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While grabbing my whole wheat english muffins at the store yesterday, these gems caught my eye. I never saw them before and when I picked them up I knew I had to buy them. They were soft, big, 100% whole grain and 1 point!! So I ditched the english muffins (for the week) and decide to give these a try instead.

Oh My Word! SO Good. I made this sandwich on one this morning. A little, sliced turkey, turkey pepperoni, laughing cow, baby spinach, tomatoes and spicy mustard, it was DELICIOUS. I can’t wait to get one of my burgers on one! The best part, I think I can pass these by the husband as a hamburger bun, they are just so soft, I can’t see him complaining!

Another positive (as I know this is a concern for some), no High Fructose Corn Syrup! There is sugar listed on the ingredient list but thats only after the whole wheat flour, water, wheat bran, yeast, and cellulose fiber. Nutritional information… 100 calories, 1g of fat, 6g of fober, 2 g of sugar, 5g of protein per bun!

Can you tell I’m excited! :~) I love finding new stuff!

Update: I did it! Made my Southwest Turkey Burgers and used them as a bun. SO good. Click to check out the video post on GreenLiteBites.

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  • Shannan

    Those sound good. I’ll have to look for them.

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  • kathy

    Roni – I just found these last week – wanted to tell you about them….they make EXCELLENT pizza crust!!!!
    BTW – had to share a little victory…..been running and walking for the past 8 months…..well yesterday was a pancreatic cancer walk that my family tries to do every year for my mom and guess what? I ran most of it and do not feel A THING today! Nothing is sore….can you imagine?…I must be close to that thing that’s called ‘being in shape’…;-D

  • Lynn

    Darn, I cannot find these in my area!

  • madison (follow my weigh)

    ohh.. i’ll have to look for these~

    Check out madison (follow my weigh)s last blog post..warning: not feeling my best

  • Jenni Shaver

    Wow..these look delish! I love new finds too. Thanks for sharing. I just went grocery shopping today so I will need to wait till next week. I hope I remember. :)

    Check out Jenni Shavers last blog post..Can I just say.. I love freecycle

  • Maggie

    I’m excited too. I’m getting real tired of using muffins for sandwiches. ha Thanks for the find. Now I hope Wal-mart carry’s these. :)

  • Crissy

    They are soooo yummy! I found them a couple weeks ago at a Big Y for those of you shoppers who have a big y. I actually used it as a hamburger bun and I found it to be absolutely perfect!

    Check out Crissys last blog post..fall’s here

  • Sherri

    I LOVE these — you have to try the whole grain ones (vs. whole “wheat” too).

  • Brianne

    I am SO gonna check these out. I’ve yet to find a decent hamburger bun.

    Check out Briannes last blog post..Wow

  • Eden

    West of the Rocky Mountains, “Arnold’s” is called “Orowheat,” (kind of like Edy’s/Bryers or Best Foods/Helmans) so if you live in the west and can’t find “Arnold’s,” that’s why :)

  • Julie

    SO jealous that you were able to find these! I saw them in the last WW magazine, and have been looking everywhere for them, but there aren’t any stores around here that carry them!

  • Arlene

    Hmm … I’m going to go look for these. (Have to look for Oroweat, though, because I’m on the West Coast.)

    I was excited last week because I finally found the Choice Ramen noodles at our Safeway. I may fix some for lunch tomorrow … Then again, they probably have a lot of sodium, and I’m trying to watch that this week.

    Check out Arlenes last blog post..Caitlin

  • Laurie

    I love these!! WIth a veggie burger…they are to die for. Our Entemann/Friehoffer outlet store has them as well. I used to go there for the WW bread and pitas (and an occassional box of cookies for the kids) but now I am going back for these. They freeze well too. Easy to get one out at a time!!

  • Michele

    I am jealous. They don’t sell them in my area. :(

  • Annette

    I will be looking for these! It’s so hard to find wheat products without HFCS! Can’t wait to try them!

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  • Christy

    Good grief! These things look great! I wonder if they are a local thing??

    Check out Christys last blog post..Slimy Noodles…

  • Adriana

    These look great! I’m always looking for a low point option for a hamburger bun and sometimes I get tired of using english muffins and sliced bread. I’ll be looking for these on my next shopping trip.

  • Maggie

    Eden thanks for the tip. I thought the logo looked familiar. And for those of you looking. I find mine at Wal-mart. I’m in Texas… It’s under “oroweat” products.

  • Shannan

    I didn’t find them at my Jewel today, so I was bummed, but I remembered that you were shopping for your English muffins, so I went closer to those to look. Still no luck. But I did find a 100 cal (1 fat, 8 fiber) Thomas’ Light Multi-grain English Muffin! They were on sale, too! I’m not normally an English muffin fan, but I thought that I’d give it a try, and it would be a nice change for the hubby to have for his egg beater sandwiches in the morning. (I’m also going to give them a try with the turkey pepperoni – I LOVE finding new foods!!)

    I’m going to take Maggie’s tip and check my Walmart for these sandwich thins next time I’m there.

    Check out Shannans last blog post..C25K Week Four Report…It’s Getting Better!

  • Maranda (Crafting Blog)

    Look great, I can’t wait to buy them for myself.

  • RooBabs

    Oooh, those look so good (kind of like ciabatta bread, but healthier). I wonder if they sell them anywhere around here (out west)…I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for Orowheat (I’ve seen some of their other products).

  • Nana

    I saw these advertised in my WW magazine, but couldn’t find them as yet. Anyone know where you can buy these in the South? The hubby uses Englishes muffins too for sandwiches, and I thought this may be a great alternative!

    Check out Nanas last blog post..Just catching up

  • patty

    i picked up the last bag on the shelf of these last night… haven’t been able to find them.. just had one for lunch – very delicious!!

  • Melanie

    Aren’t these GREAT!??! I discovered them about a month ago — I agree with the poster above, they make a great foundation for a pizza! They are my new english muffin replacement as well!

  • Melanie

    PS — I’ve also started making little mexican pizzas with these sandwich thins, then a layer of Trader Joe’s Black Bean Dip, a touch of salsa, and FF shredded cheddar……… TRY IT!

  • Laurel

    These are yummy! I used butter spray and garlic salt and put them in the toaster over–garlic toast! Had it with my lean cuisine pasta dish.

  • Cheryl

    Bad news for us westerners…I called Oroweat and asked if they would be rolling out a similar version of the sandwich thins and was told that the company split up some time ago and do not carry the same products. No version of sandwich thins from Oroweat…at least for now :-(

  • Nancy

    These are really good. Was told about them at my Weight Watchers meeting and decided to try. Only 1 point for entire large bun. Am glad I tried, really, really good. Even my husband likes them!

  • George Lowry

    Thanks for doing the research, Cheryl. I won’t bother looking for them in Northern California. You’d a thought California would be an ideal market for something like this.

  • Bev

    I have been buying these and just found out they have sucralose in them. I will not buy them anymore . I sent then a letter because they say they have no high frutose and sucralose is just has bad :(

  • Kerry

    These completely rock – we don’t eat any other bread anymore!

  • Dianne

    I was recently in upstate New York for the Christmas holiday and tried these for the first time. They are truly good with a small time in the toaster. Cook a couple of egg whites in the microwave, piece of cheese and a couple pcs. of turkey bacon or turkey sausage. Great get out of the house quick without skipping breakfast sandwich.
    I live in Texas and can’t find them anywhere. Lucky are those of you who can.

  • Barb Chapman

    I first tasted the wheat ones with sloppy joes and loved them. I’m not a huge bread/bun eater but these were just right. I bought two packages at Rainbow Foods, Coon Rapids, MN but they were on clearance – hope that doesn’t mean they won’t be carrying them. I just brought one to work and toasted it and spread it with peanut butter – yum! Great texture and tasty.

  • Erin

    Ok, I finally found these at SAM’s this week. LOVE THEM!!! Today we used them as mini pizza crusts. I just toasted them, spread with sauce & topped with cheese. Baked 5 or so minutes in the oven, and YUM!! My kids and husband loved them. We didn’t have much for toppings, but I will plan for this in the future. Quick & easy – oh, and much healthier, too!
    Thanks again, Roni!

  • Linda

    I saw these advertised in a “Prevention” magazine under the name of Oroweat, so maybe they will start carrying them in places where Oroweat is sold soon. HOPE SO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cheryl

    YAY! It looks like Oroweat has come up with a version:

  • Patty

    I have been buying these for quite some time. They are excellent!
    They have a new one out – Rye – delicious!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • rose heath

    Where can I find these, they were at Sam’s Whse Club in Fayetteville, AR one Sat, we fell in love with them and haven’t seen them since. Our zip code here is 72764 Springdale, AR what store an town is closest to us, carrying the Sandwich Thins.

  • Krista S.

    Ohh emm gee!!! I finally found these on the West Coast. I bought two packages the first time (whole wheat and multi grain) even though they were *gasp* $3.99 each. Love them! First bite was a little weird, but then it was pure love. I bought 2 more packages (whole wheat) when I saw them ON SALE for $1.99 each. I’m using them to dip into homemade hummus right now. I see pizza, burgers, sandwiches (already did a blt) in my future. Woo hoo! Yay for Arnolds/Oroweat.

  • Terry Allen

    Does anyone know what the carb count is on these? Are they 100 calories for each piece or is it 200 calories for 2 pieces for a sandwich?

    Terry Allen

  • roni

    Terry – this will help…

    the 100 is for both the top and bottom.

  • Scottsgirl

    These are soooo good. I’ve been eating them for a while now. They are perfect for sandwiches and burgers. Especialy good with turkey burgers. They are better then other buns and breads because all the fixins’ in your sandwich or burger always stay in place and it isnt messy. Get them, you will not regret it!

  • Amber

    Those things are amazing! I love that they have a little sweet flavor to them!

  • http://RonisWeigh charlene wright

    Please don’t let Walmarts in Lumberton, TX run out of Oroweat Sandwich Thins….they are the best! I’m in my eighties..have eaten many different
    breads…but, none to compare with Oroweat Sandwich Thins.

    I’ve eaten other Oroweat breads…they are good…but, for me, Oroweat
    Sandwich Thins…especially if you would like to lose a few pounds.

    Thank you.

  • Lisa

    These are now 3 points according to the new WW pointsplus system…bummer!


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