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Note to Self…

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Take it easy on yourself.

You’re back is feeling better. Forget about the days you took off and do what you can when you can. The only way you fail is to give up. REMEMBER THAT.

And yea… so you’ve eaten out a few times this week. It’s ok. Get some healthy supplies this weekend and go back to the basics.

Oh! and for Pete’s sake… STOP with nighttime snacking!! M&Ms and Dorritos are NOT relieving any stress. Geesh!

Food Units
quick banana on the way to work
handful of soy nuts
didn’t bring lunch – bought it on campus… baked cod, easy on the mashed tators and extra on the green beans -it was yummy!
some pistachios at work
failed crockpot dinner – suppose to be sweet and sour pork — totally overcooked. I was the only one to eat it
handful of m&ms
too many dorritos
Total: N/A

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    June 19, 2009

    Yes, I agree, quit beating yourself up:) You always get right back on track, tomorrows a new day. And I love your notes to self.


    June 19, 2009

    Thank you for this great site I just recently discovered. It’s becoming my go to blog, as I’m just beginning again, at age 55, on the weightloss and get healthier and fit journey. Long time FOODADDICT. From what I’ve read of your blog so far (and my intention is to go to the beginning and read it through like a novel!), you truly get it – the whole overeating, dieting, body obsession and absolutely possible RECOVERY from the trials of it all. Making peace with food, body, life, stress, joy, pain – all of it. And your practical suggestions and videos are great. No more lurking for me (other than a yogurt comment awhile back!)…I get a lot of help and support from reading your journey.


    June 19, 2009

    hang in there! I’ve had back pain for 3 weeks and am so over it.

    Doesn’t it suck when a dinner turns out bad? I hate that


    June 19, 2009

    Thanks Roni, for posting imperfection, struggles and some positive self-talk. It’s a great model for me as this is the hurdle I’m trying to conquer—forgiving, forgetting and going forward!


    June 19, 2009

    Roni – I just want you to know that you inspire me so much! your honesty is so encouraging and helpful. This week has been an awful week for us – sleep deprived, in the middle of potty-training, sickness and frankly laziness. I have fallen back into lazy, bad habits a few times this week but over the past year you’ve help me see a slip-up isn’t the end. that I can bring myself out of it. In fact, in a few minutes, TheGirl and I are going to hit up our local farm for fruits and veggies for the weekend and then hit the grocery for some heathy staples for the upcoming week. it’s nice to know there areother out there goign through the same thing. And, I guess, even though deep down I *know* one bad week won’t undo a year’s worth of work and change, it’s comforting and helpful to know there are other’s out there who go through the same thing and shake it and get right back on track! thanks for being an inspiration, Roni!


    June 19, 2009

    I read your website everyday and enjoy everything about it! I can so relate to you, I lost 30 pounds, started running last year and just did my first 10 miler. You really are an inspiration!


    June 19, 2009

    SO many of us have problems with nighttime snacking. I actually talked with my doctor about it today and she encouraged me to take things one step at a time. Before cutting out any snacks, she said to become more active like taking an evening stroll. Then I can still snack, but at least I haven’t sat around while doing it. She said eventually I can move towards eliminating the snacks, but slowly. I love her idea and feel like it might actually work for me. It’s already kind of working. Like tonight instead of having a fluffernutter (getting red cheeks) AND a cookie for dessert. I just made the fluffernutter and put the cookie away b/c I knew that cookie would completely undo the walking I just did, but the fluffernutter would be an appropriate little treat. Anyway, I’m preaching to the choir, but just thought I’d put that out there in case any of your readers might benefit from it. Have a great weekend Roni! (Long time reader – 2 years to be exact, but I have never commented before!)


    June 20, 2009

    What helps me is knowing that because this is a lifelong commitment, this kind of thing is a blip on the radar. Nobody can be perfect all the time, and these little curves and dips in the road are just minor occurrences…a small event in the larger picture. Think about how many years you’ve been at this. Now think about the small amount of time this week is in comparison. This is life. It gets in the way sometimes, but as long as you know you’re going to get right back to where you were, allow these little things to happen. In the long run, in the grand scheme of life, this is a teeny tiny dot in the middle of it.


    June 20, 2009

    I am 4 weeks into WW and I worry about the falling off track issue a lot. Will it happen to me? Am I so naive to believe it won’t (probably). My WW leader this week was a sub, and she’s been on WW for 30 years. What a damn long time to track food. I want to be as good as her, but the thought is a bit disheartening I suppose. In the meantime, I enjoy looking to you for some inspiration of the more real variety. And I know you will continue to succeed.