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Quick Weight Watchers Smart Ones Breakfast Giveaway

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I know some of you are going to kill me after you read this but I’m doing another first come first serve giveaway. Sometimes I just can’t have things hanging over my head! :)

Last month Amy asked if I’d be willing to try the New Weight Watchers Smart Ones Morning Express Breakfasts. Not being a fan of pre-made breakfast sandwiches (ok, I’m weirded out by fast food egg, or any precooked egg for that matter, sue me) I told her I would have to decline but I’d be willing to pass on the offer to my readers. She agreed and shot me over 8 free coupons!

Now… I was planning on giving these away at the end of last month. You know, kind of like a say goodbye to 2008 giveaway with 8 coupons. But I slacked off. (Sue me…. oh I already used that one didn’t I? — I’m in an odd mood today. lol)

I don’t have the box so I can’t tell you what’s in them but Weight Watchers has the nutritional Information posted on the Smart Ones web site.

The coupon is for any one of those, for FREE! So if you are into the convenience breakfast thing, please leave a comment and I’ll contact the first 8 people who do so and mail them the coupon. For the rest of you, buy a carton of eggs, a package of whole wheat english muffins, and get in the kitchen! I have a few quick breakfast ideas for ya. ;~P

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    January 5, 2009

    Hey Roni! Happy Monday – glad you were so productive yesterday – so was I!


    January 5, 2009

    Hello, I would be into trying these. Thanks very much.


    January 5, 2009

    I’ll try them too.


    January 5, 2009

    I would love to try them, thanks so much!

    Broke-Ass Bride

    January 5, 2009

    This would be great for me, as I’m always on the run! Thanks!

    PS: Check out my new series, from Flab to FAB, on my blog –

    Thanks again!


    January 5, 2009

    I’d like to give them a go!


    January 5, 2009

    I’d love one!


    January 5, 2009

    I love the stuffed breakfast sandwich!

    Carolyn G

    January 5, 2009

    I would love to try these. Thanks.


    January 5, 2009

    I would like to give this a try!


    January 5, 2009

    oh darn,,,,too late..LOL


    January 5, 2009

    Crap. 17 minutes and I still missed it! You’re just too darn popular! :D


    January 5, 2009

    Hi Roni! I would love one of those coupons! Thanks!


    January 5, 2009

    I’m with you…the pre-cooked egg thing..not so much :)

    Sheila Rosen

    January 5, 2009

    I’d love to try the breakfast items – thanks!


    January 5, 2009

    darn i missed it! i love the stuffed breakfast sandwhiches. they are great when you want a quick bfast but dont have a lot of time!


    January 5, 2009

    oohhhhhhhhh im late :-(


    January 5, 2009

    I’m late, so out of the running… But I wanted to add in that those are oh so yummy! (I tried them last week…)


    January 5, 2009

    I’ve had them. They are okay. What I do have every single morning are the Smart Ones Lunch Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla. I’m not one for breakfast foods anyway and they are soooo good – I recommend!


    January 5, 2009

    Would love em’!


    January 6, 2009

    Always too late =\ Ill be on time one day lol


    January 6, 2009

    Ok, so I was not one of the first 8 to comment but I will say I enjoy the breakfast sandwiches. In my house where there are 3 boys running around, 4 if you count my husband they are a perfect quick fix for me.


    January 6, 2009

    I ordered the vita muffin mix and made the banana and chocolate muffin tops over Christmas.
    I added nuts to the banana mix but I found it tasty but very dry.
    I added chocolate chips to the chocolate muffin tops and they were delicious.

    Krista S.

    January 6, 2009

    Ew. You were smart to pass. Truly “Smart Ones” make their own darn breakfast sandwiches. =) Seriously though, bleh. The muffin part gets all gummy/rubbery (even when toasted they are weird), the cheese is like some sort of plastic-glue-like product that totally slides off the sandwich and drips all over the microwave, the “Canadian” Bacon is ok, I suppose, but the egg…hahaha….what the hell is that? It looks, feels, and tastes like the fake food you’d get for a toddler kitchen set. I don’t know WHAT Weight Watcher’s was thinking when they made that stuff. How’s that for a review? LOL


    January 8, 2009

    I just begun Weight Watchers and would love to try any of the Smart Ones frozen products. Any coupons would be very much appreciated.