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e-Book Review: Habit Guide

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e-Book Review: Habit Guide James from Habit Guide asked if I’d be willing to review his (and his brother-in-laws) eBook of the same name. Honestly, I was a little hesitant at first as eBooks are just not my thing. The ones I’ve seen were just really poorly done.

But when I found some time I took a look, and I have to admit I like what I read. It’s not a diet plan or a quick fix. It’s a good hard look at how to make good habits and I think it goes hand and hand with this whole overwhelming diet feeling a lot of us have.

If you remember a few weekends ago I posted a quote from my boot camp instructor.

People don’t succeed because they give up what they want the most for what they want right now.

I love that quote but sometimes it’s just not easy for us to say no to ourselves in the moment. This is what Habit Guide has to say on the same ‘topic’,

The ability to say NO! to yourself is the essence of will power. It’s the ability to choose a future benefit over a short term pleasure benefit. If you think it’s a difficult decision then think on. No short term pleasure can compare with the feeling of energy and extreme clarity you get from being healthy. The future that you choose will soon become a reality now―a permanent ‘now’ of energy and well-being.

If you think you’re weak willed then it’s likely you don’t believe in your own ability to control your life, but will power is like a muscle that can be built up. When you start a weight training program you don’t pick the biggest guy in the gym and attempt his poundages. That would be crazy. The truth is that will power is also a habit. Get into the habit of saying NO! and your will power will grow."

I love this! and he’s so right, it takes practice, discipline and repetition to make a habit but once you do, everything is so much easier!

I hated working out, I really did. But I started slow, VERY slow and now, three years later I’m training to run a 6 miles in the Baltimore Marathon. Over that long course of time I made it a habit to workout and now I can’t imagine my life without a trip to the gym or a nightly run.

I’m getting off the point of the book review but I just get excited when I am able to read a book now, nod my head and say, yup, that is it, that’s what I did. Now it makes sense. That’s what happened to me while reading this book, I had post fact a-ha moments. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, if you are interested in reading it for yourself, check out the Habit Guide web site. James is offering 33% off until Friday at 2PM. No codes, just use this link.

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    August 26, 2008

    yes….i agree with what your saying about habits and your taking on this…my mom always used to tell me…that when I wasn’t working out…I was making that a habit…and now that I am working out its my habit..just you have to chose whether you are having good habits or bad habits in your life..and before you know it..your habits are just part of life and you do them without even thinking…

    wow reading that is really confusing..but it makes sense in my mind…ha


    August 26, 2008

    I get what you’re saying, Crista. It wasn’t confusing. :) I’m trying to make exercise a habit, and I’ve been doing the same DVD for a week now, and I actually feel the need to jump up and put it in right now (I just got home from work and my body clock seems to be telling me it’s time – and lo and behold – it’s the same time of day I workout on my days off). It’s becoming part of the routine, and my life is starting to work around the time I need to make it happen.

    Thanks, Roni, for the book review. Also, I love that quote from your boot camp! I’m going to write it down and put it somewhere where I’ll see it often.

    Roni, I found out about the C25K (Couch to 5K) from a friend online, and I’m going to be starting it on Monday. I enjoy reading about your runs, as I’m SO a beginner that any information I can get I’m taking. lol

    Keep up the great work on the site!


    August 26, 2008

    I agree. It’s hard to form good habits—but soooo easy to form bad ones. I have often thought of how dangerous it would be for me to skip a week of exercise. I think once the habit is broken, it’s so hard to get back into it again. Here’s hoping all us adopt the good habits for good!


    August 27, 2008

    Great quote! And yes, so true! Good luck on your 6 miles. You CAN do it! I started running in March 2007, having NEVER run before. I am now training for my 4th half marathon. It can be done!!!


    August 27, 2008

    Another WW quote that is along the same lines, “Willpower is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets.” This is so true! The more I say NO! to temptations and yes to healthy habits, the easier it is. It’s like an upward spiral rather than a downward spiral.


    August 29, 2008

    Hi Roni,
    Do you think the Habit Guide is worth the money? I really like the premise of the book, but feel a bit uncomfortable buying it sight unseen. There’s no sample chapter on their website. Thanks!

    James Riddett

    August 29, 2008

    Hi Julie,

    Mike is the author of Habit Guide and I do all the “web stuff” :-) Someone else mentioned this to me yesterday too, so thanks so much, this is great feedback for us.

    I’ll definitely look at adding a free section or chapter to the website. In the meantime, if you click through to the website by clicking my name and hitting “contact us”, I can email you something to give you a flavor of the book.

    (Roni, if you’re reading this I hope you don’t mind me jumping in to answer Julie’s query).

    Thanks Roni and everyone!

    James Riddett ~ Habit Guide


    August 29, 2008

    Julie – Check out James’ comment and I did enjoy the book.


    August 29, 2008

    James – not at ALL this is why I love the internet. Open communication! :~)


    August 29, 2008

    Hi Roni (and James and Mike),

    Thank you for this review. I bought the book and am already loving it. I am one of those people who always says “That’s a nice thought, but HOW do I do it?” I need the step-by-step breakdown and this is full of what I need.


    James Riddett

    September 3, 2008

    Hi all,

    Just a quick note to say that based on the very useful feedback from lots of Roni’s Weigh readers, I’ve now added a free Habit Guide excerpt to the website. In fact, it’s the beginning of the book, basically :-) Click on my name if you’d like to download it. Thanks everyone.

    James ~ Habit Guide

    ps. to LMG ~ Delighted you’re enjoying it. :-)