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’08 is already GREAT!

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I just had a FABULOUS day.  One of  those ‘start off with a workout, get tons of errands done, spend awesome quality family time, accomplish much work, eat right, drink a ton of water, feel great’ kind of days!

That being said I still have a ton to do! I will updating my goal page tomorrow (I haven’t touched it since starting my jounry) with 2008 goals and posting my lunch recipe from today. Right now, its off to get some much needed sleep.

Morning Scale Reading: Can you belive I forgot to hop on today of all days! lol
Food Points
fruit salad and green tea 1
Apple Pie Oatmeal 4
meatball wrap (will post link to recipe tomorrow it was REALLY GOOD) with a side of carrot stick 5
Baked Zucchini Fries with 2oz whole wheat pasta topped with Homemade Sauce 1/2 turkey sasuage link and 3 cold shrimp dipped in cocktail sauce 8
lite flavored yogurt 2
raw bell pepper strips 0
ONE smidgen!! Willpower is a funny funny thing. ;~) 2
Total 22
Daily Activity Log
20 minutes on the treadmill (8 running/12 walking), upper body circuit and ended with 5 pull ups with 64lb assistance


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    January 2, 2008

    One Smidgeon…that’s willpower.


    January 2, 2008

    Congrats on such a great New Years Day, it’s always nice to start of the new year the right way! I got to the gym to, figured I would try to beat the rush of resolutionaries today!


    January 2, 2008

    I had a pretty lazy December with WW and yesterday was my first day back on track. I walked, danced, and did lots of cleaning so I figure I earned my points and was close to on track with points. Today was awesome point wise and I am planning on doing some DDR dancing and walking on the treadmill later. I feel so much better on good days!!!