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Weekend Quote – CHEAT, GAMBLE, LIE and STEAL!

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My first weekend quote is from Nancy, she left it form me when I needed to follow my own advice.


CHEAT the scale by eating healthy foods! GAMBLE on eating less and more often! LIE less and move more. STEAL every moment of happiness!

I thought it was very cute.

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    August 2, 2008

    Super cute and true :)


    August 2, 2008

    I like that! I’ll have to remember it …

    I could actually see it as a cross-stitch sampler: At the top — “I cheat, gamble, lie and steal” … with the explanation in smaller letters below.

    Hmm. I may have to come up with a design … That could be fun.


    August 2, 2008

    I love the mantra!


    August 3, 2008

    Is this going to be a new feature? I love motivational quotes.


      August 3, 2008

      Yup! I’m going to TRY to post one a weekend!


    August 4, 2008

    Awwww, geee, thanks so much for your comments! I became a Weight Watchers lifetime member on March 19, 2004. I was tired of yo-yo dieting. I was ready to keep the weight off, be honest with myself, and stay healthy! It’s still a daily challenge but I feel so much better!