Nike+. Well this link about empowering personal knowledge is fascinating. I need to quote my favorite part. "…the power of communities – the principle being that peers influence behaviour and create an element of competition. Indeed, the Latin root for the verb “to compete” is "competere” which means “to seek together” or “to strive together”". "Strive together".. I LOVE it!
  • Did you see Cranky did an awesome weight loss blog round up? I’m flattered to have made the cut as I’ve been reading Cranky for quite awhile.
  • Ok, since I already broke the ice and posted a self serving link I have two more to add. I’ve been interviewed twice this month. The first is on Gel’s Kitchen and the other is on That’s Fit.
  • Speaking of, it must be an interview type of month as the Baltimore Sun stopped by my office today to interview me about the Baltimore Marathon. I think they are going to feature me and a few other runners on their site as we train. I don’t know much more then that but I’ll keep you posted.

Let’s see… Other news?

Although I’m completely out of time nowadays, the new job is really REALLY awesome and I’m having a blast. However, the shift to full time work has been hard. I’m completely overwhelmed. To get through it (and the new house stuff) I’m employing a "Do what I can when I can" attitude. It all can’t get done, it’s just not possible.

That being said I have done what I can do and now it’s time for bed. :) Early meeting tomorrow and then we leave for the beach on Saturday for our yearly shore trip. I need it and I’m really considering a complete unplug! We’ll see!

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    July 9, 2009

    Sour cream is gross and serves no purpose on this planet (saw that in one of your interviews). Congrads on the interviews!
    No offense sour cream lovers.
    -Erin P.


    July 9, 2009

    Roni – I like the ‘do what I can when I can’ attitude. It will only be temporary so go with it.

    And you know if you decide to do the complete unplug while at the shore, we’ll be here when you get back!! No worries….have a great vacation.


    July 10, 2009

    Trigger foods? Gosh I committed murder tonight…the animal crackers were calling from the cupboard and after 2 handfuls…well the poor dears met their doom at the garbage can. Bag and all…dastardly demons!!!

    Lynn C

    July 11, 2009

    Ooooh! That phantom fat article! That’s me! (Hi, I’m -Kelly-Lynn, from Hungry Litter Caterpillar…) Long time reader; you definitely helped me on my journey to become ever more dissatified with myself.

    Heh! Actually, the funny thing is, AFTER I did the interview with MSNBC, I actually felt better and have been having a WAY more positive attitude recently. I think there’s something about being Vindicated… you know, my bad feelings and my disgust and leftover “yep, still fat” were not getting any sympathy from my friends, especially the ones still in the weight loss process… they were all “You’re a size 4, what the HECK are you complaining about!?” And without any sympathy, or understanding ear, the only conclusion I could come to was that I was somehow broken inside, and that I was never going to BE HAPPY with myself, and dang, that was depressing as all get out, don’t cha think?

    But really, I’ve been following along with you since I started my weight loss, and you’ve been… there. For me, you know? Even though I don’t know you and probably never will, I could often (usually!) relate to you and what you said. (And just like you, I am a big time sap. I spend a lot of time reading people’s blogs and tearing up and just being a watering pot and I totally “yeah, been there, I understand” when you read your reader’s emails on your webcam… )

    I’m glad you liked the article, I was happy to do it… and I have hope that while it may take me a while, eventually I will STOP feeling like that fat girl all the time and be able to recognize myself for the mostly thin, very fit girl that I have become!


    July 11, 2009

    Hey Lynn!! I totally remember you and your little caterpillar avatar! :) I’m a little confused though you said…

    “you definitely helped me on my journey to become ever more dissatisfied with myself. ”

    I’m seriously hoping that was a typo and dissatisfied was suppose to be satisfied????

    And I know what you mean. and I think you will! I’m finally just starting to not feel like “the fat girl” I still have moments but then I try to remember how far I’ve come and even if I was still “fat” it wouldn’t matter anyway… I have too many things I want to accomplish in this life… ya know? This is the body I have to do it in and I need to respect it no matter what size it is.

    THAT is the place I’m finally getting to!

    I read and blogged about the Phantom Fat article last week as well. Interesting article for sure!