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Working on Vacation

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Still fighting the cold but getting better. I actually got a lot accomplished today.  I love being on vacation so I can work on my own projects, isn’t that sad. LOL

You may notice a bit of tidying up around here.  I’ve edited the side bars a bit, reorganizing and adding a feed from the community and links to the boards.  I really want to start spreading the support to all our awesome blogs!   

I’m also looking into moving the site soon. Traffic is increasing and I’m noticing the site responding slower and slower. Please let me know if you guys experience any problems on any of the sites. I’d really appreciate it.

As for my day today, I did well. I finished off my soup and made an AWESOME Tortilla Pizza (video post).  Then we decided to go out to dinner and get some grocery shopping done.  I LOVE family shopping. The toddler now grabs items off the shelf and says “It’s my fu-avorite” and throws it in the cart.  Plus I love the fact that he wants everything in the produce aisle. Today I had to rationalize with him that we need to pay for the apples before he can have one.  It’s my own fault, I tend to let him pick at the non-weigh items, like grape tomatoes. Yes, we are THOSE people that eat our way through the grocery store!

The scale only down a tiny bit but I’m FEELING GOOD! 2 days back in groove and I am reminded once again how much better I feel when I’m eating healthier and more in moderation.

Morning Scale Reading: 148 (-.5 from yesterday)
Food Points
Homemade Lentil Soup (2 servings) 6
orange 1
Tortilla pizza 4
Dinner at Panera – 1/2 Chicken Tomesto Sandwich on whole grain and Vegetarian Garden Vegetable Soup 8
Soy chips with black bean dip 5
pineapple 2
Total 26
Daily Activity Log
nada – Still not feeling well enough but tomorrow is a definite!


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    December 29, 2007

    I think the site looks great. It’s so funny and AWESOME how our bodies feel when we eat healthy.


    December 29, 2007

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better! I loved the pizza video and the Lentil soup recipe. You totally inspired me to experiment with what we had in teh house and I too made something with lentils. Mine is more of a stew though because for some reason I can’t make soup, everytime I try it becomes stew. Oh well, it was yummo and I totally thought of you so THANK YOU for sharing!


    December 29, 2007

    Grocery store trips are great as long as we can go when the shopping crowd isn’t around! We have a store that has mini carts and both of mine grab one. They’re great. They love to help put foods in their own carts.

    Way to go and get back in the grove!


    December 29, 2007

    I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. I just posted about this on the WW message boards: I lost some weight on Core a few years ago, and gained it all back, and now I’m a week and half back on the diet and I feel AWESOME. I can’t believe I ever went off it!

    Do you have any Core chicken soup recipes?


    December 29, 2007

    The site is GREAT, but it does take awhile to load the journal part!


    December 29, 2007

    I love family shopping too!!! My hubby thinks I’m nuts so we don’t get to do it very often. I have to do the same thing with my son about the apples….and the grapes…and bananas. :) It’s a good problem to have though!!

    Love the site and the changes. I plan to make your frittata on New Year’s Day along with your lentil soup. :)


    December 29, 2007

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Your site is a great inspiration!


    December 30, 2007

    Roni, one thing that I have noticed that doesn’t work properly is the hyperlinking. Not sure if this is something that you control. It gives you the option to pick if you want the site you are linking to to be opened in the same window or in a different window. Sometimes I pick “different window” but it never works. There are times I want to link people out to other links and still keep my blog open so they can continue reading.


    December 31, 2007

    Thanks guys!

    hmmmm core chicken soup! GOOD IDEA!

    Bonita – do you mean in the community? Can you post this on the boards so we can discuss. In the meantime I’ll take a peak at it.