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After yesterday’s post, I sat down and thought about what my go to snacks are when I’m on the run. These are things I ALWAYS keep in stock to throw in my lunch bag on my way out the door.

  1. Yogurt – I eat at least one container of non-fat yogurt a day. I usually by whatever brand is on sale, whether it be Weight Watchers, Dannon, Yoplait or the store brand.  I know they are chock full of artificial sweeteners but I they are SO good and SO convenient it’s hard to give them up. Plus they make a great base for smoothies!
  2. Granola bars – Nothing is easier to keep in your bag then a granola bar. I have 2 favorites, Kashi and the Fit&Active brand from Aldi’s.  
  3. Grab-able fruit – Apples, oranges, bananas, pears, and anything else I can cut in clean for ziplock bags!
  4. Fruit Leather – A toddler favorite, fruit leather is another purse regular for me. I think I have about 3- in there right now!
  5. Carrots – I am known around the office as a carrot eater. I always bring a bag to work. It’s a great go to snack when you just want to munch.
  6. 100 cal pack thingies – I’m saying “thingies” here because I don’t only buy the 100 cal pack brand. My absolute favorite is Quaker Mini Delights.  I’m actually thankful they don’t make them in larger bags, especially the cinnamon!

So what am I missing? What are your ‘Can’t Live with Out on the go Snacks’?

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  • Anonymous

    1. Akmak crackers spread w/TJ Organic Hummus; 2. Smart Portions Brownies; 3. Fruit (apples, oranges, grapes, clementines); 4. TJ Fiberfuls; 5. Breyers Fat Free Ice Cream; 6. Fiber Choice 4oz. yogurts; 7. Dannon Light n Fit 4oz. yogurts; 8. 100 cal packs; 9. Jello Sugar Free 60 calorie puddings; 10. Baby Carrots

  • Ashley

    Grape tomatoes are also great with the carrots.. so sweet!

    Low-fat cheese sticks can be great- easy and they fill you up.

    Other than that, I think you covered my bases! I looovvvee those artificially-sweetened yogurts!

  • gottahavefaith

    1. Wasa crackers with laughing cow cheese
    2. Light string cheese
    3. Sugar snap peas and bell pepper sticks
    4. Rib of celery stuffed with 1 tbsp. peanut butter
    5. Shredded wheat
    6. Whole wheat pita with hummus
    7. Miniature cans of v-8 juice

  • Vickie

    UNsalted almonds or walnuts – I buy these in the bake aisle or in the produce section.

    muffins (the healthy, homemade kind that you know I like to make). I keep these in the freezer and pull them out for school lunches and (in my car) for me too. By lunch they are thawed.

    I had a run around day yesterday – and took apple, muffin, almonds to tide me through the morning.

    One thing that I never remember – but always wish I had was thermos of hot herbal tea.

    I keep a case of water bottles in the trunk of my car – always.

  • Deb

    Mine would have to be:
    2.Fiber one bars
    3.Kashi Heart to Heart,raisons& Fiber one original.(all measured out & put in a baggie, my own snack mix)

  • Steph

    1. Redenbacher FF Kettle Korn in the mini bag. I pop it in the morning, pour it in to a plastic container to take to work and snack all afternoon.

    2. Laughing cow cheese. I actually prefer them as a side to an apple.

    3. 60 calorie Jello sugar free puddings.

    Thanks for some new ideas!

  • Ashley

    I forgot to add: frozen peas and corn. Filling, cool and delicious..!

  • Anonymous

    Have you considered making your snacks a bit more protein friendly? With all the working out you’re doing protein will build muscle and keep you satiated longer. Maybe even a T of peanut butter with the fruit or look for Fage yogurt (at Trader Joes) that has more protein & less carbs/sugar than the one’s you’re eating. Another great snack – get some whey protein and make a smoothie to drink later in the day.

  • fieryirishangel

    I wish I could like yogurt. I tried the Yoplait Whips that my fiance loves and had to choke down two of them before I gave up. I think it’s the tang that I really don’t like. That, and they had a chalky feel in my mouth.

    Anyway, my snacks! Quaker 90-cal granola bars, Special K Protein Snack Bars, Bananas, Apples, Grapes, Laughing Cow on a 100-cal english muffin, Jello 60-cal SF dulce de leche pudding, 100-cal Chips Ahoy! Candy Bites.

    I wish I liked vegetables.

  • workout mommy

    roasted almonds and cheese sticks are my favorite choices

  • Rubydoo

    Currently bagging up : 1) Low fat yoghurt 2) Carrots 3) Small banana 4) Red pepper slices – have just discovered Spanish peppers which looks like enormous red chillis and are much sweeter than bell peppers 4) Cherry tomatoes.
    I’m too scared to include anything too sweet like a cereal bar or nuts as I am not sure I would be able to NOT eat them if they were in front of me!!

  • MtngirlinCali

    Reduced fat string cheese and almonds come with me everywhere I go. I also LOVE Clif ZBars — two varieties are 2 points each — and they are much more filling than 100 calorie packs. (But be sure to only eat them before exercise or with protein, because they will be a quick uptake)

  • ksjnest

    When I’m running out the door to pick up my daughter from school, I grab a Slim Fast Whipped Nougat chocolate bar. With little Rice Crispy-type crunchies in the middle of the nougat, and just enough chocolate on the outside, these things taste like you are using 10 points (but they’re only 2). Also, they are high in protein and I believe fiber too. The new generation of Slim Fast products is really impressive, and this is a snack cannot do without for more than a day or two.

  • Amy

    I just found those Quaker Mini packs in new flavors. I did not buy the peanut butter one, but did buy the caramel (not a heavy flavor) and a chocolate mint – a keeper!

    I’m a fruit and granola bar snacker.

  • Ashley

    Mmmmm.. and frozen bananas sliced with some peanut butter….

    This post is making me hungry!

  • Anonymous

    My favorites are raw almonds and mixed dried fruit, Cliff Nectar bars (chocolate raspberry – so good with no high fructose corn syrup, hummus with just about anything, homemade granola, roasted soynuts and fage greek yogurt with frozen cherries mixed in!

  • anonymouse

    What wonderful ideas! Thanks for posting this, Roni!

    No one has mentioned pretzels yet. I buy the little twisted ones that are 5 calories each and make up a baggy of 20 for 100 calories. I like to dip them in a tablespoon of peanut butter. Crunchy, salty goodness!

    When I leave the house and there is a chance I won’t be home for the next meal, I take an ounce of flaked almonds (looks like a LOT more than an ounce of whole almonds) in my purse. I also carry Werther’s original candies in case my blood sugar drops suddenly. They are only 20 calories each. Sometimes I eat one or two for dessert.

  • nyrtlepop

    The flaked almonds is an awesome idea! thx anonymouse :)

  • Anonymous

    I measure out craisins and almonds in ziplock bags at the beginning of the week and throw these in my purse. They are my 3:00 “get me to dinner” pick me up snack!

  • BonnieR325

    I consistently eat 1/2 cup of Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal. It is hard and crunchy so it takes a while to eat it, and it’s only 1 point.

  • Anonymous

    I just wanted to point out that a lot of these snacks are really more what I would consider “treats”. Packaged 100 calories packs (which really are just smaller portions of foods we really shouldn’t be eating) and sugar filled fiber one bars (which have shellac and high fructose corn syrup as ingredients) are not foods that are going to fill you up or keep you fueled for your day. Just because something is high in fiber doesn’t make it good for you.

    Kudos to all the nuts, fruits, low fat dairy, veggie and non artificially sweetened yogurt eaters out there. This isn’t supposed to be a diet but a healthy way of living!

  • Jen Gordon

    Light string cheese
    frozen grapes
    vita muffins
    sugar snap peas
    WW’s peanut butter bliss bars (chunk up in Bryer’s slow churn Lite vanilla icecream for a really, REALLY yummy 3 pt snack)

    I get a double tall, non fat, no whip mocha every single day as my morning snack (3 pts)

    I loathe yogurt. I use Fage 0% as sour cream though.

  • Sarah

    Hmmm, I have to disagree with the last anonymous poster. There should be no food out there that “we shouldn’t be eating.” The moment you say “I can’t eat that,” it becomes a diet. Anything should be allowed, in moderation. For some of us, we need our 100 cal “thingies” divvied up for us so we can control our portions easier. And with that, I will continue to eat my artificially sweetend, low-cal, FF yogurt because it is good for me AND it is YUM-O!! The WW flavor berries and creme is my new fave.

    Oh yeah, the whole point to this post… yummy low point snacks are Skinny Cow Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars, Kashi Pumpkin Flax bars w/ hot tea and honey and the Slim-Fast penaut butter choc. bars. I swear those things taste like a Butterfinger for only 2 POINTS! I have to hide them from my 13 year old or he will eat the whole darn box!

  • Liza

    I too disagree with the anonymous comment disapproving of so many snack choices. I listened to a dietician recommend artificially sweetened yogurt, a apposed to he high calorie sugary kind. Artificially sweetners aren’t so bad. The point is, these choices are what works for us, and are much better than choices we use to make like chips, cookies, french fries, and candy bars.

    Nobody has mentioned Edamame. 1/2 cup has 100 cal, 3g fat, 4 g fiber, 8g protien, plus vit A, Vit C, Calcium and Iron. I need to remember to eat this more often, because I LOVE it.

    I like a slice of homemade whole wheat bread.
    Also I like a can of artificially sweetened diet soda, or some crystal light. Maybe its not a snack, but the soda has taken the place of dessert on many occassions.

  • medical today

    mine are:
    1) peanuts
    2) wheat biscuits
    3) yogurt
    4) oranges
    5) banannas
    6) crackers

  • kyree90

    I love those Quaker Mini-Delight Mint ones. Just bought a box Friday. They remind me of mint girl scout cookies … and who doesn’t love those?

  • Anonymous

    Utmost awesome snack choices:

    1. Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame – 1/3 c. gets you 13 or gs of protein, 8 gs of fiber…amazing high protein, healthy snack! (find at most healthy markets – and World Market)

    2. 1/2 c. cottage cheese w/salt & pepper and sliced tomatoes…yum.

    3.. On the go snacks: string cheese, yogurt, crunchy vegies in a bag, tj fiberful bars (ditto), WATER, the dry roasted edamame a must, Pria Bars – choc. mint, fresh fruit bagged & ready to eat, and put them all in a insulated cooler pack!

  • McBunni

    Ok, that’s IT! I have heard too many people rave about laughing cow cheese. I MUST buy some today! :)

  • Anonymous

    My point was that I too enjoy eating brownies, chocolate, pretzels, chips etc but they are treats not off limits by any means but not something that I “snack” on everyday! It wasn’t meant to be snarky or to make people defensive. My only point was that we really need to look at what we put in our bodies. I just know for me it is too easy to look at a 100 calorie pack as a great daily snack option where if I am to eat a brownie it is a planned decision and I enjoy eating it. I don’t feel guilty that it is higher in fat and I only eat one. Do I have my days where I eat to much….oh yes! One of the best books I have read lately is “French Woman Don’t Get Fat” and it makes a lot of sense. They don’t have diet foods. We really need to change the way we look at food. No offense intended just MHO! But I would venture to take a closer if you are struggling to maintain or lose weight at snack choices. A banana or a handful of nuts does a lot more than empty calories!


  • Sheila LaMaster

    Edamame. it’s delicious, filling and takes times to eat. i get the individual packs at sam’s club…box of eight, each packet is 3 pts. They go from the freezer to the micro and are ready to eat in 3 minutes. Better yet, I do push-ups off the kitchen counter for the 3 minutes they cook.

  • loucnn

    Hi Roni,

    My list is the same just need to exchange fiber bars (Fiber one and GNU) for Granola bars and add pickles and take out Fruit Leather.

    This is what I have almost everyday:

    No Mayo Cole Slaw
    Canola oil (in some form)
    Fiber bar

  • maxx

    Hi Roni, thanks for the compliment.
    Very simply, its all about attitude
    and not letting the first hurdle that comes your way(and there will be hurdles)derail you.Be positive, stay strong and keep it simple.Have a great day!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got most of these items on my snack list–my new fav is Fage Greek 0% w/Mott’s NSA Blueberry Delight Applesauce, Splenda Flavor blend in vanilla and a sprinkle of Fiber one.

  • Anonymous

    My new fave is the 100 calorie Hostess cupcakes. The chocolate ones are only 1 pt!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite snack is the Hunts Snack Pack Fat Free & Sugar Free Vanilla pudding. Only 45 calories! I often eat this as my dessert after a meal. Really creamy and so good!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you Michelle!

    I would rather have a smaller portion of something without artificial sweetners, rather than have a big portion of something loaded with chemical artificial junk!

    An AWESOME yogurt out there is Stonyfield Farm Organic Fat Free multipacks (comes in peach, strawberry, french vanilla, and blackberry). It’s so easily portable and has only 80 cals, 0 fat, and 2 grams of fiber! Can’t get better than that!

    My favorite snacks are low fat cheese sticks, yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit (I’m on an apple and grape kick right now), and almonds.

    I just truly believe to make this a serious lifestyle change then we shouldn’t be loading ourselves up with artificial stuff! It might be helpful in terms of losing weight, but in the end it’s not really a *healthy* lifestyle.

    Of course, only my opinion!

  • Tara

    Archer Farms Fruit Leather
    Brown Cow Cream Top Yogurt …YES, it has 6 grams of fat per serving, BUT it is all natural and not loaded with all of the artificial sweeteners and preservatives that can really do a number on your system. After losing all of my weight, I’ve come to realize that some full fat snacks are actually better for you than low-fat. So if you can get past the 6 grams of fat, try it and I assure you, you’ll love it…its like dessert!

  • Anonymous

    I know some people don’t want to hear it, but a lot of the artificially sweetened low-fat snacks really are just not good for you. I used to eat them too, but once you learn portion control, you can eat almost anything that is a real, whole food! The key is not eating processed, additive laden foods. For anyone interested in learning more about healthy eating, I highly recommend The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food, both by Michael Pollan. They will change your view of what you eat forever and are SO interesting!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, now I have enough ideas to last a lifetime! This is awesome. I wish I would have found this a few years ago.

    Personally, I love the yogurt whips (as well as all of the other items on this page)! I also eat a ton of peanut butter, which is a great way to get the protein that keeps me full too.

    I was also recently introduced to some new organic food bars at, which I LOVE to take on the go! I’m not sure how long they have been around, but I wish I would have found these a few years ago too.

  • Anonymous

    100 Calorie Right Bites Fudge Shoppe Mini Fudge Cookies

  • Shawna

    My new favorite treat/snack is Pudding Pops! I made my own with sf/ff pudding. I used the little pop maker from the Target dollar section. Two pops for 1 pt! Perfect little treat for when you need something sweet after dinner in the summer time.

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