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Riveting Video, Isn’t it?

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Unbelievable! I had this awesome idea before I left for vacation. My plan was to record a few videos answering some Ask Roni questions and then have them posted on the site while I was away on vacation.

So after the gym and lunch, I put the toddler down for nap, took a shower and closed my office door.

I was in a chipper mood, I laughed, I cried, I answered the questions the best way I could, all 20 of them. It took about an hour and I was going to chop them into 4 videos. I had fun and when I was done I felt really good about the recording and the idea. Then the toddler woke up, it was perfect!

I left my office, ate dinner, played with the family and then hit my office again while the husband was giving the toddler his bath. I go to edit the videos and prep them for the web and this is what I see…

COME ON! Are you kidding me!??! No AUDIO?!

I was devastated! I hate it when things like this happen. Not because I can’t do it again but because it was a huge time waster. Plus my second take is never as good as the first and I get overwhelmed that I have to redo something I already did. UGH! Apparently my iMovie setting got all messed up because of a microphone I plugged in. I had to call MAC support to get everything back in order.

So the cat is out of the bag. I really wanted to surprise you all with a video while I was away. *sigh* I may re-record. We’ll see.

As for the last day in my loss week. All went well, BUT I lost my food journal file. Don’t ask. I don’t know WHAT is going on with me and technology lately. Maybe I really do need this vacation. As of now I didn’t dip into any more weekly points but I may. I have 12 left.

OK, I may or may not post again before vacation. I did post a question on GreenLiteBites if you have time to take a look.

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    July 11, 2008

    Roni–Do you have on a “GreenLite Bites” t-shirt? It sure suspiciously looks like it!! :)


    July 11, 2008

    Well, we may not can hear you, but your new hair-do sure is cute! Have a great trip!


    July 11, 2008

    Thanks for the effort! 20 questions, that would have been exciting! I second the comment on your hair, I think it looks great :)


    July 12, 2008

    SO disappointing, for you and for us. I tried to read your lips! You do look adorable tho’!


    July 12, 2008

    Awww, that stinks! :(

    Aren’t we women funny? I was thinking your hair looked good too, lol!


    July 12, 2008

    i was able to read your lips thru most of it :) lots of um’s :) but you have some great ideas!

    love your site btw. you’re a total inspiration :)


    July 13, 2008

    Im just popping in to look att a weightwatcher from “over there”
    Im from sweden, and also a weightwatcher who has reached goal.
    I´we lost 45 kg, dont now how to write that in your measures.

    I like your site, and congratulations to your weight loss.