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Weekend Quote – Do what you can…

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This weekend’s quotes is from Theodore Roosevelt.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

This may seem generic at first but I think there is a lot to be learned in it’s simplicity.

How many times have we said things like…

I’ll start Sunday


When the kids go back to school, I’ll…


If I only had a treadmill I’d…


After vacation I’ll…

I’m super guilty of this way of thinking and still do it to a point. When I saw that quote I thought, how simple but how true! We just have to make the choice that’s in front of us!

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    August 23, 2008

    Amen. It’s all about making the best choice you can in the circumstance and never, ever throwing away a day. And it’s probably true that when you’re back from vacation/have a treadmill/whatever you’ll be even more effective than you are now. But that’s no reason to give up on today.


    August 23, 2008

    Great quote! I need to think more like that. One day, one choice, at a time I’ll get to where I want to go.


    August 24, 2008

    This sounds cliched, but the biggest one a lot of us do this with is being happy, no?

    My mom’s a fan of “It could always be worse.” During hard times, I use that one. That, and a whole lot of complaining.

    Because I’m five years old. LOL.

    PS: Thanks for your comment! I hope you enjoy your training! I’m with you on the “It’s ME time!” thing. It’s a gift, those moments to just *breathe*. :)


    August 24, 2008

    I like that quote. It tells me that anything is possible!


    August 24, 2008

    Yes! Love the quote! It really goes with my views on how to deal with life on a daily basis. You go out in the world (at work, school…wherever), do the very best job possible at whatever it is you’re doing, and you come home knowing you did your best. Other circumstances, over which we have absolutely no control, cannot affect this attitude of just always do your best in everything you do!

    (You can tell I’m back in the classroom know – here’s the motivational speech! LOL)


    August 25, 2008

    This is so true and I think I did this over the weekend. We spent the weekend at my future in-laws. They were busy with wedding activities and such, so we stopped and bought a few fruits and things to have while we were at their house and I just made do with what I had. And on the way home my bf and his brother couldn’t decide where to stop for lunch, I told them to stop wherever they wanted and I would find something that I could eat. I would just have to make do with the choices that I had. They ended up stopping at Taco Bell, so it wasn’t too bad.