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Return of the Nike+

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my run

I finally replaced my Nike+ after losing it in the rain. It’s amazing how I missed it. I just love knowing how far I ran, how fast I was and most importantly how I’m progressing. Today I ran 2 miles with less then a 10 minute pace! I don’t think I ever did that before!

So I snuck this run in as the next few days promise to be a whirlwind. Tomorrow is the casting call. I spent a better part of the day preparing the application, printing pictures and figuring out the best way to get into DC. I’m excited and looking forward to seeing what it’s all about. I can’t promise updates when I’m there but I’m bringing the laptop! At the latest I’ll blog about it tomorrow night.

This weekend promises to be just as exciting (ok, well, not really ;~) Saturday I try to sell all my old junk at a yard sale and Sunday I’m planning on my first 60 minute run.

OK, so I’m totally distracted by the debate, and my big day tomorrow. I did totally forget I had another video session recorded, so I hope to prep that and get it up this weekend. Other then I’m signing off for tonight!

Food Units
hard boiled egg 2
split a can of fruit with the toddler 3
leftover pasta and turkey sausage 7
japanese food fest out with the toddler. i highly recommend eat out alone with a 3 year old. we had a blast! 15
black and white kettle corn 4
Total: 31

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    October 2, 2008

    Good luck, Roni!!! Just be yourself and let your personality shine through. :)


    October 2, 2008

    Best of luck Roni! Have fun. Looking forward to hearing all about it.


    October 2, 2008

    Good luck tomorrow Roni!! I’m really excited for you!!

    madison (follow my weigh)

    October 2, 2008

    have an awesome time tomorrow!! you’re gonna do great =D

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    October 2, 2008

    Good luck, Roni! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


    October 2, 2008

    Break a leg — and I mean that in the showbiz sense, not literally! :D


    October 3, 2008

    You’ll do great tomorrow! You’re prepared and talented. Let them see your bright personality, and you’ll do fine. :)


    October 3, 2008

    Good Luck…I’ll be thinking of you today…


    October 3, 2008

    So is the Nike+ what lets you do those cool graphs? I wanted to be able to track my routes like Andrew Gets Fit does (but then my husband was like, maybe you should let psychos on the internet see where you walk/bike/run). Maybe a Nike+ is a better safer choice?

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    October 3, 2008

    glad you got a new running baby~


    October 3, 2008

    Don’t forget any details….we are going to want to know everything about the casting call :-)


    October 3, 2008

    Good Luck Roni!!! I can’t wait to hear about it:)

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    Bethany Ann

    October 3, 2008

    This totally has nothing to do with the post, but since you are computer and internet savvy, i thought I would tell you….

    On most browsers, when I have a “bookmark toolbar” (Firefox) or a “links” bar (Internet Explorer) and I create a link, a lot of websites have a little icon that goes with the label. For example, MSN has a little butterfly to ID the website. I think you should create a little icon to go with the link to on the toolbar. Maybe you could do a little arrow (like the one on the masthead of the site). Sorry this has nothing to do with the post. Just food for thought…no pun intended.


    October 3, 2008

    Congrats and good luck at the casting call!


    October 4, 2008

    Bethany Ann – I used to have one on my old, old, old site! LOL It’s a great idea I just have to find the time to make it!