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Really Real Quick…

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First, THANK YOU for the all the kind words and congrats! The amount of support and motivation you guys give me is just phenomenal. I mean it, really phenomenal.

Ok, I said really REAL quick so you get a list.  This is how my brain works…

  1. My diet was crappy today.  Not over points or particularly bad, just crappy.  Let’s just say a bag of soy crisps for lunch isn’t the best option.
  2. On the workout front, I climbed the wall AGAIN! I’m getting smarter.  This time I did it BEFORE my cardio kickboxing class.  Which, by the way, is KICKING my arse! In a good way.  Today we ended with an exercise ball ab workout. WOW I never knew you could do so much with a ball!
  3. Tomorrow is Friday so I thought you might enjoy Five Point Friday brought to you Mel. Especially consider thanksgiving is on it’s way.
  4. That’s it…  Sunday is the Day.  I will be posting a link to my new food blog. I’m SUPER excited!
  5. Finally, the Husband and I are off for a weekend gateway! I’ll be back Sunday so have a GREAT weekend.  Drink your water, stay on points and get some activity in. I will do that same on my 3 day vacation!

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    No Where to Run ...

    November 17, 2007

    i can’t wait for your new food site-your recipes are awesome! and i will be picking up your MAG too! thanks for all you do! you inspire me!


    November 17, 2007

    A weekend getaway…so jealous. I cannot wait for the new blog and thanks for the linkage to my five point friday cause I’m hoping more people will start to play so I can get some more recipes! By the way I am making some more of your banana muffins…cannot wait, it seemed to take forever for my bananas to get overripe so I could mash them!!

    Diet Coke and Zingers

    November 17, 2007

    I can’t wait to run out and buy that magazine! Congrats to you Roni! You are awesome… I can’t tell you how much your blog has helped me along on my own little weight loss journey!


    November 18, 2007

    I finally signed up for a Google account, so now I’m not anonymous any more. I’m looking forward to looking at your food site…I make a lot of your recipes. And I’m majorly excited to see you in Woman’s World magazine! I hope you had a great weekend getaway!


    November 18, 2007

    Sweetie, When in the WORLD do you SLEEP?

    Just to add to the excitement in your life, clearly something you’re short on (*grin*) and because I’m really curious about the answers, esp the food, I’m TAGGING you!

    This is not one that I’ve seen before, and it came to me from a blog buddy in the Netherlands, so there’s a SLIM chance that it’s new to you as well.

    And seriously, I’ve been told that REM time is important for maintanence. Just sayin’.

    Looking forward to reading your mag spread next week!