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BEWARE – Whiny post ahead…

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My schedule is totally out of whack. It’s finals week, I’m stressed, I’m tired and I have a TON of work to do. That being said I rushed to get to work this morning and totally forgot lunch.  ME, “Miss Prepared” didn’t even think about it.  I’ve been bringing my lunch all semester without fail.  It’s amazing what a small shift in your schedule can do to you. Well, to me.  I’m all disheveled.  

Since I wasn’t prepared I called up the husband to see what he was doing for lunch and I crashed his ‘date’.  He was meeting a coworker at a local place that I’m not too found of.  So I ordered a grilled chicken Panini and I thought I’d splurge on some fries.  Well the Panini was good, and why wouldn’t it be, it was drenched in butter.  I mean so much I could see it on the outside of the bread.  YUCK (no, I mean YUM… YUCK, whatever!) ;~)   

THIS is why I don’t like eat out anymore.  I so could have made a much lighter, just as delicious sandwich at home.  

That combined with a slight case of the blues and just being tired is a recipe for overeating.  So here goes nothing…

Morning Scale Reading: 145
Food Points
Curves cereal with a handful of blueberries and 4 oz skim milk 3
panini disaster and a WHOLE order of fries (no idea – total estimate) 16
2oz pasta with Homemade Sauce Made and 2 Turkey Meatballs 6
Pomegranate Watermelon Salad 1
bag of soy crisps (yes the whole bag) 6
more Doritos (no idea how many, I just grabbed the bag – not a good idea) 5
3 fudge stripe cookies (one of the husbands treats I have a hard time staying away from) 4
Total 41
Daily Activity Log

To make this worse I’m going out to eat with some old friends tomorrow night.  I already have that “Oh ‘ef’ it” attitude but I’m trying, I’m really trying!  Maybe going to the gym will help tomorrow??

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    December 10, 2007

    I feel the same way. pmsing really hard and I litterally think about food 24/7. I am not even hungry. But yet everthing sounds sooooooo good! hope your day goes better Tuesday. I plan to drown myself in water so maybe I’ll be too full to pig out. Take care


    December 11, 2007

    I’ve got finals, too, and a zillion things to grade. I do so much better when my routine isn’t interrupted. Good luck surviving out the semester and enjoy a well-deserved break.


    December 11, 2007

    Oh well – back on the horse, girl. Water up, exercise and tomorrow is another day. You may have some water weight to deal with (oooh, girl, the SALT you consumed!!) but in the end, it will be gone, gone. You’re doing great. Try to relax – have some herbal tea. LOTS of it.

    eat like a caveman

    December 11, 2007

    Hang in there. DO NOT GIVE UP. Why? because sooner (which should be tomorrow) or later, you WILL WANT to get back to eating healthy. It’s just bound to be that way. Pick yourself up and say, “this is me today. Yesterday was NOT me.” Have a list of foods you’d like to eat for the day like maybe greens, an apple, chicken, etc. and check them off! You got this! Remember, you can still eat healthy on a dinner out tomorrow if you make an effort to adjust the menu and stay on plan. You got this!


    December 11, 2007

    My word for the season is SAVOR…If I have to have something good, I at least make myself slow down and TASTE it…have something hot to drink with one cookie…tear away half the bread on that sandwich. You know the drill. btw…everybody is watching your videos and loving them!


    December 11, 2007

    Roni, I think you made a slight underestimate in your points with your Panini fiasco, but no big deal. Just remember that nothing tastes better than fit feels. And stay away from those French fries. That was probably 10 points alone.


    December 11, 2007

    Top reason I love this site:

    There is so much help on here from all the comments that people post! Just by reading this comment section, I have found that everyone deals with this and they have their own (and new to me) ways to cope with a bad day! THANK YOU ALL for posting with your coping mechanisms…especially during the holiday season! And, Roni, you’ll be OK! Think of all of us here supporting you! :)


    December 11, 2007

    WOW! Great way to kick up the metabolic rate. Spend a few days on low points and you’ll burn a tonne (at least that’s the theory, and it does seem to work to some extent)


    December 11, 2007

    RONI!! You are such an inspiration! Really- just last week I joined the WW community so I could journal online and be accountable for my weight loss journal. Ive been following along for quite sometime! WELL, I totally bombed last weekend. Friday- no kids so the Fiance ( he has a little boy) and I went to Applebees where I decided to have a STEAK ( what was I thinking???)- and a Margarita… KNOWING , KNOWING good and well that my work party was Saturday night! UGGHHH!!! Where I again had STEAK and wine!! It’s really nice to see you write about the ups and downs that we all go thru!! You are truly an inspiration!!

    A girl on a mission....100 pounds to go!!!

    December 11, 2007


    I just wanted to let you know that I saw you on the cover of the magazine….and its on a magazine stand in NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA….imagine, I’m in the middle of Wal-mart listening to the couple in front of me bitch and complain about how much money they spent and a Mother behind me yelling at her child because they are begging for candies…and somewhere in the middle of it all- I’m there in a daze….because I have found some odd connection to the cover of a magazine. I take down the magazine…let it roll through the check out and as the cashier is checking it through- I said “hey, do you know this girl?” and she said “noooo, I don’t have time to do house work, take care of my kids or sleep, let alone have time for a health magazine” and I said “well, let me tell you, I know this girl, well, I don’t really know her, but, I knew she was going to be on this cover and I know all about her weight loss accomplishments” and she said “ok, that’s $44.78” and ignored me!!! Imagine…she rained on my parade of knowing a celebrity! The gaul and the nerve of the Wal-Mart person! How dare she??

    Anyways, I started the rant again when I got home and I convinced my “spouse” that I was crazy. He said “there is NO WAY that you know this girl- its a US magazine”…so, on we went to your site…through my site link…and low and behold…there you were!

    Point proven!
    Thanks :)
    I’m so proud of you!
    And, I’m happy I know someone on the cover of a magazine!


    December 11, 2007

    Seriously, the less I eat out the better for my points, my wallet, and our well-being mental and physical. It’s too easy to go wrong eating out. Sure, you try to be careful and plan ahead, but when you sit down and see the menu all hell breaks loose.

    For me, I try not to eat out as much as possible. I can do so much less ‘damage’ at home.


    December 11, 2007

    Thanks guys, you really are the best. I’m doing well and just about to post about it.

    And Lou, I agree, I think I totally underestimated it. I only counted the fries at 5, I don’t know what I was thinking. Throw butter in the mix and ‘forgettaboutit’!

    Girl on a mission – YOU CRACK ME UP! LMAO