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Low on Points, High on the Cheese Factor

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Let’s start with the cheese. 

I got it….

My advanced copy of Women’s World with me on the cover and boy do I look cheesy! LOL Wait to you see it, big open mouth smile, holding a bowl of spaghetti and standing on a scale.  It’s so surreal. I don’t even look like myself!
They did include my Tomatoes Shrimp and Zucchini over Fettuccini recipe.  Is it odd that I was more excited about the recipe then the cover? I just thought it was so cool that they made the recipe and photographed it for the article!

All right, I’m a big geek.  I know this.  Just wait, you’ll see it next week.

As for today, I just wasn’t that hungry. I think my weekend of overeating a bit stuck with me.  I noticed that about myself, sometimes after a day or two of eating a bit more points I tend not too be as hungry the next day. I’m sure this is quit normal but for years I never really listened to my body. I just went through the motions of eating 3 meals and snacks the next day.  Now I’m so much more aware and I pay attention to these signals.  I guess I’m getting the hang of this maintenance thing!

Morning Scale Reading: Forgot to hop on – BUSY morning
Food Points
Quick Strawberry Banana Smoothie (split with the toddler) 2
Thai Inspired Vegetable Soup (2 servings) 2
Simple Beef-A-Roni with Peas (frozen leftover) 6
Lite Yogurt 2
apple 1
English Muffin Tomato Pizza 3
Can of Chicken and Rice Soup 4
Total 20
Daily Activity Log

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    November 20, 2007

    Great job on the eating. And I cannot wait to see the cover of the magazine!


    November 20, 2007

    I bought the magazine!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I know a celebrity! :)