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Weekend Quote: Activity and Sadness

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I’m at Mom’s this weekend trying to squish in too many things as usual. Visit friends, see family, celebrate Mom’s day, hit the movies for STAR TREK! I could go on and on. I’m famous for having too much on my plate and for once I’m not talking food. ;~) I’ve always liked staying busy and when I’m not I tend to get sad and depressed. Ironically it’s those less active times I do put more actual food on my plate. That’s why I laughed out loud when I saw this quote…

 “Activity and sadness are incompatible.” – Christian Bovee

I really couldn’t agree more. Keeping busy is a huge part of my success for not only weight loss but just living a happier, healthier life.

I’m off, I have a house full of relatives here and nothing is giving me more pleasure then watching my Great Aunts and and Uncles blowing bubbles with my niece and the toddler. Next is a family game of t-ball! I’m stayin’ active… how about you?

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    May 9, 2009

    soooo tired from my early mom’s day gift: a trip to the local Mennonite Greenhouse to pick whatever I want. Then I planted the rest of our garden with the kids, watched them play in the sprinklers and ate homemade pizza. Does it get any better?? Glad you are having a fun, busy weekend! Happy Mother’s Day!!



    May 9, 2009

    Actually I’m on the other end of the spectrum :) I work hard to take things off my plate so I’m not too busy. I easily get overwhelmed and don’t handle stress well. I would rather stop and smell the roses :) Have a great weekend :D (I do like to keep moving physically – I just don’t like to have many commitments)


    May 9, 2009

    I hear ya… :) There was just a time in my life were I didn’t “do” anything. Just kind of sat around and watched tv. Now I like to go to the gym, take weekend trips, read a book, WRITE a book, catch up with old friends, hit a conference, go bowling, take the toddler to the skating ring, run a race… those kinds of things smell sweet to me (to use your rose example lol) and thats why the quote made sense to me. If I’m keeping busy I have no time to feel sorry for myself. It’s just a mindset thing for me.


    May 9, 2009

    I agree with this quote and am so happy to read it as I am looking for motivation. I do find that there are plenty of times that, when I am busy, I don’t notice that I haven’t eaten, and when I do notice it, I don’t necessarily mind. However, there are plenty of times that I could make myself busy and by doing so, know that I would not only be getting in some sort of activity, but that I would also be less likely to tune into those feelings of boredom, loneliness, non-productivity, etc. Unfortunately, I get overwhelmed too, and I give into the stress and let myself have that junky thing I shouldn’t have. I will keep this quote in mind next time I am jones-ing for something unhealthy.

    I love that you include reading a book as “doing something”. I never would have thought of that, but I do agree that it is something productive (your brain needs exercise too, right!). Maybe I would have felt guilty before that I was taking time for myself to (attempt to) finish a book. I won’t look at it the same anymore.


    May 10, 2009

    I stayed active today!!! I ran/biked/swam in a Sprint Triathlon! It was tough but I did it! YAY!!!

    Julie Cooper

    May 11, 2009

    Roni – I could not agree more with the correlation between activity and sadness. For years, I suffered from depression. Sundays were especially the hardes for me. Within the last 10 years, I have truly discovered myself and what makes me tick. One of those things is keeping active. Like you, I tend to have a zillion things going in my life. I love to be busy, to be involved, and to stay active. I am a list maker, so I will write out various lists for part of my life ~ work, home, friends, etc. This allows me to keep on task and to keep moving forward so that I can check off the next thing on my list. To some people, I am viewed as crazy or an over-achiever. But to me, it is about balance!

    I stayed busy all weekend, but did not hit the gym. This morning was hard! Oh well, I deserved a weekend of celebrating with my children and friends and family.

    Happy Monday!


    May 11, 2009

    That’s a great quote! I guess that’s why I’m never sad – with two toddlers, a home business, a fledgling writing career and a house to manage, I’m never lacking for activity!