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Hungry Hungry Hippo

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Hungry Hippos

Unlike the hippo’s, I was REALLY hungry today. I constantly ate!

Food Points
3 Whole Grain Pancakes with low sugar jelly 4
banana 2
Winter Squash Soup with Roasted Seeds (frozen leftover) 2
orange 1
Sweet Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup with a handful of All-Bran Crackers Multi-Grain (frozen leftovers) 4
leftover pasta with sauce (the toddlers dinner from last night, I came home STARVING!) 4
Mini Turkey Balls & Broccoli over Spaghetti Squash 6
94% ff popcorn 4
Ben & Jerry’s Lighten Up! with fresh berries (so I’m addicted- At least I still have 2 servings left!) 4
Total 28
AWESOME workout this morning before work! 25 minutes on the treadmill, lower body circuit, and an ab workout. Sometimes, I still can’t believe I like it, I actually LIKE it!

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    March 5, 2008

    hi roni, i’ve recently discovered your blog and just wanted to say your story is so inspirational and you look so fantastic. your blog has so much info.. it’ll take me forever to navigate it all :)

    thanks for posting.

    Crazy MomCat

    March 5, 2008

    You may have constantly ate, but at least you ate healthy! I have this monthly “issue” that I’m fighting where I want to eat my entire pantry and then some AND I don’t like working out that week either. This month, I tackled the working out. Next month, I’ll take on the working out AND control my eating!

    Thanks for continuing to inspire those of us who want your kind of success, but have not gotten there yet!


    March 5, 2008

    I was like that yesterday too. I blamed it on the lousy weather we were having! I tried to limit myself to Core List foods but I wanted something to munch on ALL DAY! I can’t wait for nicer weather so I can get out of the house more and have some fresher food choices. I did find good looking strawberries this week and have been having them with yogurt and a sprinkling of bran cereal. Come on Spring!!!


    March 5, 2008

    Thanks for the comic and the food journal! I read Brevity every day and they are by far my favorite!

    workout mommy

    March 6, 2008

    this cartoon just made me laugh out loud! I can totally relate to that hippo!!!!


    March 11, 2008

    hahaha i love that cartoon! that was totally me yesterday. gah!

    happy two years by the way — awesome!