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Thanks for the idea!

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I went with the Wonton Pizza Bites. :~)

Now I’m ready for bed.

Here’s a quick update…

  • Morning scale reading: 145.5 (Yesterday:145.5 – Tuesday:146)
  • Gym: Got a late start this morning. :~( But I have my first trainer appointment set up for next Friday!)
  • Water: Check! One jug down!
  • Points: ~28

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    January 24, 2008

    Wontons must be in season right now (haha). I just made up a new dessert with wontons yesterday. I took them to work for a “Stress Relief Potluck” today. They all said they didn’t want anything “healthy”. But, they ended up loving them before they knew they were low-fat.
    I didn’t see your Wonton Pizza bites recipe before when you posted it, but I’m sure gonna try it now. They look fabulous!!!



    January 25, 2008

    I LOVE your Wonton Pizza bite recipe. It was the first recipe of your’s I tried. I’ve made it for appetizers, parties, and of course, eaten the entire recipe all by myself.


    January 25, 2008

    i’m so hungry that when I’m able to eat again, i want a whole huge pizza! IBut, i’m going to be good and try your recipe!