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Note(s) to Self…

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Vacation is over!

Yes, your life will be hectic over the next few days. Yes, having guests and eating healthy is a challenge. Yes, there will be even more cake at the toddler’s birthday. Yes, you are exhausted and eating helps you stay awake. Yes, next week is your surgery and you’re nervous. Yes, you feel bloated and disgusting but eating more doesn’t solve that problem.

All of these things do NOT make it OK to just eat for eating sake. Get your butt to the gym tomorrow and get back to routine the best way you know how. Keep trucking along and making good decisions. Just as everything, this too shall pass.

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    June 14, 2008

    You are a really good motivational encourager. I will refer some of my readers to look at your content.

    Melanie :-)

    June 14, 2008

    Roni, hang in there – you can do it!

    You rock, Mamma!


    Amanda Daybyday

    June 14, 2008

    I’m struggling with the same things right now. ugh. Thanks for the pep talk cuz I’m taking it to heart for myself!


    June 14, 2008

    Hi Roni-
    have you thought about doing one more “after” shot as a before this additional surgery? Your story is both and inspiration and an education. Good luck with everything.



    June 14, 2008

    one choice at a time. that’s what I’ve learned from you.


    June 14, 2008

    Good luck! When is your son’s birthday? My daughter’s is coming up on july 4th…yes…cake beware!


    June 14, 2008

    Sounds like you are nervous Roni! I find that I get that way when I have toooo much going on. Sometimes it feels that everyone wants a piece of me and there is no time left just to “be”! Besides getting to the gym……:)….I always find that reading helps! If you find inspiration in the Bible, it is a great source for peace. Keep plugging, but take time for yourself!

    Mom Losing Weight

    June 14, 2008

    Thank you for everything you have shared. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Congrats on your weight loss! You have inspired me to continue working!
    Mom Losing Weight


    June 15, 2008

    dear roni,

    thanks for checking in on me.
    I know you worry about me and I greatly appreciate it but I wanted to let you know that you dont need to.
    right now anyway.
    youve worked so so hard to get me where I am and many of those healthy traits are second nature now.
    I know I can do it even when, at times, on the surface you’re not certain.

    Ill see you at the gym today for sure.



    ps–Im not in the mood for cake. just FYI


    June 15, 2008

    I love it… can you come to my house and give me a good talking to! :) I try to tell myself but I have a habit of not paying attention. Feeling so bloated today and it has such a negative effect!!