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Ask Roni _v07s3 – Blogging, Active Loved Ones and Binge Eating

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This isn’t my best video but you know me, I’m still gonna post it. :~)

I really had a hard time finding words and expressing my thoughts, a.) because I was exhausted and b.) because the last two questions where quite intense. Not intense per say, but requiring more thought then I had in me at the moment. I’m definitly going to be revisiting these topics again on the blog.

Topics in this video include…

  • Blogging Recommendations
  • Having an active spouse
  • Binge Eating

Podcast Version (Audio Only)

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honeydew 1
Quick Ramen Noodles with Mushrooms 7

rice cake – will post food find soon!

Burger on a whole wheat English Muffin and a side of cucumber slices 5
granola bar split with the toddler 1
Turkey "steak" with a side of cauliflower & whole wheat Stovetop 9y
a 4 point chocolate chip cookie (ohhh and it was SO hard to stop at 1) 4
pretzels, too many pretzels 5
Total : 33
Nada, but sore as hell from yesterday

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    August 29, 2008

    Roni, you are reading my mind again. lol I just linked my inactive-until-yesterday new blog on Wordpress to my own domain name. I’m formally trained in computer design and web design (though it’s been several years and much has changed), and I would eventually like to be able to use my new Dreamweaver (versus my old 8-yr-old version) to develop something I can personalize even more. Thanks for the input. Now I know that I’m on the right track for putting my thoughts onto my own site.

    I’m starting out just tracking my C25K progress (begins 9-1-08), and hope that I can make it something more in the future (actually, my hubby is the one who told me to post my own healthy versions of recipes after telling him about yours – LOL!).


    August 29, 2008

    i love your videocasts!! i’m really glad that a question about binging came up and even MORE glad at how honest you were. its something i struggle with and even though i’m not medically diagnosed with it, i know 100% i have a binging disorder. and i know thats one of the reasons why i can’t lose this weight, and the weight is also a BIG reason for pushing me to binge b/c i get so discouraged and down about it. i feel that once i get to a body that i am happy and comfortable in, it will make not binging a lot easier. of course it won’t cure it or anything, but really the discouragement of my overweightness is that main thing that makes me binge.
    even though u don’t have the “answer” to the binging problem, your honesty helps IMMENSELY!


    August 30, 2008

    I love watching your videos. The binge eating hits way too close to home for me. I dont know what happens sometimes, it as if you zone out and eat and eat and eat and then you finally come back and cannot believe how much you have ate.


    August 30, 2008

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    Off road biking
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    August 30, 2008

    I am in my second year of maintenance and I am ALSO on my second year of working with an eating disorder therapist. I got to maintenance ‘on my own’ and actually started working with the therapist nearly at the exact time that I hit my goal range.

    I strongly encourage anyone with eating disorder behavior to be evaluated by a therapist.

    Most of what you read in blog land (in my opinion) is eating disordered thinking. But it is rarely labeled as such.

    People struggle along thinking that it is just them – being too weak, or impulsive, or at fault. And (in my opinion) it takes an outsider to help sort this all out and move on to healthier relationships with our bodies/thinking.

    I feel strongly that there is usually a “reason” behind the fat. Getting rid of the fat does not usually/always solve “it”.

    I was determined – this time – that I was going to not regain. And working with my therapist helps tremendously. I see her once a week. She is a certified eating disordered therapist.

    I think that when one reads that someone sees an eating disorder therapist – one’s thoughts immediately go to extremes.

    My “behaviors” are not extreme. I have never been hospitalized for eating disorders. Most people would not look at me and think that I had an eating disorder. But I certainly do.

    Many bloggers would find my history of yo yo weight gain/loss, unhappiness, feeling lost, difficulties, very familiar to their own.


    August 30, 2008

    Oh my goodness … I just downloaded your last two podcasts and listened to them while I took a nice, long walk — it was a slow one thanks to my still-not-quite-right knee (it went out last Saturday and this is the first time I’ve been able to do anything resembling serious activity since). But I was out for 38 minutes! And the time just flew because I was listening to you answer questions.

    Love the podcasts!

    As for binge eating, I was never formally diagnosed either. I talked with the therapist I was seeing for a while, and she said my eating didn’t fall into the category of clinical binge eating disorder … but I sure do eat when I’m stressed or sad or even happy.

    I’ll have to try the butternut squash fries trick next time I want a lot of tasty, but still good for me, food!


    August 30, 2008

    personally, i have gone to two separate eating disordered therapists. and the main thing i am always always told is to journal, which i guess can help, but i don’t want to pay any more money to hear that. im pretty sure i know “why” i binge, but sometimes knowing the cause doesn’t always help either. and though i agree that losing weight won’t cure anything, i believe it is a platform to regaining one’s life and happiness.


    August 31, 2008

    I think the topic of binge eating is misunderstood. It is just as complicated and serious as alcoholism, drug use, gambling additions. I am firmly convinced that binge eating is a disease that is part behavioral and part chemical. Until the medical community treats it as a disease, those of us who struggle with the addiction have to keep finding methods to control the addiction. What makes binge eating so tricky is that with other addictions, you have to completely divorce yourself from the activity. Alcoholics quit drinking, gamblers completely stop gambling. Here, you are being asked to manage your compulsion. Like any other addiction, you have to take it day by take. Seek a therapist, keep tempting foods out of the house, do whatever it takes. I believe that in time when the disease is more understood, there will be more help available. Hang in there.


    September 1, 2008

    I think eating disorders are one of the hardest things to deal with because your body needs food to survive, but you battle with it everyday. Most people have the idea that if you have an eating disorder, you are stick thin but this is not true for many (including myself). This is part of the reason why many women do not get help. In the end, an eating disorder is not about food, it is a way to deal with an emotion that is out of control. I’ve been bulimic for a long time and it has changed my life dramatically. If anyone feels like they have a problem, see a therapist or a doctor because the worse it gets, the harder it is to get help. I’ve been inpatient treatment centers and once you get to that point, you wish you had dealt with the problem in the beginning. If you go to a therapist, find one that will work for you. When I started school, I had to find a new therapist and his new technique really helped me. If you look for one, go “shopping” for the one that works best for you!


    September 8, 2008

    Watching this video post made me want to blog about my experiences with binging. Feel free to read it at