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I FINALLY finished a chapter in my cookbook today. I can’t believe it. Only 4 more to go! Ugh! Why didn’t anyone tell me how time consuming it was going to be! I have to admit though, it’s fun.

Beside the book, I experimented a bit in the kitchen, caught up on some blog reading, posted the first step in my series and even got a morning run in (more on that in a bit). Plus, the toddler and I had a great breakfast, an after dinner dancing session and a great game of freeze tag in the AutoZone Parking lot while waiting for the husband’s battery to be changed. Have you every tried to play freeze tag with only 2? it’s quite interesting. :~P

At least I’m staying active as my workout routine has been quite disrupted over the past week or so. I haven’t lifted in over a week and I never got my 60 minute run in before my relay in the marathon which is THIS SATURDAY! *nail biting*

This mornings run was fun and although I could have physically kept running, mentally I was spent. This is why I have a problem running in the morning. My brain starts ticking about my "to do list", I get distracted and then I want to stop so I can get my day started. Am I the only one with this problem?

my run

Gragh is a screen shot from the Nike+ web site

(pssst…. notice my last mile pace! :~)

Anyway, other news….

  • There seems to be some confusion on the Next Food Network Start thing. Here’s the deal. I went to the casting call, they said they were doing call backs by the next morning. I didn’t get one. I decided to record an audition video anyway and I sent it in yesterday. So I guess you can say there’s still a chance although I’m not holding my breath. At this point I have done all I can.
  • I may be traveling to Chicago for a special blogger meet up. It hasn’t been confirmed so I don’t want to share too much about the weekend yet. As soon as I find out all the details I will blog about it!
  • The next few days promise to be CRAZY! Doctors appointment, new project kick-off meeting, and a meeting with "the designer" about the t-shirts and cook book. Not to mention I have to pick up my race pack, figure out all the race details, meet my parents on Sunday for a family outing AND get ready for the BlogHer Reach Out Tour for Monday. Umm yea… I should get some sleep now! :~)

Food Units
fresh fruit, grapenuts 5
quaker cake 1
sweet chicken salad on a Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins 4
small banana 1
cheese and crackers with a bit of turkey pepperoni 4
1 point ww cake – review coming 1
porkloin, butternut squash fries, broccoli, roasted squash seeds and the husbands potato skin 9
workout – 2.7 mile run -3
1/2 of breyers free 1
Total: 23

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

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    October 7, 2008

    My 3 year old is ALL about freeze tag. I know how it is to play with two. :-|

    Check out Alexias last blog post..Ah, yes, this was my “planning to diet” for far too long…

    madison (follow my weigh)

    October 8, 2008

    that does sound like itd be really fun – making a cookbook! i’m sure its a lot of work, but sounds fun!

    Check out madison (follow my weigh)s last blog post..thrown thoughts


    October 8, 2008

    Well make sure to take pictures of your success after the race. Congrats on finishing your first chapter of your cookbook. I know we are all so excited to see the book when you are finished. Keep up the hard work. :-)

    Check out Christys last blog post..New Recipe Wednesday


    October 8, 2008

    Hi Roni!

    First of all, you are definitely NOT the only one with a mind-block when it comes to exercise! Apart from me, football and soccer and other sports teams all over the world spend millions of bucks on motivational psychologists or other forms of motivation to make the athlete’s brains go the extra mile with their bodies. I think you have to picture the next mile before you actually run it, and you have to want to get there. But as you are generally an exercise queen, I am sure you will be totally fine on Saturday. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

    Congratulations on your chapter of your cookbook! Could you send me a copy to Germany when it’s finished? It may be a lot of work, but for me it just sounds fun and inspiring. I have so many ideas myself – a cookbokk among them :) – and I just don’t dare to get any of them started. Maybe it’s because I am still at the beginning of the weight-loss and life-changing process. I have just started to de-junk my apartment, which is really good to have some mental weight-loss.

    As I told you before, YOU GO GIRL!!!



    October 8, 2008


    oh my god that’s great. Will they be selling it in England too? if not can you send me one? I would be willing to pay extra :) I have already made a little folder with my favourite recipes from GreenLiteBites and go through them when I am lost for ideas :) Good luck for the run,I am sure you will be great :)


    October 8, 2008

    Just try to stay relaxed this week. You’ve got a lot ahead of you, but you can handle it! We’re all pulling for you on Saturday, too. :)

    Check out Shannans last blog post..Walking vs. Running & Net Calories

    Lauren P

    October 8, 2008

    You’ll do great on Saturday, no worries. I’m currently participating in a running group through a local running store and the coach said that you only have to run 70-75% of the total distance in your training. Once you get out there with the crowd, the adrenalin will start flowing. Hey, I just ran the Army 10 Miler and I had only done 3 miles in my training. You’re in great shape, you’re body will be able to handle it.


    October 8, 2008

    So you’ll be at BlogHer DC? Very cool. I went to the ’07 and ’08 summer conferences, and I’m volunteering at BlogHer DC on Monday (I write 6 posts a month for them). I’ll be helping out at the registration desk in the morning and also live-blogging a few of the sessions. Hope you have a great time! :)


    October 9, 2008

    Way to go on finishing chapter one!