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Getting ready to post the question of the week, then it’s off to bed. L-O-N-G day tomorrow.

Day 5 in Week Target 21
Food Points Count
Omelet made with 1 egg, onion, zucchini, & peppers -2 19
A few cheese and crackers with the toddler -2 17
handful of blueberries -0 17
leftover Quick Chicken and peas with noodles -6 11
half of sandwich split with the toddler -2 9
Chinese food – steamed chicken ad veggies and wonton soup with a bite of egg roll and a fortune cookie -6 3
small frosty (HOLY CRAP really!?! – Next time a kids size for me!! -7 -4
Total eaten 25  
Weekly Points Used: 4 • Remaining: 20 • Overall: OK day, could have planned better.
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  • lori

    i too found out yesterday that a small frosty was 7 points. How can something sooo small be 7 points! Oh well, live and learn. :)

  • Kim

    Hi Roni,
    I am a long time lurker but wanted to say thanks for all the great information and for the inspiration you give every day. I know you said you weren’t going to play into that person’s drama any more but here is the comment I left her. I didn’t feel right leaving her a comment when I haven’t ever commented to you.

    comment left to the girl who finds 1 point tortillas ridiculous:
    I find it interesting that you find so much joy from this. Sometimes people like to have drama in order to feel like their life is interesting or making a difference. No one can change another person’s point of view for them, they have to do this for themselves (just like anything in life including weight loss). I recently lost 25 pounds with Weight Watchers not because I think/thought that I would be happier or that people would like me more but because I want to be healthier and be around longer for my family. I used to be in the “I just accept myself in my own skin, even if I am 35 pounds overweight, camp”. Then I discovered that is just an excuse to hide behind the fat in order not to deal with some emotional issues. A lot of people eat and gain weight as a way not to deal with what is going on in their life. They are hiding behind their fat. I am not saying this is you but that is just how it is for a lot of people. America is an unhealthy, all consuming nation (gimme, gimme). I am wondering why it is so bad that some people want to make a difference and be healthier? Well, I have fed way too much into your drama induced high, maybe you feel a little better though.

    Thanks again for all of you do. Something I am still learning with losing weight is that it is on going and that I learn something new every day. Thanks for being one of my “teachers”. Kim


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