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When Jordan emailed me and asked if I’d be willing to give Blue Bunny Ice Cream a try I did NOT expect the cornucopia of sweet treats that were delivered to my door step.

Review: Blue Bunny Ice Cream

Sent in a cooler with dry ice (how cool is that stuff?!?), I received 6 products! Here’s a mini review of each…

FrozFruit® Superfruit® Pomegranate Cherry
80 calories, 0g of fat, 0g of fiber, 1.5 WWP

These were in my top 2 of the products I received. I’m obsessed with pomegranate right now, so this immediately peaked my interest. I liked them. The texture was awesome, the chunks of cherries were cool and it had a great flavor. Of course it did! It’s pomegranate!

FrozFruit® No Sugar Added Chunky Strawberry
35 calories, 0g of fat, 3g of fiber, 0 WWP

Umm yeah, 0 points?!?! Need I say more? ;~P I don’t but I will. These were yummy! The flavor was good but they do have a bit of that sugar free aftertaste and their texture is a bit off. You know what I’m talking about, right? They just seem real "solid". But if you let them sit at room temp for just a bit, perfect!

No Sugar Added Reduced Fat Ice Cream Bunny Tracks®
1/2 cup 150 calories, 8g of fat, 3g of fiber, 3 WWP

Have you guys every heard of moose tracks ice cream? If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky. That freakin’ ice cream was responsible for at least 10 of the 60lbs I gained in college. But I digress. :~) This ice cream is good, and I love the moose track knock off with bunnies and peanut butter. It’s not the lowest point ice cream you can get but the flavor is fun and the texture is perfect. The husband has almost single handedly finished it off. His quote… "Ask them to send you more of THAT."

Sweet Freedom® Ice Cream Bar Black Raspberry
90 calories, 7g of fat, 2g of fiber, 2 WWP

This is my other favorite. Seriously, I WILL be buying these again. The black raspberry ice cream is creamy and delicious. The chocolate coating YUMMY and together, a perfect combination!

100 Calorie Butter Pecan Ice Cream Bars
100 calories, 7g of fat, 2g of fiber, 1 WWP

I can’t really give these a fair review as I don’t like Butter Pecan. I took a bite and it tasted like… well…. butter pecan. So if you like that sort of thing I’m sure you’ll like these too. ;~P

Personals® Light Ice Cream Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake
100 calories, 2.5g of fat, 3g of fiber, 1.5 WWP

I LOVE the idea of portioned ice cream cups as sometimes I suffer from excessive taste-itis while scooping from a large container. Seriously, I think I eat more scooping then I actually put in my bowl! So I love the idea of pulling out one of these portioned cups. Now…. the taste? Well, at first bite I didn’t like the cheesecake ice cream. It seemed overly sweet to me. Then I got a bite with a bit of raspberry swirl and a chocolate flake. Oh My Word! Delicious! You just need to get the swirl with the ice cream and then it’s golden. WARNING: Apparently a “personal” container is for 2! There are 2 servings in each, that makes them 3.5 WWP per container. Not too “personal” if you ask me! ;~P

I told you, that was a LOT of ice cream wasn’t it? I’m just happy I’ll have a house full of guests next week to help me knock it off! I’d give it away to you guys, but shipping ice cream seems overly complicated. So poor me, I’m stuck with it. Guess I HAVE to scoop out some Bunny Tracks! ;~P I mean SOMEONE has to eat it. LOL

Has anyone else tried any of the new Blue Bunny products? Please share, especially if it’s a different flavor!

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  • Bonnie

    My fav is Blue Bunny Fat Free No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream. It’s creamy and delicious and tastes to me like our family’s homemade ice cream recipe. For a 1/2 cup serving, it has 80 Calories, 0 g fat, 5 g Dietary Fiber, WW Points 1. And what’s great is….1 cup is 160 Calories, 0 g fat, 10 g Fiber, WW Points 2 (and I used the WW calculator, so I know it’s right).

  • Jill

    Does anybody know if these products are available in Canada??

  • roni

    Jill – I’ll contact the company and ask them to respond.

  • Benjamin Teal

    I know EXACTLY what you are saying about Moose Tracks, and I have tried the Bunny Tracks. I am a peanut butter addict, so my problem is that I have trouble stopping once I start. :)

    But if you can control yourself, the Bunny Tracks are a worthy substitute of is more calorific cousin!

  • Amber

    I LOVE the butter pecan, but I’m a southern girl that could eat my and your fair share of pecans! I think it’s nice to actually have the pecans available with the crunch!

    I haven’t seen the black raspberry, but will be scoping the freezer section for it. MMMMM.

  • B

    Yes!And I love their products.

  • Madison

    lol “poor you” ;D
    whenever my school dining hall had ice cream, they ALWAYS had blue bunny ice cream. i don’t really remember what kinds they were, but i do remember always liking them =)

  • Sally

    A few months ago i bought a blue bunny personal ice cream because i figured that it would be easier to control myself so i ate the whole thing only to find out that it was 2 servings.. It tasted great but i was a little disappointed with it being 2 servings since i assumed it was one.. I guess thats what happens when you assume =]

  • s

    cool! (also literally. lol.)
    do these products all have artificial sweeteners in them?

  • Christy

    OH…I will have to see if they are carrying any of these on post. They sound yummy!

  • Kristen

    My absolute favorite ice cream is the Blue Bunny Light Personal’s Bunny Tracks! Think Moose Tracks but in a two portion container. I “cut” the ice cream in half in the container. Scoop out my 2 points of ice cream. The taste is out of this world. Peanut butter filled chocolate bunnies and chocolate covered peanuts with some chocolate swirled around in the ice cream. I don’t think it can be beat!

  • vickie

    I feel compelled to ask –
    I am not a WW person but vaguely remember that there are some products where if you eat more than one – the point value does not just double – it is MORE than double. How does that work out with a person eating a whole package of one of these????

  • roni

    Sally – Oh My WORD! I didn’t realize that either! LOL I’m usually really good about those things. I swear I looked at the nutritional info and just glazed over serving size as I ASSUMED it was “personal”. I need to add that to the review. Thanks!!

  • Deb

    OK – so where can I buy these puppies?

  • roni

    S – yes they do! Especially the sugar free ones. Click on the product name in the post. I link to each products page and they have the ingredients listed there.

  • roni

    Vickie – Do you mean a whole package as in the personals? Or a whole package as in 6 ice cream bars?? All you would need to do is multiply the nutritional info per serving by the number of servings and then recalculate points.

    Hope that helps!

  • Lauren P

    I love Blue Bunny. Too bad there isn’t a giveaway or coupons in here!

  • Charlie Hills

    Blue Bunny! No way! I was contacted by somebody wanting to know if I’d try out FullBars. Apparently I’ve gotta write a LOT more blog posts before someone sends me ice cream.

    No fair!

  • Natalia Burleson

    When it says “no sugar added” does that mean artificial sweeteners? They all sound delicious! But I’m tryin(some days better than others) to stay away from the fake sugar!

  • roni

    Lauren – No worries, I have another giveaway brewing. I’m reviewing a product I’m really excited about! Hope to have it out early next week.

  • Annette

    I love all blue bunny products…….the sugar free ones are great!

  • roni

    LOL – yup, Ice cream requires at least 500 posts. Just wait until I hit 1000! Then they’ll be sending me lobster tails. ;~P

  • roni

    Natalia – As a general rule of thumb, ANY time something says sugar free there is more then likely some type of artificial sweetener in it.

  • allijag

    Thanks for sharing Roni! Those all sound FANTASTIC – and I really like how low calorie they are – it’s down right scandalous! :)

  • Alisha

    They had one they were closing out on last summer….it was brownie bites with fudge in chocolate ice cream…..good stuff at like 3 pts per cup. I will soooo be trying some of these….butter pecan girl and the raspberry and chocolate look good too!! :)

    THANK YOU RONI for the honest review. I really hate buying new things and getting them home, eating one and it is gross and the whole rest of the box is wasted!

  • Nicole

    Man, I’m bummed since most of these have sugar alcohols in them. I can handle most most artificial sweeteners, but mroe than 1-2g of sugar alcohols have me running to the bathroom within minutes!

  • Tania

    Good lordy Roni! Thank goodness I am preggo so I am “indulge” in these items – ha ha. Keep the good recommendations coming. I got six more weeks to go crazy before coming back to reality ;-)

    BTW, got the POM coupons. On my way to pick some up after I visit my doc for my checkup.

    Thanks again!

  • Biz

    I actually didn’t know they made sugar free icecream! I’ll have to take a look at my store.

    I normally only buy vanilla icecream. My daughter, when she was little, spent the night at a friends house. She came running through the door the next day and said “did you know they make this icecream called butter pecan – its amazing!”

    So now that is her favorite – I’ll have to get the butter pecan bars for her!

  • IzzyBeth

    I’m addicted to pomegranate too – so I’m going to have try those!!!

  • Shannon

    I’m also trying to stay off the artificial sweeteners (they seem to actually increase my cravings for sugar!) – but looking at the Pomegranate bar I don’t see any artificial sweeteners in the ingredient list. Would you look at it and tell me if you agree? I am still learning all their various names.

  • Carol

    I love the Chocolate Raspberry Bars. They are delish. My FIL loves the no sugar fudge bars. The man has all sorts of health issues and this is one of the few treats that he can eat.

    I’m into all things pomegranate too right now, so I’ll have to see if I can find the cherry/pom bars.

    Great Reviews!

  • Rhonda

    I absolutely love the Sweet Freedom NSA Black Raspberry Ice Cream Bars. They remind me of chocolate covered Valentine’s Day candy with the raspberry center. Tasted just like it to me–which is a good thing since I like “Valentine’s Day Candy” so much!!

  • Sabrina

    They used to have cookie dough/caramel swirl personals one and it was awesome! I miss it. Blue Bunny Rocks! I also like Great Value SF strawberry from superwalmart. It’s stat’s figure out to 1pt for 1 serving, 2 for 2…etc. I hate it when 2 servings add up to 3pts.

  • roni

    Shannon – I don’t see any either. Just HFCS, I know others try to avoid that but it’s not an “artificial sweetener”.

  • roni

    Jill – Just heard back from the company…. No Canada. :~(

  • Pubsgal

    I suppose I ought to be grateful that the nearest purveyor of Blue Bunny is nearly 70 miles away (according to their store locator)…but that no-sugar-added “bunny tracks” sounded *really* yummy.

  • Natalia Burleson

    Thanks Roni! I was kinda hoping it was sweetened with fruit juice. But you’re right most times no sugar added means fake sugar!

  • Meghan

    Roni- Just FYI the black raspberry bars are 2 WWP. I went back and recalculated when I saw you posted it as 1 point as these are my fav too….unfortunately they are 2…wishful thinking though! :)

  • roni

    Thanks! That was a typo!! they are 2. All fixed!

  • Michele

    I really like the Blue Bunny products but BEWARE of the sugar free ones if they have sugar alcohols in them. I used to eat them and they gave me horrible stomach problems. Granted I was probably eating too much of them but still it was not fun.

  • Jenn S.

    The last three reviews (black raspberry, butter pecan and cheesecake) have the fat listed twice. I am guess (just as the ones before it) they are supposed to be fat and then fiber. I just thought I would mention it, since it was a review for the products. :)

  • TonyinHouston

    Blue Bunny’s Light Mouse Tracks is fabulous. Tastes like the real thing. It also has 3 grams of fiber per serving – which usually means 12 cause I’ve got to have more than one. If you are constipated it will fix you up – better than other ice creams with fiber. This stuff is great.

  • cassandra

    Are Blue Bunny products sold in Canada?

  • roni

    Sorry Cassandra I don’t live in Canada nor work for Blue Bunny. You may want to try their website…


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