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A Sensational Sunday Plan

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Good Morning! What a weekend!

Yesterday was a super busy day yet I didn’t get anything accomplished. Don’t you hate that? We had a morning birthday party, then I took a nap with the toddler (I haven’t been sleeping well at night so I’m taking sleep when I can), the toddler had his 3 year pictures taken, and then we went to the Drive Ins to see Kung Fo Panda and the Hulk! So much fun! I, of course, ate too much and now feel yucky but overall the three of us had a blast.

The evening couldn’t be complete without a minor catastrophe so at 1:30AM we got a flat tire. It was very exciting and the toddler was quite interested in the whole ordeal. We finally made it home at 3AM to get some sleep.

Even with the tire incident we had a good day but I’ve been feeling a bit out of control on a few levels.

  1. I’m really missing the gym. I mean I’m REALLY going through workout withdrawal big time and I think it’s affecting my mood.
  2. My diet has been horrendous. I start every day off great but by late afternoon I’m snaking when I’m not hungry, eating lots of sugary snacks and just, well, for lack of a better term, being “bad”.
  3. The house is in disarray. Did you ever notice how your surroundings effect your mood? Well I’m living in the middle of tornado alley after a category 5. I need to get this place organized!

SO, I’m going to do what I do best, PLAN! It will help me get through this day with a feeling of control and give me the power to stay on track. I want to weigh in this week and if I keep going at the pace I am, that scale is going to start to be quite the evil un-motivator. I’m not prepared to see the numbers that I am expected.

Here we go, the plan…

  1. Breakfast: Fresh fruit (I ate enough to choke a horse last night and need something light just to get me started – I used to skip breakfast in these situations and thats the worse thing I can do)
  2. Run to get the tire fixed and bring laptop. This way I can accomplish two things at once and while I’m waiting I can get some work done.
  3. Hit the grocery store and stock up for the week on fresh good food!
  4. Lunch: Leftover oven fried chicken nuggets, Baked Zucchini Fries, and Sweet Potato Fries (Just posted about this, Oven Fried Food Fest)
  5. Straighten up the house and get everything in order for the week.
  6. Take the toddler to see Wall-e (this was our family plan today) I’m not going to have ANY mindlessly munching– it IS possible to watch a movie without sucking down a large tub of popcorn, it IS and I’m going to prove it to myself today. I will bring a healthy snack for myself, I’m just not sure what yet – I really need to hit that grocery store.
  7. Dinner? Well, I’m not sure. The husband is going to want to go out. He always wants to go out. I hate doing it on days I’m trying to get myself back on track but at the same time I need to deal with outside temptations. So as of now, my plan is to be flexible. If we are home I’ll do a healthy BBQ if we go out, I’ll order lite.
  8. Take a WALK! and nice long walk, with my iPod alone. This will be my gym replacement until I’m able to workout again.
  9. Put toddler to bed on time.
  10. Relax and enjoy my Food Network TV night, Iron Chef and Next Food Network Star while posting on the sites. Then go to bed early!

Not to bad of a plan right? OK, I’m ready to make this a Sensational Sunday! How about you?

I’ll be pack with a food journal and Sensational Sunday report!

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    June 29, 2008

    My husband usually wants to eat at home, but it seems like every time I’m getting back on track, he decides he wants to go out. I found a great way to deal with this. I order a calorie free drink (usually diet coke or water with lemon) and a vegetable-only salad with lite dressing on the side. Then I eat my regular dinner when we get home, or sometimes before we go to the restaurant if we’re going out afterwards. It’s a win-win for everyone: my husband gets to eat out, I get a salad without having to do all the chopping, we save money on the bill, and I get to eat what I want to stay on track.


    June 29, 2008

    when I go to the movies now, I always order the kids popcorn deal. It is just a bit of popcorn with a tiny drink (I get diet coke, cause I like it) and then I can munch along with everyone else and I don’t feel deprived. Plus, it is cheap!!


    June 29, 2008

    Carol – Awesome Idea!

    Fatinah – I used to do that TOO! I don’t know why I stopped. Thanks for the reminder!!


    June 29, 2008

    Sounds like a good plan to me! I am also following a strict plan today even though we will be travelling to my parents. They always have goodies there. Also, I will be dealing with the big M! ugh…..


    June 29, 2008

    I have never been much on movie theatre popcorn. At home when I’m watching a movie, I make that Jollytime light kettle corn stuff – it’s great! And this is bad, but if I do go to the movie – I sometimes sneak in my own diet soda and open it during the previews when it’s really loud :P Helps me stay on track, so it can’t be that bad!


    June 29, 2008

    There is really no rule that says
    we must have something to eat and
    drink while we watch a movie. This
    is at least one area where my prob-
    lem didn’t come from. The real suc-
    cess to our weight-loss battles has
    to do with proper planning. I will
    eat a permitted snack before leav-
    ing the house if I know I am going
    to a place where the healthy choices are limited, or where I will have limited control. I never
    have starved, and it is better than
    being hungry enough to chow down on
    everything in sight.


    June 29, 2008

    This is off topic, a bit, but there really isn’t any place or anyone I feel comfortable going to when I’m struggling with my weight issues. Your video from last night had me thinking a lot about how I’ll never think of myself as anything but overweight, even though, after 50 lbs. of weight loss, I’m within the reccommended weight range for my height. I’ve had several total food breakdowns recently, despite my resolve to loose the 7 pounds that have crept back on over the last couple of years–real binges where I inhale everything: grahm crackers, special K bars, sun chips, cheese its, popsicles, popcorn…You get the idea. And then I think I hate myself for it. I try to remember that I love being thin more than I love satisfying whatever crazy dysfunction I suffer from when I go on such benders. I ran this morning. I had hoped to get in a bike ride and/or swim (triathlete, can you tell?), but two kids and an uncooperative husband nixed that.

    Ok, and coming to an end here, I try to remember that hunger is not an emergency, that I actually like going to bed hungry and waking up ready to break my fast. If I would think of myself as an average person without a weight problem, maybe I would act like one. It’s such a conundrum, because I don’t want to think about food all of the time, but if I don’t…well, I don’t know what, because I am always thinking of it–either about how I’m eating too much of it or wanting more of it.

    Thanks for letting me leave some of my baggage here.


    June 29, 2008

    Anon – {{{HUGS}}}
    I can totally relate. I fell the same way sometimes, like the thoughts consume me. I’m not sure how much i helps but.. I understand and you aren’t alone.


    June 29, 2008

    Well, I know that for me having kids are actually a benefit sometimes when it comes to movies or atleast big purses! haha I am really bad I feel like I pay so much for the movies as long as I don’t leave trash I am ok with sneaking the easiest is in the diaper bag. I pop kettle corn put it in a gallon zip lock bag! Bring a water bottle full of crystal light and I am totally fine sometimes I even through in one of my 100 cal packs that are sweet! So I get everything that I want and I want binge afterwards. One of the things that I have found if I binge it is usually because I deprived myself for too long and then I eat everything in sight trust me I know what you go through honestly I think eating what you want at the time is wayyy better for you in the long run!!


    June 30, 2008

    I take snacks with me to the movies too! I did it tonight ;) We went to see Get Smart (super funny) and I put an apple and I measure out a serving of chocolate covered raisins in my purse with a bottle of water.


    June 30, 2008


    IMPRESSIVE plan.

    *impressive* that you did it all!

    Miz., who is now totally wracking her brain to recall precisely how old your toddler is as mine STILL wouldnt make it through opening credits (I dont think. Im afraid to try :))


    June 30, 2008

    aMKgal – Totally agree!

    It’s official I’m going to start brining my own snacks again!

    MizFit – The toddler just turned 3 last week!