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Ask Roni _v09s2 – Eating Out and My Confidence

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Second session and it’s back in iTunes! Unfortunately, I needed to create a new page so I lost my reviews. :~( So if you are feeling generous please re-review me. I’d appreciate it! You can’t search for me yet, I don’t think the database has been updated, but if you click on this link it should *fingers crossed* take you there!

Topics in this video include…

  • Eating at Friends/Out – How to Deal (Questions 1, 2,& 3)
  • Do I believe I’ll never be big again.

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    September 12, 2008

    Your hair looks great! It’s giving me ideas =)

    Thanks again Roni…enjoy your weekend!


    September 12, 2008

    “I’m going to enjoy myself within reason” is a great thing for me to keep in mind tomorrow night. I was either going to go all out and forget points (I still have my 35 extras for the week) or be realllllly careful. We’re taking my sister out for dinner before she moves cross-country, and we wanted to make it a nice dinner, so we’re going to this great Italian restaurant that gives you so much food you have to bring home a doggie bag. Nevermind the hot artichoke dip! I’ll make sure to enjoy the food, but also bring home a lot of it to spread out over a couple more meals.


    September 12, 2008

    “i don’t think it’s about willpower, it’s about being smart.” (13:58) I loved this Roni! I totally agree with you. I left willpower alone ages ago.


    September 12, 2008

    This was a great post. I think that eating “smart” has been life saving for me. I also am a huge bargainer (both with food and otherwise). When going out to a friends or restaurant I always do this. I think- what do I want the most? Also when going to the group dinners when everyone brings something I always bring something that I wouldn’t normally make at home so I can try a little and then leave the rest. And then I also bring something “safe” I am known to always bring the veggie tray or some other healthy alternative. It was also one of those ah ah moments when I realized that one meal will not kill me.


    September 12, 2008

    Woo-hoo! Can’t wait to catch up on your last several podcasts on my next walk!


    September 12, 2008

    Great post Roni, as usual!

    It was funny because I was in my bosses office, and I was eating 1/2 ounce of dark chocolate and she looked at me and said “I thought you were on a diet, why are you eating chocolate?”

    I felt like saying “because I can!” This is a lifestyle, not a diet that gets you to the end of the road. The lifestyle is for life – and dark chocolate in moderation is great in my life!


    September 12, 2008

    I really love these podcasts…thanks for doing them, Roni!

    I know what the posters mean with regard to eating at other people’s houses or dining out. (Loved the tip about “dressing up” your alternative food choice!) Like Roni mentioned, coming up with a plan ahead of time can be really helpful. I find it helpful to look up restaurant menus and estimating the nutritional values ahead of time and decide what I’m going to eat; making a contingency plan (for example, I’m watching my carb intake primarily, so if there aren’t enough veggies to use for my carb portion, I’ll skip the carbs until I can get home and be sure of the carb content…of if at a restaurant and unsure of the choices, veggie salad with dressing on the side is usually a safe choice).


    September 12, 2008

    Thanks for answering my question Roni! It makes a lot of sense. I just have to get over the fact that at someone else’s hosue I won’t know exactly how many points I ate and focus on the fact that I’m eating WAY better than I would have if I wasn’t on ww. Your hair looks awesome! It would be super cute a little past chin length (where those shorter layers are).


    September 12, 2008

    Thank you for addressing my question. I so appreciate you taking the time and answering my question…. so, taking your advice… I’m going to substitute eggs/oil with 100% pure pumpkin when I bake two cakes for a family birthday party this weekend. I’m not going to say a word. I get what you’re saying. Its about taking the time and making meals more appetizing so that I enjoy them more and its not like I’m on some sort of diet. I’m doing ww and I’ve lost 24 lbs to date… Its coming off slowly but I’m hanging in there.

    Your hair looks great and I appreciate your website so much. Take care… Pauline

    Jennie Cake

    September 12, 2008

    Haha I just did that! I took Sloppy Joes (I’m on the west coast, thanks for the translation;)) to my bible study. We usually eat higher cal. food when we go. I used all ground turkey and I put lots of veggies in mushrooms, bell peppers and onions and no one noticed. :D
    Oh and I totally take veggie burgers to BBQs partly because I am wierd about food safety I won’t eat anything that has sat out and I never get a burger that has been fully cooked at a BBQ. I take my frozen Morning Star box with me and no one minds at all!
    You look so great! The working out is showing. :)


    September 12, 2008

    Aw, Roni. Question 3? Was near tears. You should be SO proud of yourself. *sniff* I’m a total sap.

    PS: “One meal will not make you fat.” So true. Habits will. I’m totally off kilter without my schedule right now, but I keep reminding myself — it’s ONE week. One week left. One week of moderation will not make me 5 pounds thinner, but it certainly won’t make me fat. And neither will one meal. It was a great answer, and made me feel better. :)


    September 12, 2008

    Thankyou Roni and I guessed correctly your answer before you said it. You are the only person who I can truely relate to in the way you think about weight loss. I’m very very simular to you except in my exercise part like you I lost weight without going to the gym and walking around my neighborhood. I’m inspired by you to join a gym.
    I also love the podcasts even though I watch them on your site. I feel like your my leader. In my ww meetings lifetimers are considered sucessful and dont need help. I feel like I get my help from you and confidense I can do it and see you as my example to be like.


    September 13, 2008

    Hey Roni~
    I’ve lately (finally) realized that one meal doesn’t make or break all my gains~ you are so right~ I am such an all or nothing type of person that it’s taken me so long to relax alittle and start enjoying the rare splurge. I was so hard-core on WW and have been successful, but when I hit those times where the family was getting together for a meal or everyone wanted to go out to eat- I would get stumped as to what to do- in fact, I got to where I wouldn’t want to go. Now that I have been maintaining for a little while, I am learning so much about my body and what works. I have totally seen the light that if I stay smart with my regular daily choices, going out to eat every blue moon (and actually ordering what I want) makes no difference. It’s such a relief to know that!!!



    September 14, 2008

    Another great post Roni!!! You are so motivating!

    For those who have trouble out, sometimes I have something to eat before I go so I won’t be as hungry. For me hunger leads to bad choices, so not being “starved” when I get somewhere really helps.


    September 15, 2008


    I loved the questions on this video…being 24 a lot of my friends like to eat out or eat food that isn’t so great….so thanks for the tips/advice. I usually bring my own dishes and munch on that at a party…and try to eat before I go out..just depends on the situation…

    Thanks for the advice!!!

    Check out cristas last blog post..Caitlin