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AskRoni_v26s1 – When you eat, Key to Maintenance, Running Mixes, Unsupportive Spouses, Running Talk

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I FINALLY recorded a podcast yesterday! It’s been forever!

Topics in this video include…

  • Does it Matter When you eat?
  • My Keys to Maintenance
  • How do I choose songs for my Running Mixes
  • Spouses Unsupportive of Working Out
  • Translating my Running Talk

Podcast Version (Audio Only)

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    John Frantz

    May 29, 2009

    Very informative, especially on the musical selections. ;)


    May 29, 2009

    OH MY GOSH! I get way too excited when these get posted! YEAH!!! :) I’ve actually gone back and listen to the archives for the 3rd time. These podcasts really motivate me :)


    May 29, 2009

    Roni, thanks so much for taking the time to share yourself with us before you run your half and go back to work. I am going to miss your posts even though you will still be with us occasionally.

    I believe your opinion of the boyfriend is true. She needs to explain that running isn’t just about maintaining her weight loss but as something that she enjoys and is her hobby. I would consider her boyfriend not just selfish but as controlling as well. She needs to be CAREFUL!


    May 29, 2009

    Thanks for another great podcast, Roni!

    I’m finding myself agreeing with you and Michelle about the boyfriend. It may not be quite as ominous as it sounds, but I strongly believe that all individuals need some time on their own to follow their hobbies and pursuits. *Always* putting one’s family and friends ahead of one’s own needs may lead to resentment and burnout in the long run…sometimes we need to take a little time to put our own “oxygen mask” in place, as they say on the post-takeoff safety lecture, before assisting those around us. It gets even trickier when you add kids to the mix, believe-you-me. My own “the Husband” is not an exerciser either, but he’s supportive of my need to exercise daily…although I also try to do it at times where it will be less impactful on our family life, like early in the morning or at lunch time. Now and then I do an event, like a race (it keeps me motivated in my daily routine), and while I’d love to have them attend an event, I don’t insist. They’re not going to escape watching me do my triathlon this fall. Muuuahh ha haaaa! And sheesh, why-oh-why do all events seem to require participants to get up at the crack-of-dawn to get there? Where are the afternoon races???


    May 29, 2009

    The question about the unsupportive boyfriend really irked me, I have to say! It would be one thing if she was in his face, pressuring him to enjoy that same activity (my husband doesn’t like working out either, but that’s OK – I’m a big girl. I don’t need him tagging along to make it worth while for me) but to purposely try to dissuade her from going? That’s completely selfish. If you truly love someone, you’re not selfish about your time with them to the point of making them question things the actual healthy things that they are doing for the benefit of their own health. You recognize and appreciate their interests and even though they’re different from your own, you appreciate THAT, too! This sort of thing reminds me of the friend who tries to convince you that you can eat that huge slab of chocolate fudge cake to the point of pressuring you to have some and making you feel abnormal for declining it.

    I’m not THAT huge of an Oprah fan (or Dr. Phil, for that matter), but I’ve heard on both of their shows something to the effect of you need to nurture your own spirit and put yourself on your own priority list. Why would the needs of her friends and family come before her own health? If she doesn’t do things to promote her own health then she REALLY won’t have any of that time to spend with them – not quality time where she’s happy TOO, anyway. OR, as Dr. Phil and/or Oprah would say, “you can’t give what you yourself don’t already have”.

    He should not try to derail her efforts just because it might mean that he finds himself outside of his OWN comfort zone.


    May 29, 2009

    from a great, fun website related to the playlist song selection question – 5 great ideas: is a great resource for runners: events, articles, training tips and more!


    May 29, 2009

    Another great podcast!


    May 30, 2009

    I was listening to the podcast and heard my name…lol!!! Thanks for answering my questions. Very, very useful and helpful information all around.

    As for the non supportive significant other…that’s a long road I unfortunately have walked. Through it all I will say that this experience has taught me to look deeper inside myself to find my strength, to find that inner cheerleader and now I know myself a lot better and know that my strength comes from within and I don’t have to rely on anyone for encouragement.


    May 30, 2009

    Thanks for the opinion on the boyfriend question. I have a similar situation at home and I pretty much have the same opinion as you on the matter. My boyfriend might not always like it (and I understand that my training does take a lot of time away from him) but it’s important to me and that’s good enough justification.

    Also, as for the measuring races in kms – I’m sure it’s just because the majority of the world (pretty much every country except the USA) uses the metric system. It’s the standard of measurement for all professional competition as a result. But I come from Canada so it’s normal to me ;) I always have to convert the distances on the American blogs I read because miles doesn’t make much sense to me.


    May 30, 2009

    When I heard the idea of “purposeful exercise” I really thought about that a lot. At the time, I was walking the dog, listening to the podcast. Most of us don’t have a lot of exercise in our daily lives. We drive to school, work, stores, we sit in front of the computer or TV. Therefore, we have to find ways to be active. There are plenty of ways to have fun that aren’t being strapped to a treadmill. Hiking, biking, trying to walk or bike to run errands (also more environmentally friendly), playing tennis or badminton or golf for fun and with friends or family. Now, some people are blessed with metabolisms that don’t require “exercise,” and that’s fine. It kind of also depends on your goal. You’re not probably going to get perfect bikini abs without “purposeful” abdominal work. Yoga is wonderful for clearing the mind and adding calm to a busy life. But if you think of exercise as a “task” or something to cross off the old “to do” list, then I’d challenge folks to try to exercuise for the fun of activity.


    May 30, 2009

    Great podcast! The boyfriend question was a tough one. It sounds to me like the boyfriend has some fear inside surrounding their time together and/or her exercising. It might be helpful to ask him what he is worried about. Once you know what the actual issue is, you can discuss it and deal with it. To me it sounds like a deeper issue.

    Also, I think sometimes we put other people’s needs before our own. Although I think their needs should be considered, ultimately we need to be #1 in our own lives. Significant others then come as #1a and kids #1b. Easy to say, hard to live.


    May 30, 2009

    Roni, Thanks for sharing the website. I am not a runner, yet but I did not realize there were so many 5ks in my area. There are like 6 between now and Thanksgiving and even a few 1/2 marathons. Maybe a goal for next year for me. As always, great info Roni.


    May 30, 2009

    Another great podcast, Roni, thanks! The boyfriend question certainly raises some interesting questions. It sounds like she needs to explain why it’s important to her and insist on putting herself first sometimes. If he still can’t deal with it, they might have some deeper issues. From my experience, finding the right balance in relationships can sometimes be difficult, so hopefully will better communication they’ll work things out.


    May 31, 2009

    I would like to comment on the when to eat. I completly agree that you need to find a way to incorperate your “diet” into your lifestyle so it’s not just something you do to lose weight but something you can continue for life so you don’t get back to where you once were… I agree that what works for you do it. However I find when I don’t eat through out the day I am famished and can’t hold myself back at night time so eatign all day long is cruical to my sucess. However there is a couple things I have come to learn. You would eat well balanced meals. You need to eat first thing in the morning to get your metabolism going (this is critical) I persoanlly have the apple pie oatmeal nearly every morning it’s perfect cause it is filling and gets me going I could go to lunch without snacking if I had too but I really notice better results when I snack at 10:30. then have a protein packed lunch another snack a few hours later. Then for dinner I eat as late as I want and usually have 6-10 points left. If it is late and I will be going to bed right after dinner I try to not eat something so heavy (like carb loaded). I did hear once that your body does burn a few calories while slepping so why not make it burn fat thats already there instead of making it burn the food you ate right before bed. I always keep that in mind however if it’s nto gonna fit into my day then its not gonna happen cause this is a lifestyle change not a diet.

    on the maintenace thing BRAVO! I whole heartly agree People think you can lose then go right back to eating like before. I have lost the weight and gained it back and I feel like kicking myself cause it’s not rocket science! you need to continue doing what you did to lose the weight to keep it off.


    June 12, 2009

    As to where you can find events… local running stores are great, and often local running clubs have websites that list many races in the area, too!

    Happy trails!

    Oh – and write your time on the back of your racing number. It’s a fun way to document how you’re improving! =)