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Breyer's FreeUmmmmm…… “Creamy” fat free ice cream. Yea right? You say. But seriously this stuff is good! A friend brought it to my attention a few days ago so I was on a hunt at the grocery store. Sure enough there it was, 1 POINT ice cream!

Unfortunately my store only carried Vanilla so I wasn’t able to try the Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Mint Fudge, Strawberry, or the Chocolate Cookies & Cream but I’m sure I’ll have a chance sometime this summer! (note: Some flavors are 2 points)

Now some ice cream connoisseurs may be skeptical but even consumer reports said…

Comments about the texture were that the fat-free ice creams were smooth, slightly gummy, and had a texture like gelato, a pudding pop or fudgsicle. All testers thought these products were decent ice creams (not the best, but definitely not the worst). When told that they were fat free, the panel was very surprised and commented that these ice creams are a big improvement over the fat-free ice creams that we’ve tasted in the past.

So keep an eye out! Nothing beats a sweet treat on a summer night. Add some berries or even a brownie and you’ve got a 2 point splurgy dessert!

  • Jill

    Do you know if it’s Olean that makes it fat free? I’m okay with Olean nutritionally, but a lot of the other replacements are scary for health!

  • kyree90

    Can’t wait to try it for myself. I LOVE root beer floats (made with diet RB, of course) and the vanilla would be perfect for that … a 1-point float. Wow!

  • Emily

    Oh my gosh, you (and everyone else here) MUST try “Only 8 Frozen Yogurt”. A handful of ice cream shops carry it throughout the country, and it is truly to die for!

    It comes in more than 20 varieties I think and only has 8 calories per oz. That means that a 1/2 cup serving (4 oz) is only 32 calories!

    The ice cream parlor I go to buy mine actually weighs out each size on a little scale. I usually get a 6 oz. (48 calories!!) It completely fills me up and tastes completely decadent!

    I can’t go back to regular ice cream now; it’s that good!

  • MizFit

    Im always a cynic after the seinfeld (remember that one? with fro-yo where it turned out to be NOT low fat) or the current pinkberry fiasco in nyc.

    you? although that said Id trust a company like breyers…

    (emily, thats pretty neat the ice cream parlor measures it out for you!
    talk about an easy way to stay on points.)


  • Roni

    Jill – No Olean

    Kyree90 – What a GREAT idea!

    Emily – I’m HAD that!! At the beach It saves me every year on vacation! SO YUMMY!!!

    MizFit – Every time I eat the yogurt emily is talking about the episode is in my head! LOL Great minds!

  • Kate

    I love this ice cream, and like you said, I am often skeptical of fat free ice cream, since I love real ice cream so much, but this stuff is great.

    I eat it over a warmed up chocolate vita top and it’s quite heavenly.

  • Shrunk

    This ice cream is a must have daily for me! Love the Cappuccino Brownie Chunk one. Mmmmmmmmmm!

  • Alisha

    OMG…the Chocolate Fudge Brownie is TO DIE FOR!!!

  • creatingadiva

    mm looks so delicious! can’t wait to try some

  • Melanie, NYC

    The Breyer’s FF Vanilla flavor + Chocolate Vitatop = my nightly 2 point brownie sundae! Add frozen cherries to the mix, too….Amazing.

  • swizzlepop

    I love Breyer’s Light, now I’m wondering if I’ve tried the Free yet. I will definitely keep an eye out. I just wish they would be consistent with the points regardless of flavor ;)

  • Red

    The weight watchers chocolate pops (not the real name) are quite good too, I had one at my parents place for the first time tonight.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure if you’ve seen these yet, but Trader Joes sells a fat free brownie mix that is incredible. It’s so simple to make (all you do is combine the mix with FF vanilla yogart) and they taste like real brownies. Here is the link.

  • Anonymous

    whoops that’s the wrong link! here is the correct link:

  • Sally

    I eat this all the time.. Ive only had the sugar free vanilla though and that is amazing!

  • Hummingbirdee

    I love the Breyer’s Fat Free Cappuccino flavor. It is to die for. I had some yesterday. Mmm Mmm & only 1 point for 1/2 cup.

  • Jenny O.

    How funny that you posted this today. I was just writing a post about the caramel flavor- it was terrible! It tasted very chemical-ish, if that makes sense.

    I’m encouraged to hear the vanilla is good, though. I’ll give the brand another shot! Thanks, as always, for the recommendation!

  • michelly

    If you only eat one serving, the Breyer’s Free is great, but who really eats only 1/2 cup of ice cream (not me!) Two servings or 1 cup however, is not two points due to the fiber cap :( In that case, I’d rather eat the Edy’s 1/2 fat!

  • Anonymous

    The Breyer’s Free Cappuccino Chocolate Crunch is a must try! I love it. Can’t believe it is Fat Free!

  • Sandy

    I went to the store the other night to get some of this to try. I was excited to find that it was buy one, get one free. Score! So I got the french chocolate and the vanilla (the only 2 kinds they had). They’re both good, but I especially liked the chocolate. I will be looking around for the other flavors mentioned – especially those that contain chocolate! :-)


  • Anonymous

    From your post, I checked out Breyer’s Free next time I went grocery shopping. We tried the Cookies & Cream with chocolate ice cream. It’s VERY good! We’ll try another flavor next time we go shopping. I LOVE the Root Beer Float idea! I’m definitely going to do that. :)

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