Fast Food Fiasco ~ez_euro~~ez_ldquo~ A Rant

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NO MORE FAST FOODI don~ez_rsquo~t think I~ez_rsquo~ve ever ranted on this blog. Have I? Well I~ez_rsquo~m about due. 

Let me start at the beginning~ez_hellip~.

I~ez_rsquo~ve had a long busy day, running here, running there, trying to squish too many things in 24 hour period as usual.  There was no time for dinner so I decided the little guy and I would hit the drive thru on the way to the gym.  I really wanted Chick-fil-a but Burger King was on the way so I settled.  I should go on the record as saying I think Burger King has the worst options for anyone who is WeightWhatchen but that~ez_rsquo~s not he point.  So I order the best I can~ez_hellip~

For the toddler ~ez_ndash~ Kid~ez_rsquo~s Meal with 4 Chicken Nuggets, applesauce and a milk
For mommy ~ez_ndash~ A Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich no mayo and a bottle of water

Not too bad for a meal on the run, although not my first choice. 

Note the key words ~ez_ldquo~ON THE RUN~ez_rdquo~.  That~ez_rsquo~s when you want to hit the drive thru, right? When you are busy, on the run, and don~ez_rsquo~t have time to go in and eat.  Translation~ez_hellip~ I~ez_rsquo~M IN A HURRY!!!

Oh~ez_hellip~ Did I warn you the rant has started??

So WHY is it that drive thrus take F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  I should NOT be sitting in my car for 15 minutes, stuck with NO ESCAPE. In 15 minutes, I could whip up a much healthier meal at home.  I~ez_rsquo~m paying these fast food places for a service.  That service is food, fast because I don~ez_rsquo~t have time.  If I had time, I sure as heck would NOT be wasting it sitting in a drive through with a whinny toddler and a growling stomach. 

This isn~ez_rsquo~t just one occurrence, every time I go to one of these ~ez_ldquo~fast~ez_rdquo~ food places it takes FOREVER to get food that~ez_rsquo~s not even good for me.  Plus, most of the time the food itself doesn~ez_rsquo~t even taste good either.  Don~ez_rsquo~t get me wrong I enjoy a greasy burger and fries as much as the next guy, I just don~ez_rsquo~t indulge as much as I used to.  So when I do, I want it I want it fast and I want it good.  Not with a stale bun, cold French fries and nuggets that have been sitting in a drawer for 4 and half hours.

Alright so all that and I~ez_rsquo~m not even to the best part yet. So after waiting 15 minutes for my slow food, I pay, pleasantly I should add, saying thank you, and smiling. Do I get the same courtesy and respect in return? Do I get a ~ez_ldquo~sorry for the wait~ez_rdquo~? or a even just a ~ez_ldquo~you~ez_rsquo~re welcome~ez_rdquo~ to my ~ez_ldquo~thank you~ez_rdquo~? NOOOoooo I get treated with disdain, like I am such a burden on this person~ez_rsquo~s day at work. I~ez_rsquo~m sorry you work there, but it is your job to serve people pleasantly.  I know it sucks, I know you are tired, you feel greasy and gross.  You want to know why I know? I did it.  I worked at McDonald~ez_rsquo~s for 5 years, yes YEARS.  And when I did I was pleasant to customers. I gave them respected, apologized when I took a long time or messed up an order.

Speaking of messing up an order there is one more aspect to this story I didn~ez_rsquo~t tell you about yet. The best best part is yet to come.

I drive away with food in hand.  After all that and I~ez_rsquo~m still going to make the class at least. I get to the gym parking lot where the toddler and I are going to picnic in the car.  I get his kid~ez_rsquo~s meal ready and sure enough, no applesauce, just cold fries. Unbelievable.  Ok, I figure not a big deal, it~ez_rsquo~s a common mistake.  I take a deep breath, pull out my sandwich, and notice it doesn~ez_rsquo~t feel right.  It~ez_rsquo~s not the round. It~ez_rsquo~s their original FRIED chicken sandwhich with BACON on it. WHAT? Could it be the polar opposite of what I wanted any more? This is beyond unbelievable. All of that and they got the WHOLE ORDER WRONG!!! I am NOT kidding. 

So that~ez_rsquo~s it.  That~ez_rsquo~s the straw that broke the camel~ez_rsquo~s back.  I am TIRED of paying for bad (UNHEALTHY) food and bad service at these ~ez_ldquo~fast~ez_rdquo~ foods joints.  I~ez_rsquo~m done.

My husband is not going to like this, but I am starting a boycott of fast food restaurants that do not provide good service or good food. Life is too short to waste a meal on junk and deal with bad service.  

Will you join me? Can you do it? Can you vow to avoid fast food? Are you already doing it? Let me know and spread the word.



phew I never ranted before. Man that felt good! ;~)

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    November 29, 2007

    I couldn~ez_rsquo~t stop laughing/agreeing as I was reading this! Today I broke down and went to Burger King but decided I couldn~ez_rsquo~t find anything for myself worth eating, and ordered for my toddler. I didn~ez_rsquo~t get the applesauce like I requested either. Maybe it~ez_rsquo~s a Maryland thing? It takes forever to get fast food and it~ez_rsquo~s always cold and the order is messed up. Try Wawa, I~ez_rsquo~m a huge fan of their sandwiches. They~ez_rsquo~re fresh, made to order, and the best part is you don~ez_rsquo~t have to deal with anyone, you order it all by touchscreen. AND they~ez_rsquo~re relatively low in points and taste better than Subway (and are cheaper.) So I~ez_rsquo~m with you on the fast food ban. It~ez_rsquo~s crap and we should take a stand.


    November 29, 2007

    Oh my, that will be sooo hard. But wait, as I sit and think about it, I haven~ez_rsquo~t eaten much in the way of fast food since I started WW. I do enjoy the occassional Chick Fil A grilled sandwich with a side of fruit now and again. (I used to get the fried chicken sandwich with LARGE fries. YIKES!)

    I will go along with the just say no to fast food. It will take some planning, but I can do it.

    Headed to my blog to proudly display my just say no badge!


    November 29, 2007

    I rarely eat fast food these days, but every so often, I may treat myself to a greasy burger. Now mind you, I have changed the way I order them, no cheese, no mayo, but I still like to indulge. Since it is so infrequently, when I want a burger, I want a GOOD burger. Well, last time I decided to go through the ~ez_ldquo~fast~ez_rdquo~ food drive thru, I got home and my burger was cold, and one half of it was burnt to a crisp. Not even edible! I am with you on the boycott, girl! With you!!!


    November 29, 2007

    take a print of this post and put it in your car!


    November 30, 2007



    November 30, 2007

    I agree, but I think the food sources for fast food are the biggest offenders. Ever watch Fast Food Nation? The animals are sick and injected with god knows what.They actually flavor the fries with beef at McDonalds so that they will taste better. The commercial mind games that these huge fast food chains play on the usual American is sad, and effective.
    Its hard to imagine that people consider a burger (possibly made of cow parts and feces) an occasional treat.


    November 30, 2007

    fast food is poison. i can~ez_rsquo~t believe you~ez_rsquo~re still eating it.


    November 30, 2007

    Welcome to group Roni.

    And BK is one of, if not the, absolute worst on all aspects.


    November 30, 2007

    I remember that movie Joe Pesci was in where he ranted that they ~ez_ldquo~always **** you in the drive through~ez_rdquo~. We always laughed and kept that quote in mind as we consistently got the wrong food and discovered it too late.

    And let me rant about our local Pizza Hut. I wanted thin crust, Veggie Lovers, light cheese~ez_hellip~I got the wrong pizza so many times and had to have them cook a new one,(yeah, I~ez_rsquo~m that kind of customer!!!), that I finally got an index card and drew the pizza on it with the ingredients I wanted on it neatly written out~ez_hellip~AND THEY STILL GOT IT WRONG!!! We finally just gave up and quit going. It seems like they purposely mess up ~ez_ldquo~special request~ez_rdquo~ orders for people who are trying to avoid their high-fat foods. I have already taken the pledge and when I get bad service, I don~ez_rsquo~t just walk away~ez_hellip~I ask for the manager~ez_hellip~haha~ez_hellip~usually an 18 year old~ez_hellip~and I politely tell them why I will never return and I will tell at least 10 of my friends to avoid their restaurant as well!


    November 30, 2007

    Roni~ez_hellip~ call the BK and tell them about your experience.. how your order was wrong, how it took forever and so on. Seriously.. Complain!!! okay.. your ban may not go long as you will most likely get free food lol.

    And I cant give it up.. at least not this weekend, i will be dependant on fast food all weekend as Im traveling.


    November 30, 2007

    I gave up fast food last year. I realized it wasn~ez_rsquo~t good for my body and it has made a big difference!
    My husband goes now and then, and the kids have probably had 4 happy meals in the last year. But I gave it up. And I do not miss it anymore!!!!!!


    November 30, 2007

    I used to work at BK for 2 years when I was a teenager. And yes they are the WORST when it comes to fast AND service. They suck. They always have and it never gets better. *I* was always pleasant and apologetic when things took long, but I was probably the only one.

    I think you should call that BK and complain. Not only did they ruin your dinner~ez_hellip~they ruined your toddler~ez_rsquo~s as well. Get on the phone and give them a piece of this rant!


    November 30, 2007

    i could have written that myself!! that has happened to me also, waaay tooooo many times, yet i find myself right back at the same drive in waiting in a long line for them to serve me up some lousy food with an attitide. the last time it happened, i actually called when i got home, they told me to come back and they would fix it, no, sorry, i dont have another 45 minutes to waste. so she offers me a ~ez_ldquo~credit~ez_rdquo~ and the next time i go, i am supposed to give my name at the window and they will give me credit on my order. needless, to say i have been back there twice, and couldnt remember to mention the credit!!! the only fast food i actually enjoy ordering and eating is chick-fil-a, they always seem courteous and accomodating, and never mess up with my food order. btw, my bad experience was also at a burger king.


    November 30, 2007

    I~ez_rsquo~m a fanatic about calling them on it. I call up and complain to the manager, and if I don~ez_rsquo~t like they~ez_rsquo~re response I escalate it to the corporate division. I usually get a free meal or a coupon or something (which just encourages me to go back :( ). But I also avoid BK like the plague, I find them to be the dirtiest of the big chains. I usually just go Mickey D~ez_rsquo~s for a 10pt salad with microwaved chicken and then feel hungry 30 minutes later.

    Roni, when you put it into perspective, you~ez_rsquo~re absolutely right, most times it ends up taking just as much time to whip up something quick at home. I~ez_rsquo~m going to remember that next time I craze fast food.


    November 30, 2007

    Drive-thru~ez_rsquo~s are just plain ~ez_ldquo~EVIL~ez_rdquo~, in my opinion. The only reason I go to McDonald~ez_rsquo~s is for my morning coffee, because for some odd reason, its the only thing they can manage to get right. Thankfully, I don~ez_rsquo~t have the urge to get fast food all that much anymore and if I do, I run over to Wendy~ez_rsquo~s for their side salads or the Frescata sandwiches. Eating out at lunch is a challenge sometimes, but it gets easier as the weeks go by. My toughest time is on the weekends, because its not as structured as my work week.


    November 30, 2007

    I AM TOTALLY WITH YOU! I refuse to eat fast food in this town. I hate the employees who treat me with disdain, I hate the other customers who can~ez_rsquo~t clean up after themselves, and I hate the food. I usually get the feeling that if the employees could shoot the customers, they totally would!

    On the rare occasion that I want a burger and fries, I always make sure to go someplace with good beef, fresh buns baked on the premises, and fries that weren~ez_rsquo~t previously frozen~ez_ndash~or at least 2 out of 3 of those. There are a few places like that in town.

    Now, when I go to Lubbock, all bets are off. They have a fast food joint called Taco Villa that has the best chicken quesadillas EVER! You can tell all their food is REAL and everything is recognizable AND they make their salsa and guacamole on site everyday. Plus, they~ez_rsquo~re friendly. I know, stop the presses! I wanted to open up a franchise here in Austin, but they told me they weren~ez_rsquo~t interested in expanding. That~ez_rsquo~s probably why they can afford quality!


    November 30, 2007

    Ronnie ~ez_mdash~ I am totally on board with you. I avoid fast food like the plague. Sure, I enjoy it every now and then, but I really try to make it a point to stay away from it. I~ez_rsquo~m really quite disgusted with the way fast food joints and restaurants prepare their meals. Would it kill them to try to give us options that are semi-healthy? I recently read an article on MSN about the worst restaurant and fast food choices ~ez_mdash~ it was unbelievable. As an example, Quiznos just released nutritional information. Their honey mustard sauce on a large sandwich has 500 calories and 50 grams of fat!!! It is just so unbelievable. Which is why I rarely eat anything prepared by a restaurant or fast food place. I~ez_rsquo~d much rather prepare it on my own and know what I~ez_rsquo~m eating.

    Congratulations on all of your hard work too. I came across your website about a month ago and now I~ez_rsquo~m a loyal reader. You are such an inspiration!


    November 30, 2007

    I agree, I very very seldom have fast food and I tend to go in and get it if I do as being from South Africa they never understand what I am asking for or don~ez_rsquo~t even try.
    Boneheads is our new fastfood :) and I fit it into my points too.
    I have a friend who worked at Wendy~ez_rsquo~s as a teen and she doesn~ez_rsquo~t leave the drivethru line till she has checked every sandwich is made correctly!!


    November 30, 2007

    I~ez_rsquo~m with you! I~ez_rsquo~ve been in this exact same scenario!!! I too have a toddler. :)


    November 30, 2007

    Right on! Sista~ez_rsquo~ I~ez_rsquo~m with you. I~ez_rsquo~ve been in that same position. I hate Burger King!!!In fact, McDonalds is getting too expensive for the quality of food you get. Then I~ez_rsquo~m hungry 1/2 hr later. Weight watchers unite!


    November 30, 2007

    They~ez_rsquo~ve [all fast food places] gotten my orders wrong so many times I always check my order before I leave. At least half the time they will put Mayo on my sandwich even though I specifically ask for it to be excluded.


    November 30, 2007

    I don~ez_rsquo~t like fast food for those EXACT same reasons. My husband and I ate at Arby~ez_rsquo~s (inside) and I ordered a Reuben but asked for 1/2 the kraut because they put too much on. The lady told me pretty rudely that it was not possible because they were pre-made (who does that?). We over 20 minutes (3 orders placed after ours were filled) and all I kept hearing was ~ez_ldquo~who is making the reuben?~ez_rdquo~. So I saw the manager standing about 5 feet from us and said to my husband ~ez_ldquo~Do you realize we have waited almost a 1/2 hour for a sandwich that I could not special order because it was pre-made but still hasn~ez_rsquo~t been made?~ez_rdquo~. I got my point across. We got a card for a free meal at our next visit. My sandwich was horrible but by that time I would have ate just about anything. So yeah, after this weekend (travelling) I am all for not eating or taking the crap they dish out.


    November 30, 2007

    You go girl! It~ez_rsquo~s most frustrating when you have done a job and done it well and see others doing it so horribly! It does seem like in the past few years fast food has gotten slower and slower. The worst place in my town in El Pollo Loco ~ez_ndash~ they have the healthiest fast food but the slowest service and they mess up your order almost everytime. I will join you minus sandwich places. Down with FF!!


    November 30, 2007

    OH my gosh! I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! We don~ez_rsquo~t even hit BK anymore because the options are disgusting. They have NOTHING that works with our eating plans. I am going to boycott those nasty, fast food places that don~ez_rsquo~t have any healthy options~ez_hellip~my hubby and I have stayed away from Red Robin for the same reason~ez_hellip~we call it the grease pot. hee hee


    November 30, 2007

    i know you were pressed for time but i would have SO gone back to the restaurant, thrown the bag on the counter, and asked for the manager~ez_hellip~ yea, working at a fast food place must suck but that doesn~ez_rsquo~t mean they should be rude and not care if the orders are wrong~ez_hellip~ how frustrating!

    personally, i prob eat fast food 1-2 times a year, if that~ez_hellip~ just don~ez_rsquo~t crave it (thank god!)~ez_hellip~ :o)


    November 30, 2007

    WOW! Roni I read your posts every day and have found a lot of useful advise and recipes from your site, but this post somewhat disturbed me. I know your pain with have a ~ez_ldquo~toddler~ez_rdquo~ I have three. I know your pain with being in a hurry. I am always always strapped for time I am lucky if I get 3 to 4 hours of sleep at night. But, boycotting is not the answer~ez_hellip~how we raise our children is! I run a very large Truck Stop/Convience Store and for the past 5 years you could see the want and pride with employees leave. It just is not there anymore. I think you need to complain to the manager and the parents of those children who gave them everything they ever wanted and were never taught the value of hard work and pride!

    Glenn's Mommy

    November 30, 2007

    I agree with you. We vowed never to waste our money on Burger King again~ez_hellip~.that is, IF we eat out. Which we barely do anymore.

    Our last visit to Burger King many years ago resulted in completely cold and unflavorful food and it took absolutely forever and was more expensive than MC-D. If I am going to waste my points, it~ez_rsquo~ll be at McDonald~ez_rsquo~s any day over BK, or somewhere even better than that.

    Glenn's Mommy

    November 30, 2007

    Forgot to mention, for a fast food place I always love Subway. Can~ez_rsquo~t stand Jimmy John or Quizno~ez_rsquo~s~ez_hellip~.Subway it is when we~ez_rsquo~re on the road and desperate.


    November 30, 2007

    I~ez_rsquo~ve been doing WW for 7 months and just made Lifetime today (yay)! Anyway, I think EVERYONE can relate to your experience at the BK fast food drive-thru! I have found that Wendy~ez_rsquo~s has a good selection of salads (I usually get the chicken/mandarin salad with fat-free french dressing), and I also eat several times a month at Subway (I usually get the veggie delite salad or sandwich). Taco Time also has a light meal that~ez_rsquo~s about 5 points (chicken taco with white bean chili). Those are about the only choices I make in fast food these days. Burger King is the WORST! Weight Watchers, UNITE!


    November 30, 2007

    I rarely have to subject my self to fast food but when I do it is a sandwich place. They are not as ~ez_ldquo~fast~ez_rdquo~ as burger drive throughs but you can easily control your caloric intake. I~ez_rsquo~m lazy, would much rather cook any day. I get paralyzed with indecision when having to make a choice of what to order at those other places. I hate paying for cra**y food and it~ez_rsquo~s such a disappointment. Plus they are going to get it wrong anyway. It~ez_rsquo~s why the majority of people are having weight issues.


    December 1, 2007

    I really wish it was easier to find Subway~ez_rsquo~s when you are traveling. While traveling over Thanksgiving, fast food was really the only choice. DH and I stopped at Zaxby~ez_rsquo~s. I had their grilled chicken sandwich. They must have put some sort of weird sodium packed seasoning salt on it because it tasted weird and I was so thirsty the rest of the day. At least the service was plesant, unlike BK, but I~ez_rsquo~m swearing off fast food too!


    December 1, 2007

    Roni, I hear your frustration. I agree with other comments~ez_hellip~you should email Burger King. We have problems in the Midwest on non-fast food chains (Chili~ez_rsquo~s, Bennigans, Lone Star, etc). I email them when something goes wrong or goes really good. Many times I do get a free voucher, but that~ez_rsquo~s not why I write them. They took one of my favorite items off the menu only in the Midwest Chili~ez_rsquo~s. I wrote them. It~ez_rsquo~s back on the menu. Not just because I wrote, but because enough people spoke up.

    And usually at Fast Food places it~ez_rsquo~s my drink order mixed up. How hard is it to whip up an Iced Tea? No not Hi-C, not Diet Coke, not regular coke, but Iced Tea and McD~ez_rsquo~s gets it wrong at least once every 3 weeks (and I go there alot to just get a drink).

    Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys!

    December 2, 2007

    That always happens, and you know what, I am the dumb butt who holds up the line while I check my order~ez_hellip~~ez_hellip~. I drove away many times, before NOT checking it but when you go there you expect it to be right!

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