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Fighting the Funk – Something Scary

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OK, This Fighting the Funk Series is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. I am starting to feel fabulous again! I am really getting a renewed sense of motivation.

I got an email from an online friend of mine that said…


I think Eleanor Roosevelt said it and it’s genius (of course)!

If I sit back and think about it, I do do things that scare me every day!

Let’s see…. I walked into Weight Watchers, started running, took a spinning class, tried mangosteen (have you seen that scary fruit), climbed the wall, write/wrote this blog, walked into the free weight room, quite my job, embarked on the cook book adventure, I really could go on and on. Some of these decisions scared the $hit out of me! But I did them!

So when I read her email it clicked. I just need to scare myself today! What a GREAT idea! That’ll pull me out of the funk!

I’ve been considering redesigning WeightWatchen for sometime. I feel as though I’m growing out of it. The server is slow, the navigation doesn’t meet my needs as much. I have a lot of ideas but, honestly, I’ve been too scared to make a change. This site is comforting, I know the system, I’m in a flow and change is scary.


New could be fun too! It’s exciting, it’s a fresh start, a chance to begin again. These things are all motivating for me. So I took the leap and started designing today, I can’t promise when I’ll be ready to launch the new digs, but as always I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks MizFit for giving me a little shove today.

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    June 9, 2008

    I love that quote…my mom always says that to me…along with don’t put off anything til tomorrow that you can get done today…this way you can get more out of the next day too!!

    I am so happy to read all that you have accomplished…pat yourself on the back!!

    I can’t wait for this cookbook :) I’m soooo excited for you!


    June 10, 2008

    I had to use that quote to motivate my daughter to go down a water slide – and she LOVED it.

    Thanks for this series – I need it too!