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You guys all know how I feel about the toddler and being a mom. It truly was a life changing event for me to bring a child into this world. For those of you who don’t have kids I hope to inspire you not to wait to get healthy, I wish I "saw the light" much earlier in my life.

Anyway, I don’t mean to get sappy mid day. My mom just sent me a cute forward about moms and I wanted to pass it on as it is EXACTLY how I feel and pretty much describes me, as a mom, perfectly. Even if you don’t have kids you may appreciate it as we all have a mom. :~)

Real Mothers don’t eat quiche; they don’t have time to make it.
Real Mothers know that their kitchen utensils are probably in the sandbox.
Real Mothers often have sticky floors, filthy ovens and happy kids.
Real Mothers know that dried play dough doesn’t come out of carpets.
Real Mothers don’t want to know what the vacuum just sucked up.
Real Mothers sometimes ask ‘Why me?’ and get their answer when a little voice says, ‘Because I love you best.’

Real Mothers know that a child’s growth is not measured by height or years or grade…It is marked by the progression of Mommy to Mom to Mother…

How cute is that? Just thought I’d share.

Side notes…

I’ll be back later with a Ask Roni Video. It’s being uploaded. I also just got back from my Weight Watchers meeting and the gym. I weighed in at 145 and worked my butt off! Feeling great! Off to eat lunch!

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    October 15, 2008

    Ohhhh . . . I love that. Thanks for sharing that, Roni :)

    Looking forward to the Ask Roni Video!

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    October 15, 2008

    I love that! It kinda made me emotional!!!



    October 15, 2008

    GOOD! I’m glad I’m not the only one! LOL


    October 15, 2008

    Savor the days of mommy and mom. My daughter is now almost 15. I am now addressed as “mother” most of the time, usually accompanied by rolled eyes. It makes me sad sometimes. Usually I remind myself how frustrating I felt my parents were when I was a teenager, which, looking back makes me smile, oh the circle of life!

    Krista (kristaskravings)

    October 15, 2008

    Hey Roni!
    I hope you don’t mind….I linked this post on my blog. I just loved it so much and can certainly relate to the message it sends! Thanks for sharing it!

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    October 15, 2008

    aw..that is really cute…and you DO inspire me to be healthy before i get my “own”!

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    Katie Nemargut

    October 15, 2008

    I still call my Mom Mommy sometimes. That is a great post. I think being a mother is the most important, exhausting, and rewarding job ever.

    Rehab Mommy

    October 16, 2008

    That was soo cute!!! I now have it hanging above my computer at work!!


    October 17, 2008

    Love the one about the kitchen utensils!!! :D


    October 19, 2008

    Oh how true! I went through all of those stages. Once the kids are grown they get past the “Oh Mother” stage and go back to “Mom”. Love it!