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Lazy Day?

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I was totally alone today while the husband went to play golf and pick up the toddler. What did I do with my 12 hours to myself?


That’s right, absolutely nothing. I read, I watched a stupid movie, I posted a food idea, I cooked dinner for myself and I napped.

Actually, now that I say that, I guess those things are something. I just feel like I didn’t do anything.

Can you tell I’m trying to tell my inner overachiever it’s ok to take a day off.


Ok, I’m good.

Tomorrow I’m taking the toddler out! We are going to stroll around the mall, hit the grocery store and the farm stand. Ahhh it feels good to have a plan and to have my little buddy back. Recovery is going well but I need to get out and start moving. The more I sit the stiffer I get.

Food Points
Chocolate quinoa 4

leftover baked beans and leftover brown rice

Lemon Sage chicken pack and leftover brown rice 9
Another Chicken breast (what can I say – the were pretty good!) 5
Soy Crisps and salsa (I wasn’t hungry – just bored) 4
sugar free fudge pop 1
Nothing :~( recovering from surgery 0
Total 29

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    June 21, 2008

    Definitely going to give chocolate quinoa a try ;) And yes giving yourself a day off “it’s a good thing”


    June 22, 2008

    Great blog overall and yeah once in a while a lazy day is fine


    June 22, 2008

    Sounds like an awesome day!


    June 22, 2008

    hope you are having a fab day with the toddler.

    you SO NEEDED that nothing day.

    you (I? who can say :)) need one even WITHOUT the bodyshock of surgery—but with? it’ll help so much in your healing.

    Im gonna email you.

    many thoughts on my end about some of my goals. Id love your insights.



    June 22, 2008

    I love that your lazy day is still twice as active as mine! Great to hear about the love handle improvements! You deserve all the best Roni!


    June 22, 2008

    I came across your site when I was researching chicory root/inulin. I finally ordered the Vitalicious sampler and spent several days trying their products thinking they would be the perfect food for a busy mom/teacher. They taste fabulous, are very healthy but my body can’t seem to take them. I get these horrendous cramps that last for hours. This was also a time I’ve been trying all the sugar free smoothies available (Jamba Juice, Freshen etc.). I’ve isolated it to three main ingredients… chicory, inulin and splenda in large amounts. I’m really bummed because I’ve had to really look carefully and read lables to ferret out these ingredients. I don’t know if I can keep my weight off without all those low-cal, sugar free goodies out there. I’m down from 205 to 139 since October 07. I just want to maintain at this point. I support your choice for surgeries to improve your body shape and contouring. To each her own. More power to you and a speedy recovery.