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YOU give great advice – so I took it.

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I’m the type of person that loves getting advice (well, and giving it too, I guess ;~P).  Anyway I have been feeling ‘off’, like I said so did exactly what you all recommended….

  1. “Snap out of it!”  – Check.  I read that and though, ‘yeah, what’s wrong with me? I just need to snap out of it! So I did! LOL
  2. “You know you can do it!!” – Not too sound too egotistical… yeah I do! ;~)
  3. “… you could go to bed early!” – I could! But then when would I update the blog(s)!  LOL In all seriousness, I am making an effort to hit the hay a bit earlier.
  4. “… a hot bath and early to bed might be just what you need! Can you say ‘over achiever’???” – Guilty as charged, I am an OVER achiever! LOL. What can I say, I LOVE what I do! However, I took your advice and took a bath last night.
  5. “…cut back on mindless empty snackin and focus on fueling your system.” – I’m hearing you! I have to admit I do try and cut back during the day so I can mindlessly snack at night without fear. However, now that I work out I think I need more good fuel throughout the day.
  6. “I think you should be commended. Even when you go "off the wagon" you’re still choosing pretty good foods!” – Commended? LOL  That’s just two years of practice and falling off the wagon A LOT! In all seriousness, I do catch the change in my mental state (wanting to eat for emotional reasons, mindless eating, etc) and try to counteract it by allowing myself to still do those things but with better choices.  When you are an emotional eater it’s hard to not eat BUT you don’t have to eat ‘bad’ things per say (although they do seem to make you feel better don’t they?)
  7. “… this has nothing to do with your current post but I had to share…I absolutely love your "baked apple pie" oatmeal.”  – AWESOME! I do too!!  Thanks for reminding me it’s breakfast choice, I tend to forget!
  8.  “ Make a rule that you will only munch on 94% FF popcorn after 8 p.m. and nothing else unless it is a point free veggie.” – GREAT idea!  I’m actually out of popcorn! I need to pick some up this weekend!
  9. “ I think a good one for me is to go upstairs to the study – there’s a couch for reading, a television, bathrooms to clean, clothes to put away – everything but food!” – Keepin’ busy is always a good one for me too.  My problem is I was bringing food into those places! I guess I should make a new rule!
  10. “PLAN,PLAN,PLAN!!!!!” – YES YES YES!! ;~)
  11. “…drink a cup of decaf or hot chocolate during that time…” – Hot cocoa! I love that idea!  Made with skim and Stevia or splenda.  Fabulous winter treat!
  12. “Maybe you are just pregnant” – UMMMMMM NO CHANCE!  LMAO
  13. “IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO DO AFTER THE TODDLER GOES TO BED AND BURN SOME CALORIES AND EARN ACTIVITY POINTS, WHY DON’T YOU LOOK TO YOUR HUSBAND FOR A LITTLE LOVIN’” – Warning TOO much information about to be said…..  Our bath tub is big enough for 2! ;~) (see #4 above)
  14. “…at least you have time to blog your food for the day.” – This is one of those… “I make the time” things for me! It’s non-negotiable.
  15. “ Make sure to drink a big glass of water before that snack too. Less room in your belly to fill!” – I know, I know, yet I forgot to do it!!
  16. “… our leader suggested resetting your points at 5 pm so you can adjust your eating in the morning and afternoon to your evening eating.”  – I know people who do this and it works great for them! But I like my points per day.  Great tip though!!

See you guys DO have great advice! I took it and now I feel FABULOUS! Bath and bed early last night (that’s why I didn’t post).  Today I already hit the gym and made an AWESOME lunch (keep an eye on GreenLiteBites, I’ll be posting it soon.)

Tonight, its off to see lights with the Toddler and I’ll be recording another video.  It’s a busy weekend as usual, but I like it that way!

Hope your weekend is going great! Until later!

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    December 15, 2007

    You give us so much POWER!!! Maybe I’ll try giving some other people advice…or maybe not! lol

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    December 16, 2007

    Hi Roni,

    Your posts always interesting and inspirational and with this post you have made everyone happy, by letting them know that, you care about em and their advices…

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    No Where to Run ...

    December 17, 2007

    you really have a way of motivating me…i’m soooo off my track right now too. sometimes we get overwhelmed and all our good habits go out the window. so, i’m gonna snap out of it, too! thanks roni!


    December 18, 2007

    Your blog is so inspirational! Thanks for continuing to put your thoughts and advice out there!

    Deanna - The Unnatural Mother

    December 16, 2009

    Great Advice, thanks somuch fo rposting, I really got a lot out of this one!!!

    Angie All The Way

    December 16, 2009

    I am sooo feeling the same funk and working hard to snap out of it. It’s tough!


    December 18, 2009

    So funny. I started blogging in Jan this year, and used to read your blog almost daily… then it got lost among all the others, and (SO SORRY) forgot about until I found you again through a friend (blog friend)…

    Anyway – I realised last week that I have been gaining/losing the same 4 pounds since June, and got frustrated. But not frustrated enough to do something about it, just enough to be mad at myself, and depressed a bit, and sad – and then my emotional eating self (the one I got rid of mid-year) came back this week :( It’s like a vicious cycle!

    Reading this post just confirms it – I have stopped reading inspirational blogs, the ones about people who have success. I’ve been trying to give good advice to others (in a mutual challenge) and neglected to take my own advice. I realised coming here that I need to “surround myself” (if that makes sense) with bloggers who KNOW how to overcome these stupid emotional eating tendencies and LISTEN to (and apply) the advice. It’s not easy, but this is ridiculous. I’m just being silly. Food doesn’t make me feel better, in fact it makes me feel worse!

    Thanks Roni.


    December 18, 2009

    PS. Thanks Roni for sticking around here in blogland and helping us. It would have been easy enough to say “I’m done losing weight, don’t need to blog any more” but where would we be without you? Stuck, that’s where. You’re amazing, so thank you.