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Embracing my Geek-ness

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I declared myself a geek waaaaaay back in college. It all stated innocent enough. I didn’t have a computer growing up so I reluctantly took a computer class in college. We learned the basics, all Unix of course as Microsoft hadn’t taken over the world yet. We surfed the web via Lynx and Gopher. That was until Mosaic and soon Netscape took over. I remember using talk to chat with my friends and cursing vi when my professors insisted on using it even though Pico was way easier to use.

I was a horrible programmer. We learned C and Cobol, not fun. It wasn’t until my graduate studies when I was introduced to HTML and Multimedia Development that my true love of technology and inner geek found a home. I fell in love with scripting. I stayed up until 3 AM obsessed with learning Flash 3. I had a CD portfolio as I searched for my first geek job.

Flash Forward 10 years and I’m still at it with my three blogs and NING community. I also vlog and have podcasts on iTunes. Twitter and Facebook feel like home to me and I even ordered my own TwitShirt.

Roni's Twit Shirt

I am a Geek, with a capital "G" and I’m proud to join the Society for Geek Advancement! :)

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    Laura Brandon

    May 15, 2009

    LOVE IT!


    May 17, 2009

    when are we ordering our Jim shirts? :)


    May 18, 2009

    LOL yeah… Jim?