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Book Review: Crack the Fat-Loss Code

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Book Review: Crack the Fat-Loss Code I received this book a couple of weeks ago for review and was lucky enough to have some time on my Toronto business trip to get started reading it. I swear, I have a stack of books I’ve been “meaning” to read for YEARS!

Anyway, the first few chapters of this book are quite interesting. The author, Wendy Chant, does a great job of explaining how the body reacts to dieting and she spends a good time discussing plateaus (which I know are a hot topic for many of us.) According to her,

Once your body learns to survive by calculating how to store what you give it and expend less, your diet plateaus. This “sticking point” is failure for the dieter but victory for the body.

The way she describes it in the book makes perfect sense. Your body’s job is to hold on to the fat for survival it doesn’t care that you want to be a specific size.

Besides plateaus the first few chapters discuss fat, carbs, and protein and provides 5 keys to optimal health and success. It focuses on how the body works and how we should approach weight loss. She even goes as far as saying the scale should not be a measure of our success but rather our size. Which I am more and more starting to agree with.

The problem with the book is once it’s gets into the plan I lose interest. Not because I don’t want to lose but because the program seems overly complicated. It’s an 8 week – 2 cycle plan that seems very diet like to me even though the author discusses the “lifestyle” mentality. The cycles are as follows…

  • The Carb-Deplete Cycle
  • The Macro-Patterning Cycle
  • The Accelerated Fat-Loss Cycle
  • The Maintenance Cycle.

In my opinion, this type of plan reinforces the “do these things to lose weight” and then return to your normal life. It reminds me of the type of plans I’d start and never finish in the past.

I’m not saying the book is bogus or wouldn’t work for you. There is a lot of great information and resources in it. The first 4 chapters alone taught me so much about metabolism and got me thinking about how my eating habits affect my body.

In my opinion if you have been struggling through a plateau, have lost weight and feel like you need something to kick start you again this is a good read. But if you are just starting out I’d take a much more simple approach changing a few habits and focussing on small changes at first you don’t get that overwhelmed feeling we’ve been discussing lately.

Has anyone else read Crack the Fat-Loss Code. If so please sahre your opinion/experience. Thanks!

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    August 25, 2008

    hey roni~

    i received that same book to review but have yet to read it… i told the PR contact that even though i wasn’t currently looking for a new plan or wanting to lose weight, i would still review it… glad to see what you thought about it so i’m anxious to read it myself… i knew that there would be some sort of ‘plan’ to follow but i was also hoping to at least learn a couple new things… :o)


    August 26, 2008

    I have a book for you: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. With all of you cooking and gardening….you will love it.

    xoxox Melanie :-)


    August 26, 2008

    Wish my body wasn’t so darn smart!!