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Holy Posts Batman!

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Can you tell I’m a bit bored and stir crazy?

I really should be working on the new site but I’m having a bit of designers block. To beat my blues & the block I post. My normal goal is one post a day, well, this is my third! It could be worse I could be moping about the house and watching old movies. :~)

I did make it to my post-op appointment today and the doctor said everything is looking good. My incisions are perfect and I’m healing well. I’ll be honest, I snapped some pictures but I’m not sure I’m ready to post them just yet. With the tummy it was easier for me. I wore a pair of baggy sweats but the thighs and flanks seem a bit more personal as I snap the photos in my underwear. Plus, I have a hell of a lot more readers then I did 2 years ago and it freaks me out a little. LOL

Seeing the pictures made me feel much better. The “love handle” area improvement is phenomenal. It’s quite amazing even with all the swelling. Oh! and the swelling by the way, I hopped on the scale and saw a number I’ve haven’t seen in TWO YEARS… 156!! Holy crap! That’s how much water weight I’m carrying around! I can’t let it get me down, it’s just a number and I’m healing. It’s to be expected. I think I’ll be taking morning scale readings for a bit starting tomorrow. I’m curious to see how the water weight will pan out.

OK, I think I rambled on enough. The husband just got home and wants to go out. It’s our last night without the toddler so I think I’m going to take advantage. What’s the difference if I sit at home watching a movie or actually go to the movies?

Here’s my food journal so far but I’ll probably add some popcorn on the list. :~D

Food Points
Chocolate quinoa experiment (I may post – it was good but the kind of thing I may only like LOL) 5


Panera again – Garden Vegetable Soup (1) and 1/2 Strawberry Poppyseed salad (1) and a whole grain baguette (3) 5
yogurt 2
Starkist Tuna Fillets & Brown Rice 6
1/2 cup Breyer’s Free vanilla with a sprinkle of cinnamon 1
Nothing :~( recovering from surgery 0
Total 20

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    R. Shack

    June 20, 2008

    post the chocolate quinoa… i love sweet quinoa recipes (like muffins or porridge)


    Dani Spies

    June 20, 2008

    Hang in there Roni… you’re a rock star!


    June 21, 2008

    what movie did you see? I wanna see Get Smart (but that would require spending money on a sitter :)).

    and DESIGNERS BLOCK? thanks for sharing that as I had no idea it existed and oft find myself with “you have an hour so git to writing” block



    June 21, 2008

    Hey..I’ve never had a crepe either but I’m excited to try your recipe..

    Thanks for the comment the other day…melting pot is amazing..even more so for dessert (we went back on wednesday for that since we didn’t have room for it the first time we went) I posted about that in my blog

    Happy recovery to you…I wish you could come to my kitchen and cook for me…I’m not real experienced in cooking but the more I watch your videos I think I can do it!

    Learning to live a new healthy life...

    June 23, 2008

    I was thinking about your apprehension to show pictures of you in your underwear. So instead post the pictures of you in your bathing suit bottoms. Just a little food for thought. Obviously your choice (but I think we’re all anxious to see the results)!

    Thanks for all the great ideas and helpful blogs!!!! LOVE the site!