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Weight Loss Week 1 Day 6 – Short and Sweet

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Lost is on so I’m logging off. Popcorns popping!

Day 6 – Morning Scale Reading: 143.5 Target: 20
Food Points Countdown
lite yogurt 2 18
granola bar 2 16
banana 2 14
Wendy’s small chili and a baked potato (no cheese or butter) 10 4
Leftover Meatball Wrap 5 -1
A handful of Special K (Weird craving) 1 -2
Cardio Kickboxing class, abs and a 20 minute dance fest with the toddler (4) 2
bag of 94% ff popcorn 4 -2
Total 26  
Daily Activity Log: Tracked AP – see above
Notes: Overall a good day

Weekly Flex left:8

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    January 31, 2008

    Love your site Roni!!
    Question on your numbers for today. If your target was 22, you used 26 – 4 for your working out…I think that should make you even not over by 2 ??? Am I reading it right? I’ve never given myself the “extra” points for exercise and I usually do atleast an hour of atleast moderate ….. am I hurting myself by not counting it and eating more? Would this explain a slow down in weight loss? Not enough food?



    January 31, 2008

    Roni: Sounds like a great idea to take a break and watch Lost. I’m a CSI girl myself. No new episodes recently due to the writers’ strike. Oh well, I’m sure I will live! Keep up the good work on your Weight Loss Week – Day 7 and counting.


    February 1, 2008

    I didn’t mean to sound preachy or like I was putting down your actions in my last comment, but it was nice to get a clear up on your take of weight. I do love the blog, it’s very “real” and true – it’s nice to relate to you as I feel the same way a lot of the time. And handfuls of cereal are my downfall, I swear! Hehe ;)

    Lily T

    February 1, 2008

    Looking good. Enjoy your show!


    February 1, 2008

    What did you think of the episode? I was kind of disappointed. There’s almost too many “crazy” story lines going to follow.


    February 1, 2008

    does anyone have any good recipes for healthy muffins but ones that are good for breakfast to keep you full, not any of those mini muffins!


    February 1, 2008

    anon#1 – My target was off. All fixed! Thanks!

    Kris – I’m ALSO a big CSI girl. It wasn’t new last night, was it? I guess I need to set up the tivo! ;~P

    Jill – No worries!

    Lily – Thanks!

    CindyPTN – It was alright. I’m a little frustrated with it but I need to see it through now. I’m too invested!

    Anon#2 – Have you seen mine???