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Need an Extra Brain?

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Sorry for the delay in blogging. If you don’t follow my weight loss blog or even my food blog you may not have known I’ve been moving into temporary housing while I wait for my new home to be built. I also recently started a new job as a *cough* Online Interactive Media and Information Designer *cough* also known simply as a web designer. ;~P

I’m researching a product for my new job and I felt compelled to share it with you. It’s a great free resource that may help you brainstorm your next web project or organize your blog categories. It’s call the brain.

The Brain screen shot

Their web site says it all…

Simply type in your ideas. Drag and drop files and web pages. Any idea can be linked to anything else. Using your digital Brain is like cruising through a Web of your thinking. See new relationships. Discover connections. Go from the big picture of everything to a specific detail in seconds. Accelerate your mind.

Upon launching the program I immediately started to play. You can easily click and drag your way to create relationships and visually represent anything from a web site design to your family tree. For lack of a better term its… faaantabulous!

Click here to see a simple example where I map SkinnyMinnyMedia. You should be able to click on each ‘page’ and expand ‘sites’ to see what happens once you add some depth.

What you are looking at is an exported HTML version. You can also create a simple HTML view or even export XML data. However, nothing beats the local version where you can change the views from normal, outline and expanded.

The Brain screen shot

The Brain screen shot

The Brain screen shot

It’s got a bunch more features I’m skipping as I’m still learning myself but I thought it too good not to share. Has anyone else tried it? heard of it? See any good uses for it?
I’d love to hear your experience or even some examples of how you use it.

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    July 5, 2009

    The fiance and I have been using this product for about a year and a half. It’s a very useful organizational tool. He uses it to keep track of his various clients, I use it to keep track of the various things I’m involved in, such as my course, blogging, and my business.