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Let the Packing Begin. PLEASE!

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It’s Monday, the day after a crazy family filled fun weekend. My house is a wreck, I’m a wreck and I have this whole packing/moving thing looming over my head.

By this time I wanted to be in full steam organizing mode but my back has thrown me for a loop. I’ve been alternating ice and heat all morning hoping to ward off a full blown bed bound Roni like I had a a couple of months back.

The husband has a theory on the back pain and I think he’s right. Last night we snuck in a movie. My in-laws were still in town giving us built in babysitters. We didn’t anticipate a full theater on a Sunday to see Hangover (which was freakin’ hysterical, by the way) and as a result we had to sit right up front. That was two hours with my head back looking up at the screen.

That did it. Now I can hardly move my head and lifting anything over 10 lbs is hurts. Not to mention sneezing pretty much lays me out.

oy vey

This is NOT good timing. I called PODS this morning and we need to start packing. I have work tomorrow. The overwhelming feelings are starting to ooze into my brain but I’m trying to stay level headed. I made some pizza’s on Sandwich thins for "the kid" and I. Or is it "The Little Guy?" "The Boy?" lol The poll is in full effect. Right now "the little guy" is winning, which I find funny as I’ve refer to him as that for a few times already but I have to admit "the kid" flows out of me when writing. :)

With the move, back pain and an over all feeling of bleh, I’m fighting off urges to eat out at every meal. I have NO desire to cook at all. The toddler asked for hamburgers, hot dogs and beans for his birthday dinner (it’s today by the way) so that’s good. I’m planning a hodgepodge kind of night where I can make myself some turkey tacos hoping to post the idea later on GreenLiteBites.

I’ve been resting on a bag of frozen peas while writing this and right now I’m thinking nap with the heating pad. It’s that or snacking on all the leftover chips and pretzels from the toddler’s, or, umm, I mean the kid’s party. yeah… I choose nap. Hopefully I’ll wake up and be able to get something accomplished today. *sigh*

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    June 15, 2009

    I went to the Texas Ranger’s game yesterday and sat is a bleacher for 4 hours twisted at the waist. My lower back feels like I got kicked! I feel your pain…


    June 15, 2009

    I hope your back will feel better soon! And good luck with everything! :)


    June 15, 2009

    Back pain is the worst – it effects everything you do!

    Hang in their Roni – and Happy Birthday to THE LITTLE GUY! That’s my vote! :D


    June 15, 2009

    oh no! I hope you feel better! Hubby threw his out this weekend swinging the kids around in the lake. ACK! He’s totally stressed right now, so I’m sure that has a lot to do with both of you!

    Remember to the key to any project is to break it down into small pieces, don’t think about the big picture. Start with a room you don’t use too much, then move on. Remember to have boxes with stuff you need at the apt. for short term. I kept a box in the kitchen as threw stuff in there I actually used, then I knew what could go into long term storage.

    I’m so over cooking right now. I’m racking my brain trying to come up with healthy, no/low cook meals. I’m currently crock poting a chicken to de-bone. pasta salad with LOTS of veggies. Scrambled eggs. But that’s all I got.

    Natalie M.

    June 15, 2009


    I totally sympathize since I’m moving out of my apartment in preparation to move to another city! I wish you a speedy recovery


    June 15, 2009

    Hope your back is pain free soon.
    I voted for “the little guy” on the poll…….only because my choice wasn’t on there.
    My choice would have been “the big brother” :)

    I know you’ve said you didn’t want more kids……but now that the toddler is four, don’t you even think about it…….even a little bit?

    Good luck with your move and new job.


    June 15, 2009

    Have you considered hiring someone to help you move? I am moving too, I can’t afford to have a mover, however it sounds wonderful. I would also recommend friends helping you, however the last time I did that my naughty little friends wrapped all my dishes in my underwear. hmmmm You may want to do it yourself. ha ha ha. Good luck and give the”kidlet” my vote, a big birthday hug. Pam


    June 15, 2009

    Kathy – LOL I have… but I’m good. The thought on another little one makes my head spin! :)


    June 15, 2009

    I’m moving this weekend (practically across country) and have procrastinated packing. I don’t recommend it! =P

    Tiger Gilliam

    June 15, 2009

    I would have voted for The Kid, cus that’s what I call mine. Actually I call them Thing 1 and Thing 2, which I’m sure gives me strange looks but it doesn’t mean I don’t care for them anyless. I think The Kid might have that tone too, although I think it’s funny and delightful. So basically what I’m saying is I’m a pushover and I ended up voting for The Little Guy.


    June 15, 2009

    Happy birthday to The Little Guy!! Hope your back feels better soon!!


    June 15, 2009

    Moving is such a pain, even more so when you are IN pain. Hope you feel better very soon. Hope your young ‘un has a great birthday.

    Krista S.

    June 16, 2009

    Hoping for a speedy recovery for you!! Back pain SUCKS!!!


    June 16, 2009

    Do you have a good chiropractor near you? It really helped me when I could barely move. Hope you get better soon!


    June 16, 2009

    I’ll second the chiro recommendation. Having a misalignment in the spine can cause muscular distress… I just got back from a tune-up on Friday, helps when you can catch it early. GL, hope you feel better very soon!


    June 17, 2009

    Roni – Please be careful with chiropractors. I personally don’t like them and from past experience I have felt worse afterwards. Do you ever read Luv In My Tummy’s blog? She was a runner and hurt her back and the chiro made it worse. I would probably see an Ortho but that’s JMHO!


    June 17, 2009

    Michele – I’m on the fence with them… Talked to one but I felt like I was being sold to. For now I’m treating it myself and I’ll get my primary to refer me to a specialist.


    June 17, 2009

    Roni – I agree, they are salesman. My step dad used to be good friends with a chiro…I could tell you some stories! Hope you feel better soon! :)


    June 22, 2009

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