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Need sleep, busy day, early morning, not sure why I’m still up.

OH! I do have to tell you I hit the gym or the first time since the surgery. SO MUCH FUN. I know some of you don’t agree but that hour with nothing but music and weights was just what I needed today.

Day 3 in Week Target 21
Food Points Count
green tea -0 21
Food Experiment: Winter Squash Fritter -3 18
Fresh Green Beans from the garden -0 18
Plain sundae at McD’s (did you you know skipping the fudge saves 200cals!) -3 15
Activity: 20 minute walk on treadmill 40 minutes upper body workout with weights +2 17
Wrap on whole grain Trader Joe’s wrap, turkey, 1/2 oz cheese and a ton of veggies and a splash of olive oil dressing (an a bite of the toddlers pb&j rollup) -6 11
2 Maryland-ish Crab Cakes and Roasted Balsamic Cauliflower -6 5
New Recipe: Quick Black and Blue Dessert Cups (2 servings – what can I say, I had to keep taste testing) -5  
Total eaten 21  
Weekly Points Used: 0 • Remaining: 27 • Overall: Great day on point and fun!
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  • Lizzie

    Love the new site! Very impressive and fun!

    I also really like the food journal structure-is that something other people can use or is it just something you’ve formatted for your blog?

  • Giyen

    Your new site is great. Came to here from your original one and wow, it’s you’re inspirational. Keep posting!

  • Christy

    I love the new site. I share the same question as Lizzie who asked if other people can use your food journal structure. Is there a way we could get the format?

  • Arlene

    But if you skip the fudge, all you’re getting is ice cream … and the vanilla cone is also 3 points. I’ll take my ice cream on a cone! :D

  • MizFit

    sore this morning?


  • roni

    Morning All!

    I just came up with the new table for my food journal. I like it too! :~) I have a generator for the old one…
    When I have some time I’ll work on a version 3 that recreates the new structure. It take a few weeks but I’ll announce it when it’s ready.

    Arlene – I agree! But I was never one for cones. Just don’t like them. :~)

    mizfit – YES! and it does feel FANTASTIC!!

  • Stephanie

    good for you! you did great today (yesterday!). I’m stuck in a rut and I’m off to check some of your recipes. :)

  • alex

    Wow, the crab cakes look great! and 2 pts…supa!
    Will have to try those out!

  • Sweets and Sweats

    That is AWESOME that you were able to get back to the gym. Despite being sore and a bit apprehensive about returning to working out after a surgery, there is nothing like that first post-workout high. And noticing that you are still whole and in one piece!

    And I couldn’t applaud you more for your response in “How Amazing–A Response”

  • Jen

    I just came across this story on and thought of that person who left the comment the other day about wasting time or whatever

    I just thought it was interesting – I’ve seen stories like this before but the timing with that other commenter…

    And btw – I GREATLY appreciate all that you do!

  • Susan

    Love the new site design and I agree …. the crab cakes look fabulous!!


  • Yongho Shin

    Hey, I like the new website design! Much better than your old one.

    I see a few of your posts have this journal point system on them. What do the points mean?


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