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So Much More then a Sensational Sunday

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phew What a day! My Sensational Sunday almost didn’t happen. Did you ever have a slow morning? A morning where you have to make that conscious decision to get up and get moving or you’re going to lose the day?

That’s what we had today.

Once I got out the door and towards the grocery store I was fine. The toddler and I hunted for new healthy snacks and fresh produce for the week. Then we headed home for lunch, picked our first crop of green beans from the garden, and headed for nap. Well the toddler did. I worked feverishly on this new site. Tagging old posts, fixing broken links, etc.

After nap it was off to run some errands. The husband (remind me in a few days to tell you about his workout/weight strides) and I decided on Panera for dinner. I really didn’t have it in me to cook. When we got back home we played Chutes and Ladders AND Candy Land, two of my all time favorites! After the toddler went to bed it was bill paying time, the husband and I’s *cough* favorite activity and then a little more work on the site. All in all, a productive day, which is a great day in my book!

I also did well on the food front. I say well, because as usual, I succumb to some night time munchies. More on that later. First, I have to do one of my update lists. I feel as if I have so much to tell you!

  • The new site. It’s getting there and I love that you guys like it. I spent more on it’s design then I think I ever have for one of my sites. GreenLiteBites didn’t even take this long! I am still updating old posts and fixing broken links. If you happen to get an error page have no fear, I will be notified and if you give me 24 hours, it will be fixed. It’s getting there and I’m SO happy I decided to move. I have so much more flexibility and control over the site now that it’s in WordPress and not Blogger.
  • What will happen to WeightWatchen you ask? well, I don’t plan on taking it down anytime soon. There is so much info up there that I didn’t/couldn’t transfer and some recipes that are not yet on GreenLiteBites. So I will be leaving it up for Archival purposes for at least the next few months until I can get everything transferred. I will not, however, be posting anything new there.
  • RSS/Subscriptions. If you are on my email subscription list, you SHOULD get them as usual just with the new name. If you subscribe via RSS you may have to re-subscribe. Sorry. :(
  • New/Old Features. If you’ve been with me awhile you may know about my site crash where I lost EVERYTHING. Well before that time, WeightWatchen was my outlet for all food/diet posts. I had recipes, tips, journal entries, food finds, etc. Much like now but more vast. The crash had me compromise a few thing. But just as someone pointed out in my comments, everything happens for a reason. I don’t think I would have created GreenLiteBites if the site didn’t crash. Now I have an outlet just for my food/recipes and I love that. It’s great for me to archive them. Why am I going down this path? Well, my new plan is to start posting food related posts here as well. I want to bring back my produce picks (maybe even move some over from GLB). I haven’t quite figured out which posts will go here and which there but I’m leaning towards only posting recipes on GLB and everything else here. So in essence GLB become just an interactive cookbook. OK, now I’m just thinking out loud, although I’d love your opinions on that one.
  • Funderwear. Ok, enough new site talk! I want to update on Funderwear Day! I’m happy to report the toddler took to “big boy underwear” like a ‘butt to a potty’. Sorry, bad joke. Seriously, he is doing well, dry at night, and no morning accidents after the first two days. I’m ECSTATIC! We even came up with a song that I had him record, if I have time I’ll post it. It goes something like…. “We go…. Pee pee in the potty, pee pee in the potty. No more diapers! No more pull-ups!” LOL you need the melody or it just sounds goofy! (Ok, I’m crossed the line into straight up parenting craziness! )
  • MizFit/Hungry Girl ShoutOut. If you happen to get the Hungry Girl Newsletter keep an eye out for MizFit’s Video link. I love both these gals and it’s fun to see some cross ‘weigh loss site’ intermingling.
  • Workout/Runing front. I don’t think I’ll be running for awhile. My swelling is still pretty bad BUT I WILL BE GOING TO THE GYM tomorrow for the first time in almost 3 weeks. (yelling at myself, I really need to go). I plan on doing upper body with free weights.
  • Backlog. This whole new site has set me back a tid bit on new posts and email correspondence. I’m behind on my blog reading, especially on BlogToLose, and my comment replies, even on my first/new post! I hope to catch up by the end of the week.
  • A Weigh In. I’m in desperate need of a meeting/weigh in. But I’m going to be honest. I’m scared. Yes, scared. I don’t want to see the scale. I know it’s going to be up in a range I haven’t been in a long time. The swelling, the lack of workouts, the EATING! Ohhhhh I don’t want to think about it. You know, the times you don’t want to go are the time you NEED to go. I’m committing to a Wednesday meeting this week.

Ok, I “talked” your ear off enough! I think I can go on and on. I leave you with my food journal. Two days in and feeling alright. Although I used more weekly points then I would like this early in the week.

Day 2 in Week Target 21
Food Points Count
green tea -0 21
Fiber One Cereal with 4oz of skim milk -2 19
whole wheat English muffin with almond/peanut butter and low sugar jelly -4 15
cantaloupe -1 14
Southwestern Turkey Burger on a whole grain bun with baby spinach, tomato, sweet pickles and a side of carrots & cucumber slices (a little dressing for dipping) -4 10
yogurt -2 8
Garden Vegetable Soup (2) and 1/2 Strawberry Poppyseed salad (1) and a whole grain baguette (3) -6 2
LesserEvil Black & White Kettle Corn (2 servings) -4 -2
MORE LesserEvil Black & White Kettle Corn (2 servings) (it was good, I was hungry, and now it’s gone. Thank GOODNESS!) -4 -6
Total eaten 23  
Weekly Points Used: 6 • Remaining: 27 • Overall: Wish I made it to the gym and skipped the extra popcorn. :~(

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    July 7, 2008

    The concept of funderwear day is hilarious.

    I don’t think it should be restricted just to families with toddlers, it could make for a fun adult only party as well.

    Everyone would describe their underwear on a card, put the card into a hat, then everyone would draw a card and try to guess who’s wearing the underwear description they carry.


    July 7, 2008

    If I could offer you a bit of advice (after all the advice you’ve given me, it’s time, eh?), I’d say … don’t be scared of the scale. I know, you have legitimate reasons— especially the swelling from surgery — but KNOW what happens when you avoid the scale.

    Me, I avoided mine for months on end and then climbed back on to find I’d gained something like 40 pounds. I know you wouldn’t go that far, but it’s still better to know where you stand. When I get to my goal weight, I’m going to weigh myself daily.


    July 7, 2008

    Arlene makes a great point & all I can add is that WHATEVER the number is on wed to view it as merely that and keep moving forward.

    you, my friend, are farFARFAR more than a number on a hunk of metal.

    xo xo,


    (thanks for the mention! Im so excited about HG as I have loved her from afar forever :))


    July 7, 2008

    Love the new site!
    Good luck on your weigh in. I am sure once you know where you stand, you can go forward from there. You have done so well at working at your program, I KNOW you will only be successful in the future!

    Crabby McSlacker

    July 7, 2008

    Great job on the new site design!

    From this end, it sure seems like everything’s working great.

    And have “fun” at the gym! (I’m afraid I have to use quotes because of my own bad attitude… for me the “fun” part is when it’s over).


    July 7, 2008

    WOW RONI! I love it. So pleasing to the eye and easy to follow. It was a nice Monday morning surprise for me after being gone all weekend! Also, great strides on all fronts…toddler, journals, and good luck with getting the courage to weigh in and see where you are and completing the work you want to do on this site! I for the first time clicked Follow Me on Twitter and it didn’t find you, but I think because in the url it still has the old Roni on it instead of Ronisweigh. I found it through typing that in! Hope that helps. Great job!


    July 7, 2008

    You MUST record the toddler singing the song! Then you MUST show it to his fiance when they’re planning their wedding and again when his first child is being potty trained :P

    Michele D

    July 7, 2008

    I love the new site also! And truly, I would follow you anywhere, I love reading your posts, and gaining new ideas from you about everything from workouts to cooking, to toddlers!

    And I agree, it’s very easy on the eyes, especially first thing in the morning here at work…the flourecent lights are harsh enough!!

    Thanks for doing what you’re doing and being who you are to me and all of us!


    July 7, 2008

    I love the new site. If you can (and haven’t already), you should change your comment section so that when you comment back to someone it is different than all the other commenters (so it will stand out)….like maybe shaded a different color or bolded or something else so it stands out.


    July 7, 2008


    love the new site!!! Looks wonderful…your amazing

    thanks for all you do


    July 7, 2008

    Lovely new site. I just found you a few weeks ago and am inspired by your journey and your passion for weight watchers! And I think you should face the scale. I think it is time. And I think you have a reason behind why you fear it (change in lifestyle for the past few weeks) and you NEED to do it and move on. I don’t think you’ll be fully ready to move on and begin anew until you face that @#$%$^&$# scale. Good luck to you. :)


    July 7, 2008

    I love the new look, streamlined, user friendly and the colors are GREAT!! Way to go!!!


    July 7, 2008

    there is no Monday in life style! glad to see you getting right back on track, regardless of the day.

    Sweets and Sweats

    July 7, 2008

    I adore the new site. I can’t wait to see where you go with, especially with produce picks!!!


    July 7, 2008

    I LOVE the new site!

    I told my sister about your site last week. She needed some motivation and I think she got it from you!

    I have found one issue though…Twitter. Is it gone? I had your link bookmarked and for some reason I can’t get to you on twitter anymore. Is it just me?? I tried clicking from here earlier and it gave me the same error message. I loved reading your twitter stuff!


    July 7, 2008

    Thanks All!

    Alisha and Amanda – Yeah, I messed up! The link should work now. It’s…

    SaucyWench – I have enough on him already I’ll have him wrapped around my little finger when he’s 18! ;~)

    Leticia- Done! Thanks for the idea!