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Quick Wordcamp Recap

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Saturday was a fabulous day of WordPress goodness as I attended Wordcamp. After listening to opening remarks form Aaron Brazell and then a controversial keynote presentation by Anil Dash (a Type Pad guy at a WordPress Conference??) I was psyched to start the sessions. First up was the Thesis Theme presented by Brad Williams. I was excited to learn more about it as I’ve been considering purchasing it for some time but after the talk I decided it’s not for me. I like to dabble with my theme files too much and I enjoy the complete control I have by doing so. Being that I mostly developing for myself I’ll stick with customization. Even so, I was captivated by the concept of the theme, just look how serious I am! (thanks to Casey for the photo!)

Watching presentation at wordcamp

Then I enjoyed a wonderful presentation on Search Engine Optimization by Sri Nagubandi and John Shehata. They gave some great tips and had a lot of simple ideas to share. Their whole presentation can be seen here, definitely worth a look at.

We then we broke for lunch. I was a little disappointed we were on our own (they didn’t provide food) but it gave me time to catch up with Jaye and Lisa. We also invited Jim, Zac, and Rolando. I had a blast! Here we are a Sushi place on Charles St…

Lunch at Wordcamp

Post lunch I learned a bit about Caching in WordPress by Brandon Savage. It’s those types of presentations that remind me I’m not a crazy prgrammer and never will be. I’ll leave memory management up to the big dawgs. ;~) Then it was time for a bit on Twitter and Social Tools by the very energetic Dan Zarrella. He had lots of neat ideas on interfacing with twitter and facebook from our blogs.

Finally we got a State of the Word Presentation from Mark Jaquith who totally reminded me of a young Frank Whaley. It was bugging me throughout his talk as I couldn’t remember the actors name. I even swiped Jim’s iPhone trying to figure it out. Anyway, Mark is an independent WordPress Developer and his presentation was fun and interesting.

Overall I had a wonderful time at Wordcamp. It’s gotten me excited about attending other conferences like BlogHer and organizing our own FitBloggin!

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    May 19, 2009

    I had such a fun time! I’m totally all in now. :) sign me up for FitBloggin, GeekGirl or whatever it is. Bring it on! ;) btw, I really like this pic of you guys! And no one is talking!!


    May 26, 2009

    I love how earnest you look in photo # 1. Adorable and geeky all rolled up in one!


    January 21, 2010

    Hey! I missed this somehow. Great recap!


    January 26, 2010

    I missed this post too! I had such fun….