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Ask Roni _v22 The Husband, Counting Calories, Finding Motivation, Baby Food

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I quickly recorded this yesterday while the toddler was at school. I thought it would be distraction-less but the phone rings and the husband knocks. It’s also the first vide/podcast I actually had to edit! No biggie but I chopped off the last question as I didn’t have enough time to answer it completely. You can tell I messed with it as the I abruptly say goodbye and I never do that. :)

Oh! and why didn’t anyone tell me I forgot the markers on the last two videos! I have to go back and do that!

Topics included in this video…

  • Has the Husband Lost Weight?
  • Do I count calories?
  • Finding Motivation
  • Baby Food

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    March 20, 2009

    Hey Roni,

    I have been “lerking” for a while and have even managed to watch almost all of your videos. I have to say to you, I LOVE you being willing to let the public into your life and getting to know you. YOU have no idea just how much you mean to people all over the country that are lucky enough to stubble onto your site. The “real” life – that you bring into my life means the world to me. I look forward to “meeting” with you every day….
    I lost with weight watchers several years ago and have eventually gained most of the weight back. :-( I LOVE to cook and I LOVE to eat what I cook. I know a lot of the tricks to making recipes “healthy” and I actually love trying to make every day recipes healthy. But, my problem is staying in the same frame of mind every day to keep a healthy menu going to lose the regained weight and keep a healthy weight maintained. I feel, just from your sites, and getting to know you, that you know what I mean even though I feel like I am not saying it all just right. I have a terrible way with words sometimes….LOL
    To get off topic a bit, I have cousins in MD. Maybe they are close to you?? Rising Sun MD???? You really look a lot like her…. who knows we may be related??? Boy, that sounds southern don’t it??? LMAO
    Anyway, if you don’t get anything more from this liitle post than knowing that you make my day a lot of times – I hope that in itself will put a smile on your face – because from being a lerker for a while I understand that someone getting something from you actually means something to you… so don’t ever doubt the simple being of YOU in our lives! You are wonderful and an awsome inspiration in my opinion!!!!!!! Also, I love your little one in all the videos!!! He is the best!!! Totally cracked me up in the older video where he tried the tobasco behind your back… I almost pee’d my pants!!! My hasband didn’t understand what I was laughing at so hard!!!
    Sorry to be so “mouthy” in my first post ever – but I guess this is my way of saying you are one of my biggest inspirations lately!!

    Stay YOU becaused you are loved in NC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    March 21, 2009

    Awwwe Ty! {{HUGS}} Thank you SO much for delurking! It really does mean something to me. There are days I wonder why I do what I do and if it really matters to anyone but myself. And every time I get a note like yours I do smile (and sometimes cry)

    Rising Sun is not that far I actually know a few people that live there! :)

    Oh! and I TOTALLY understood what you were saying. :~D


    March 21, 2009

    Hi Roni, Not sure if anyone mentioned it or if it’s just me, but your lips and the sound don’t match up. The words were ahead of your lips.


    March 22, 2009

    Thanks. I noticed it slightly then it syncs back up. I’ll have to check my settings.


    March 23, 2009

    Hi Roni,
    I feel like I just had my “ah ha” moment while I was listening to you talk about motivation. I have been struggling to lose 50 pounds for 16 years now (I’m sure I’m past the point of being able to call it pregenancy weight since he’s driving now!). I always say starting Monday I’m going to start my diet and do it right and have all this motivation to get started, but then by day 2, or heck even by lunch on Monday I start complaining about how much easier it is to just stay this weight and eat what I want. Too much work, no fun, no motivation. Now I realize that I need to just suck it up, and fake the motivation until it returns. I finally believe that it will return. I just need to give myself credit for being able to be strong without it. So much of this is a mind issue, not weight. I think I finally get it. But just in case I forget again, maybe you could start “Motivation Monday” and remind us that even when it’s hard, it’s still doable.

    Thank you so much for everything you are doing to help.


    March 23, 2009

    Motivation Monday!! I love that! I may just take you up on that offer! :)


    March 23, 2009

    Hey Roni,
    i’m still enjoying your videos very much, thanks for those, they’re always crammed with loads of tips.

    But i was wondering about something…. When you answered the calorie question, when you said at 24 pts you were eating about 1200 kcals i was wondering if you might’ve forgot the 0 Points foods like veggies and fruit? Just a thought :)

    Thanks for sharing all those thoughts with us, i think it’s fab!



    March 23, 2009

    Nathalie – yup.. 0 point stuff would be added onto that total. I also didn’t include the weekly flex. That’s why it’s an estimate to give people a general idea of the calories consumed. It was probably closer to 1500