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Thursday Thoughts XVI

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With all my real estate worries in my head I’m surprised I actually have other thoughts to share. But I did jot a few things down this week…

Other quick news bites….

  • Every morning I have a mini heart attack about the possible move. Our house will official be on the market tomorrow morning.
  • This weekend I’m heading out with a friend of mind to relax. We are going have a few drinks and go dancing. I need it. I just need a day where I think of NOTHING but having a good time. I can NOT WAIT!
  • Training is going well. I can’t believe I’m doing all this running! I thought I liked it before now I KNOW i do. I don’t even mind going out in the cold anymore. Click here to see my training updates.
  • Things in the works… 2 food reviews, a food scale contest and, ummmm, oh yea, a book review for new moms. :)

ok, I now need to go and touch up the paint on my walls. I can’t believe how many scuffs there are!

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    January 22, 2009

    Girl, you are so busy it amazes me that you stick so well to your bloggin schedule :)

    Thanks for providing all the amazing information, inspiration and funny thoughts that you do!


    January 22, 2009

    Thanks for the awesome links! I’m trying to cut down on soda… oh, I’m trying. I know some people get to the point where they give it up and then have a sip of diet Coke like six months later and realize how gross it tastes. But to me it’s still nectar of the gods! Geesh. Someday, someday. *sips on water*


    January 22, 2009

    You will have to share exactly how much work building a home is. My husband and I have been throwing the idea around, but I don’t feel like I have the energy to make all those decisions right now.


    January 22, 2009

    Great BlogHer ideas Roni! I’m going again this year and would love to hear your tech talks :)


    January 22, 2009

    So I guess with the move there’s no cookbook in our near future ;) LOL Just kidding gal, I know how stressful selling a house and building a house is!!! Oh an before I forget 3 MGD’s are 4 points!


    January 22, 2009

    I can not believe that I got a mention in your Thursday Thoughts! I feel like super special. Make sure that as you are showing your house to potential buyers, you tell them that a celebrity has once lived in that house (you!!)…..


    January 22, 2009

    thanks for the diet soda link. That is one of my biggest weakness’.

    Good luck selling your house. We are starting to think about it and that scares me.

    Laura Jane

    January 23, 2009

    Wow, the diet soda – I definitely struggle with that. Today I had 3 or 4 cans. I found it interesting that the article pointed out that drinking the diet sodas can increase your preference for sweets and cause you to consume more calories that way – I had not thought about that, and I definitely have a sweet tooth. I will definitely consider giving it up.


    January 23, 2009

    That should be 3 MGD 64’s ;)

    Mary Jo

    January 23, 2009

    I think a good replacement for that “need” for pop would be sparkling water. A little lemon to it and it’s like pop. bubbly goodness but water! The best of both worlds.

    Shannon in MS

    January 23, 2009

    We’ve lived in our new house for 1 1/2 yrs and I still have rooms that are not decorated (shame!) So excited for you on the new home!

    I have not had soda at all this year!

    I’m so proud of myself – I used to at least have one first thing in the morning. Now, I have the Light Tropicana OJ with a ‘real’ breakfast, which was previously chips or crackers at my desk. I have water to drink(sometimes with the diet flavored packets) for the rest of the day. I haven’t even missed it!


    January 23, 2009

    Hey Roni

    I am very excited about the new geek/tech blog you have mentioned a few times. And I am very interested in the ideas you pitched for the BlogHer conference and am hoping you would be covering these ideas in your tech blog too. I’ve been reading your sites for a while. I’m a designer and currently run two wordpress blogs – one is just personal/family and the other is private for a weight loss group I set up. 11 friends and I started a weight loss group last Jan 1. We are still going strong and have lost 301.5 lbs! I love tracking all our data and progress in excel (number geek) and the group support is helping me lose my last 30lbs (previously lost 80) before my Oct wedding. Anyways, I like the wordpress install and hosting my own content but I would love to know more about customizing the themes. I’ve dabbled in it here there but don’t have a lot of time to devote to learning all the scripting to build my own template. I love your blogs b/c of all our similar goals and interests. I especially loved that part about you and your husband sitting with your own laptops at home. We do that all the time!

    Emily (MommyMcButterpants)

    January 23, 2009

    *blush* I too am honored to be mentioned in the Thursday Thoughts; I wish friends was still on too- I miss it. Certain episodes always stick out- and the Joey doesn’t share food clip was always one of those- but I never applied it to myself until that day. I’m glad others found humor in it the way I did. It’s kind of the extreme explanation of my feelings at that time—but it illustrated the point beautifully!


    January 23, 2009

    love your thursday thoughts posts, roni :-) and I’m happy to hear you reiterate the “self acceptance = successful weight loss” idea, because I TOTALLY didn’t get it when I first found your site a couple years ago (I thought self loathing = weight loss!) and now I’m starting to get it!! it makes me smile :-)

    I’ll most likely be at BlogHer and would be interested in the Blogging to Lose but there there is no where on the page that says I would attend. Not sure what else to do. Thanks

    Looking forward to meeting up with you again.


    January 23, 2009

    Hi Angie! It would be great to catch up again! There should be 2 text links at the top of the page. One says… “I’m interested in attending” If you can’t find it you can leave a comment. I think they may have been having trouble.


    January 23, 2009

    I’m SO with ya on the diet soda! ACK! I know that people who don’t already drink water have a hard time readjusting their taste buds to it.
    An idea…
    Try making “spa water” by taking a pitcher of water and adding in a thinly sliced lemon (or other citrus), sliced cucumber, and grated ginger. YUM!

    my other teensy bit of wisdom is to swap out your SWEET tea for UNsweet tea. I know sometimes we think tea is a lesser evil, but boy that sweetened kind packs on a WHOLE lotta sugar!

    thanks as always roni for being SUCH an inspiration!



    January 23, 2009

    Roni, I love your blog and think you give great advice and information. However, I have to comment because I am on a personal crusade to also spread the “truth” about diet soda. As a chemist, it really aggravates me when people don’t evaluate scientific findings using the scientific method and just cherry pick the highlights that support their viewpoint. I do agree with the link you posted in that diet soda is pretty much a nutritional void in your diet, but it’s not really harmful either. People really need to stop spreading the rumor that diet coke could cause cancer. The relative dosage of aspartame that caused tumors in the animal studies would be virtually impossible for humans to consume (I mean, pounds and pounds a day) and the scientific evidence that links the aspartame consumption to cancer is not even statistically compelling. Moreover, there are other things which have much, much more research documenting their carcinogenic effects that most people encounter every day. Two that come immediately to mind are car exhaust and cigarette smoke. If you really care about cancer prevention in your community, support local bans on smoking and carpool more to reduce car emissions. This improves the entire community’s health. (And for the record, let me reveal my bias and say that yes, I drink 2-3 cans of diet soda per day, plus several shots of espresso and almost no water. I also have almost the exact same weight loss history as you, in that we had the same highest and same goal weight! Oh and good luck on the half! I did my first one last November. Ok, this is a long enough parenthetical comment and I’ll quit now.)


    January 25, 2009

    Ashley – Thanks so much for your comment!

    I just want to add that I’m just trying to inspire more people to drink water. As in my “opinion” it’s the best choice.

    I know most people who read choose diet soda because they are trying to lose weight and that’s why it’s “under attack”. :) But as I stated above I am trying to inspire people to stop making it their “go to” drink. I never said it caused cancer or other diseases. Not being a chemist or a doctor I would never claim to “know” anything. I just like getting people to think by sharing resources I find online.

    BUT, again, in my opinion, I think people can save money and chose a more natural drink by replacing a few cans a day with good old fashion water. I’m not on any crusades to ban it from store shelves. :) I even just enjoyed a glass at a movie this weekend!

    Congrats on your weight loss and thanks again!!


    Sassy Girl

    January 26, 2009

    Love the cartoons, thanks for sharing!