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Wordless Wednesday – Breakfast of Champions!

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Wordless Wednesday - Breakfast of Champions!

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    May 20, 2009

    wow. little man is on a mission! lol

    good boy! nice breakfast, am playing as well..see you


    May 20, 2009

    awww =) your little man keeps getting cuter and cuter!


    May 20, 2009

    What a cutie :)


    May 20, 2009

    Oh! He is so cute!


    May 20, 2009

    How cute! :)


    May 20, 2009

    What an appetite!
    And whatta cutie!!


    May 20, 2009

    I never knew you lived in Baltimore! I work in the city but live in Silver Spring, MD. I have been reading your blog/following you via Twitter for a while but have never commented. I love your blog and tweets!

    moonduster (Becky)

    May 21, 2009

    Just wanted to let you know:

    We were recently given a butternut squash. Having never cooked one before, dh decided to research on-line the best way to cook one. He found a YouTube video explaining it. I was across the room, but I recognized the voice of the woman in the video. I said, “Hey! That sounds like Roni from Green Lite Bites!” So he read the description, and yep, it was one of yours! LOL!

    As for the picture above, the blurred spoon and arm make it look like he’s REALLY eating fast! ;)


    May 21, 2009

    I would eat like that too if you were cooking for me!